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  1. Kumando

    Russian radios in squads

    Ok thanks for the quick reply.
  2. German troops were trained to run with their weapon in one hand only, why this feature is not implemented in a game so realistic and historically accurate in nature?
  3. I bought this game recently and i see that the Russian squads dont have radios,is this accurate? How did they communicate if so?
  4. Kumando


    Is Shockforce going to have a new Version?
  5. Why werent they included in the game, any particular reason? And do you know a mod that adds them? Thanks in advance,
  6. Why it has 82nd airbourne in it, wasnt supposed to be the 101st? Anyway to change it?
  7. Kumando

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    It worked do you know the naming for helmets and airbourne troops also?
  8. Kumando

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    Problem is i cant make that EZ uniforms to work, i put them in the Z folder but they just dont work
  9. Kumando

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    Correction i cant install skin mods at all, they wont work, but i successfully installed terrain and sound mods.
  10. I've tried in point du Hoc Scenario and saving private Ryan scenarios, i created a Z folder and extracted to there but to no avail, it still shows regular infantry, can someone point me to the right direction please?
  11. Kumando

    How To Install Mods

    Hi guys ive downloaded the Saving pvt Ryan campaign and the 2nd rangers mod, i created a folder named z in the data folder and i sent the brz file there but for some reason the rangser skin isnt showing, what am i doing wrong?