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  1. What alpha said. You probably won't notice the difference, as there really isn't many significant differences. Hull down and combine squad commands are really the two noticeable ones.
  2. I'm not really much of a history person so nothing too specific. But the two I would think would be cool is Vietnam or Something WW1. Or, on the positively never going to happen side, a Warhammer 40k themed one. Because nobody apparently knows how to make a good 40k game.
  3. I'm not an expert, and am not as technical as i'd like to be,and you probably already thought of it, but have you tried running as administrator? Basic, but that helps some weird problems sometimes. I'm using windows 10 and they work fine. You said you already reinstalled graphics drivers, and made sure your GPU is up to date?
  4. It should matter. It's about the fact that when people believe lies on the internet, everyone that isn't you or me is going to believe that ALL gamers are like that. Information needs to come from a reliable source, and I think that if we take information, it should be from somewhere we can trust. Unless you want the general public to automatically assume we are all pedophiles and ,murderers. That's how she makes it sound We can't fix a problem if we don't have facts.
  5. My issue is that she seems to be attacking geeks and making stuff up to draw negative attention. Of course you can't prove that it isn't true, but you can't prove it isn't made up either. It's just that a lot of her experiences seem to be highly unlikely, or massively exaggerated. People do this all the time. They try to further their agenda, while attacking other people and using them as a scapegoat. It happens to video games all the time, and usually it's just to cause a riot more than anything else. It's not "blowing off the issue" to me, it's just that we shouldn't be taking informati
  6. I'm just saying that the article is nonsense. I'm saying that it's a serious issue, but we shouldn't listen and give attention to people who are biased and attack other groups themselves.The article is less about equality and more about making the nerds look bad.
  7. I don't understand what you mean. I agree that anyone getting harassed is unacceptable, but I also don't encourage people pretending to be victims, and drawing attention to false, or wildy exaggerated articles that seem to be attacking a group. There might be some small grain of truth in some of the examples she gives, but I'm sure most of it is bull****, or that she is outright lying for attention. The reason you don't see many women is because it simply isn't aimed towards them. Most think it looks boring or stupid, I have actually heard this from them, same thing with things like M
  8. That article is so fake it's incredible. She just wrote that to get attention to herself by pretending to be a victim. Wargamers are a scary bunch, but do you really believe ithat a police officer called her a drunk slut over the telephone? Or the part of chanting "Old enough to bleed"? Harassment exists, but this person is just spouting out nonsense to create drama. Every time I have ever been into a game store the guys seem more loud and obnoxious than anything else. They all seem really eager to get more people into the games. And I also think that it's far worse online. Most
  9. Except for the fact I don't have anyone to play with. I'm pretty sure I've heard of that game before. Isn't that that the game that was literally designed by a rocket scientist?
  10. Yeah, I was thinking about picking that one up, too. It looks neat, but I think I would prefer ground combat.
  11. Yes, but it also says that the 3d graphics of the foilage isn't considered. I assumed that included the tree leaves.
  12. I have havel most of those. Men of War is actually what made me want to look for more realistic games.I was looking at Steel Division and Steel Panther. I was also debating on buying War in the East, but I'm not sure if I would like a game on that scale.
  13. I realize that it's a really dumb question, but I was just wondering what similar games people on here play. Was thinking about buying something on the operational sxale, but I don't know if I would enjoy the way they play.
  14. Appreciate the info, thank you. Although I'm not sure I completely understand. From what I gathered, the bushes with the exception of those really thick ones (like in the screenshot with the forward observer), and the leaves on the tress don't affect anything, only trunks block vision and fire. Is there more info on the spotting rules anywhere? I'm actually doing a PBEM with someone now and I would like to be able to make an educated guess as to if his tanks can see my guys. I would assume that tanks have shoddy vision ranges with the spotter dowm, but I know next to nothing about military har
  15. Not sure if I'm not understanding how spotting works or what, but it seems off. I consistently get ai that seems to see through trees and bushes, and the same for my guys. There are times when I swear that guys shouldn't be able to see something and they do. Example. My guys in the woods. The guy closer up is part of a different team and can't see the guy in question. The guy they can see. The camera is oriented towards him in the screenshot above. Is there some extremely tiny gap in the leaves, or do leaves and bushes not block LOS? Edit. Had another shot of the targeting
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