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  1. Currently I am trying out the campaign and enjoying it quite a bit. Had a few victories in quick battles as well (on training difficulty). I really feel this game has tons of potential for multiplayer and hope I'll be able to participate when I get the hang of the game!
  2. Yeah, I just wanted to check out the waters some more, before jumping even more in. Also, I was a bit hesitant due to the age of the game, so I were not completely sure that it would run good on my system. :-) Thank your for the link - I'll definitely check some of the missions out!
  3. Thanks! Yes, I got the Marines module. They're a bit expensive, so I'll probably sit the other ones out. :-)
  4. Howdy! I just bought CMSF today. Long time lurker, really enjoying war games with asymmetric forces. Also the more complex and "simulated" the better. :-) Basically just wanted to say hi and testing the waters in the community here. ;-) Anything I should know before I delve in? Cheers!
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