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  1. This needs to be corrected in game 😬
  2. You need admin permissions set for the game executable.
  3. Yeah I heard that before and it is true. But. Sometimes I play War Thunder under Linux with max settings. It runs under opengl. I get a very smooth gameplay with 50fps on average (is capped at 60 with opengl anyway) on incomparably higher graphics. Also the load times are the same like with an nvidia card. So yes, it partly because of AMD, but mostly because of *something* (I would rather not say) else.
  4. I don't know how it goes in real life, but in War Thunder it is very common 😝
  5. Yeah judging by my experience its probably related to their assessment/evaluation things, so yes not so much interesting.
  6. So I did a little test because when I switched to an AMD GPU recently I discovered that the time it takes to load a game significantly worsened (with CM titles). I have discovered that of the game options texture quality has an effect on that. And only that. Model quality, shader, multisampling etc. does not have an effect on this. All times are given as m:ss, from a cold start (I have quit completely CM before starting the next test). Test hardware: Ryzen 3600X + 5700XT + 32GB DDR4 RAM + Kingston HyperX Savage SSD CMFI: Beyond the Belice scenario (tiny) loading times in accordance with the 3D texture qualities: Fastest: 0:14 Faster: 0:19 Fast: 0:29 Balanced: 0:46 Improved: 2:16 Better: 2:17 Best: 2:18 CMFI: Hot Mustard scenario (huge) Fastest: 0:46 Faster: 0:50 Fast: 1:01 Balanced: 1:12 Improved: 2:28 Better: 2:31 Best: 2:31 You may wonder whats the difference in picture quality. Test shots for each setting are here in QHD resolution: Fastest, Faster, Fast, Balanced, Improved, Better, Best
  7. I hope in the agreement you signed you specified that those improvements will be available commercially as well afterwards.?
  8. What I don't understand is why we have separate CM products in the first place.
  9. Yeah also in the video description you can read: "Enjoy our work with Slitherine Games" The music is horrible though. Like on a funeral.
  10. Yes, the same discount that happened last year had already been confirmed.
  11. Oh no Sasha the Germans are attacking with an Aero L-29 Delfin jet plane 😁 It's quite strange they couldn't get a propeller trainer. Yak-18 was plenty available, and also cheaper to use.
  12. Hmm I got curious for the needs of a Russian mechanized infantry battalion, so I made a spreadsheet with all the weapons and ammo and personnal and vehicles they have kinda like in an orbat. CMBS_BMP-3M_INF_BATT
  13. Is this going to be the first and last CMRT DLC? Since the russians are already at Berlin....
  14. Feature request: TCP/IP/Internet two players connected WeGo mode with adjustable timer. So, basically two players connect and instead of playing in real time, both of them have the order and execution phase at the same time. Order phase length is limited by a timer which can be adjusted, but once both player presses a button the execution phase starts.
  15. Never thought about this one. Just started playing Iron yesterday. Thanks for the info, very useful.
  16. Yes this is right, let the artillery be an exemption of it. Vehicles and infantry weapons shouldn't have.
  17. I know. I don't like Russia vs Russia. USA vs USA. You get it.
  18. Don't really like playing against myself (red vs red).
  19. Not really, the NVA used the AT-3 Sagger (9M14 Malyutka) in combat. See: https://history.army.mil/html/books/090/90-17-1/index.html, page 210.
  20. When I think about the Combat Mission of my dreams, I imagine... MBTs, assault rifles, ATGMs, APCs and IFVs, something with all-out-war but without: - thermal vision - top-down attack missiles - precision guided munitions - airburst ammunition - UAVs Can you think about a good timeframe for it?
  21. Yeah unfortunately 90 percent of the PC gaming community isn't interested in close-to-real-as-possible gameplay, but rather shiny looking arcadish ones suitable for 5 years old children like Command and Conquer and so on.
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