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  1. You mean between 1965 and 1991. So much more exciting period.
  2. Any idea when will a fix be released to address this?
  3. My bad, even if you save the game and then reload you cannot change the orders already given. So there is no way to cheat even in hot-seat mode. Edit.: You can just you have to save immediately before giving any orders. And then you can also delete the save file to clean up.
  4. Hi! What you have described here applies only for the Hot-Seat mode, not PBEM games. I really cannot understand why there is difference, but anyway. Obviously you can cheat this way in the hot-seat mode but not in PBEM. Here is a small sheet I made the explain the difference:
  5. Now that is literally a pixeltroop 😀 What is the resolution you use?
  6. The real question is: Should I spend my time on reporting bugs? Or is it just wasting? Would anybody check it?
  7. Obviously I was talking about the color of the font, not the shape of which I don't care. Somewhere I knew if you'd drop by you would find the problem must be on my end.
  8. As seen on the attached picture, the timestamps on the forum posts on the mobile version of this forum are unreadable for me. I am not saying it is hard to read. I cannot read it AT ALL.
  9. They should have had announce that there is a problem with pbem games with the latest patch 🙄 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/134995-cmfi-pbem-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=1789556
  10. They are not included now, but I will add them later. Maybe I will make another table for the drones.
  11. So I spent a lot of time to put together an artillery table for Russia and the USA. Currently Ukraine is completely missing. My main motivation was that whenever I was putting together an ORBAT, I had no idea about artillery strike call in times and available ammunition. Now I can check and compare it very easily. I am sharing it with everybody in case also somebody else finds it useful. Please note there is a sheet for each nation, and everything was recorded with Elite difficulty settings and Regular experience levels (for both arty and spotters). Link to CMBS Artillery spreadsheet
  12. What is the normal way of reporting bugs here? I cannot find a subforum for that and I fear there is no way to submit a bug report. If you could enlighten me please.
  13. Soviet Infantry Battalion moving into attack position in the cover of the hill.
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