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  1. They should have had announce that there is a problem with pbem games with the latest patch 🙄 http://community.battlefront.com/topic/134995-cmfi-pbem-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=1789556
  2. They are not included now, but I will add them later. Maybe I will make another table for the drones.
  3. So I spent a lot of time to put together an artillery table for Russia and the USA. Currently Ukraine is completely missing. My main motivation was that whenever I was putting together an ORBAT, I had no idea about artillery strike call in times and available ammunition. Now I can check and compare it very easily. I am sharing it with everybody in case also somebody else finds it useful. Please note there is a sheet for each nation, and everything was recorded with Elite difficulty settings and Regular experience levels (for both arty and spotters). Link to CMBS Artillery spreadsheet
  4. What is the normal way of reporting bugs here? I cannot find a subforum for that and I fear there is no way to submit a bug report. If you could enlighten me please.
  5. Soviet Infantry Battalion moving into attack position in the cover of the hill.
  6. Just to share what I consider the epitome of this game, a typical wtf moment So I have a scout section moving up along the road. They almost kill a small enemy infantry unit other than two guys which are cowering on the ground. My first man just walks past beside them. And then the other guys walk past those two enemy infantry guys. Nobody takes a shot. Then they stop and on of my guys fires two! AT4 rounds into them, from a distance like 8 meters or so.
  7. IMHO What happened in Georgia and Ukraine has nothing to do with how modern the russian army is.
  8. Hey guys Would be anybody interested in a Blue nation vs Blue nation match in CMSF2? I think the chances would be more equal than a game in CMBS as Russia vs USA or Ukraine vs Russia. Currently I don't own this game, but I would consider buying it if there was an interest in this. I can see that most people play Syria vs Syria, but I am not doing same nation vs same nation or asymmetric battle.
  9. Packaging is nicer but the content seems to be more or less the same.
  10. Please, CM:SF has its own topic. I know you want the second to happen, but this topic is about Black See.
  11. I just made a test with version 2.10, game engine 4. Su-24M2 (antitank). It is dropping the bombs but interestingly enough, only after firing the two missiles (which is a waste since there are only enemy infantry in that area) With further testing I found that sometimes it is releasing bomb first. It is quite hectic.
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