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  1. As title says, after reloading the cover of the PK machinegun (I don't know if PKM or PKP) stays open in some cases and the infantry fires with it like that.
  2. If I play War Thunder on opengl I get around 50 fps on average with maximum settings in QHD resolution. The video quality and demand is incomparable between the two (in War Thunder it is so much higher). IMHO the problem is not the opengl here, but the unoptimized or just simply badly written code for the engine. Thats it, nothing else.
  3. In turned based mode the performance is the same. But everything is calculated in advance. In other words, there are zero calculations going on and performance is still abysmal. No, calculations are not the reason.
  4. In some campaigns your ammo won't be refilled between battles at all.
  5. It is in the advanced tutorial campaign, and the manual states this as well. (Page 20, start of the advanced tutorial campaign, page 29 mission 3 last defence)
  6. No, its more akin to world of conflict (Regiments) and Wargame series (Cold War Game).
  7. There are actually 2 upcoming Cold war RTS, one that you already mentioned: Regiments The other one is: Cold War Game I think the latter is going to be more realistic.
  8. I don't think so, I have the latest and CM runs. The issue is something else.
  9. Not necessarily, we will see if Rosetta 2 can run CM without issues. (its an included emulation software to run x86 applications).
  10. Yes. All of them uses the same engine with the exception of the afghan one, so publish date doesn't matter. In other words think of all the current CM games as one game having different modules / DLCs for different eras and areas.
  11. I start the battle then I take too much casualties early on so I made a cease fire, its not an otherworldly scenario. You don't have to do it immediately, you can do it also 10-20 mins later. When I did after that I realized you can do it immediately. We could talk about the whys and who woulds but the fact that you can instantly win by doing nothing is a design that needs to be corrected in my opinion. I checked and yes it looks like they are exiting the map.
  12. You get the victory points for destroying the enemy (obviously that did not happen and this is why I made this post): (few posts before you can see one of the objectives was to destroy the enemy)
  13. On a side note, I just loaded up a scenario from the Troina campaign where the player has to defend. If I make a case fire as the US defender immediately, I get a defeat and not a victory.
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