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  1. Also before the patch the recce squadron with vickers k jeeps was in mechanized infantry instead of airborne infantry, it is now fixed.
  2. Nah, there was no "end of" but i didn't seriously expect them out before march anyways. But by the 18th of march i kind of did.
  3. What's the hold up on the patches? weren't they supposed to come out before march?
  4. I see, thank you for the clarification, for one small moment i had hopes.
  5. I completely agree with this, for me they just keep zig-zagging and it takes forever for them to cross the damn bridge.
  6. Sounds good, can’t wait for the engine 4 patches, that said I certainly hope that one of those packs will contain commandos! (I remember a special unit pack being considered)
  7. Sure would be nice for them to fix the pretty serious bugs they've introduced in the new engine 4.0 we've paid for after a year and half or however long it has been. Also i don't see any tank riders in CMBN 😋.
  8. I believe the machinegun on the ground is not a bren gun but in fact a breda modello 30.
  9. Is there a way to download the scenarios hosted on battlefront.com? or are they forever lost?
  10. And what’s the difference between those and the vanilla ones?
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