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  1. And by the way, sure it's quite not the best place to ask this. But now that CMBS runs normally, I was thinking about making a sort of campaign and story about a Nationalist Uprising in Ukraine, which eventually leads to a 2nd invasion from Russia, taking advantage of the same unstable conditions as in 2014. And because of it's Nationalist, anti-globalization and almost dictatorial characteristics of this new Goverment, NATO and EU does not get involved except for economic and industrial help, so Ukraine can alone stop or even defeat their enemy, with minimal NATO involvement in a country with a now so "unpopular" Goverment. As for the military and tactical things, the campaign consists of a Ukrainian marine regiment defending the strategic corridor Armyansk-Kherson-Mykolaiv-Odessa from attemps of the Russian Marine, Ground Forces and also forces from the DNR and LNR. What do you think? Although, I can barely use photos or videos on this, and just with the iPad.
  2. Heyyy peoples of this forum. I did damn made it, about 4 days ago lol. Now the details. What I did was to simply uninstall and delete every-single-thing that could be relationated with CMBS and then re-install. The bug happened in the first re-install, but at the second one, and for some reason, the names were back to normal... Ahhh, now I finally know the names of each of the formations I can buy in the deployment menu, and the soldiers, and everything! But there's one thing I haven't tried yet, and I don't think I will; the Spanish translation. I fear that if I switch from English to Spanish, the game will be again messed up with the names and I'll be back to the same problem, or worse, so for now, I will play in normal English mode.
  3. And also Spanish forces... Would be nice. I support the idea
  4. No, but in this re-install, a few, very few names were more or less correct, but the rest(about 90%) were not correct. So I suggest to re-install and install one time and another....
  5. I've been surprised that much of the equipment avalible on the Ukrainian infantry was far less developed than what it is now. The Ukrainian National Guard who fights in the East may have the multicam which seems a little bit more modern... But there have been many new weapons, camouflage outfits and equipment of any kind in the Ukrainian Ground Forces who are in reserve in other parts of Ukraine: A random posibility that makes a Ukrainian soldier to have a Tavor assault rifle or the Ukrainian made Zbroyar rifles, with also better uniforms and equipment... Why "random posibility"? During the Donbass war and until today, some Ukrainian military units didn't have a single uniform for every soldier, but instead some of the soldiers decided to wear German, British or Spanish jackets and coats, bought different kind of helmets, had different weapons(by different I mean, if you were a rich soldier, you could buy some modern Tavor or Zbroyar weapons), better gloves, and if you were lucky enough, try to buy some NVG of course by not very legal ways I remember when I was on the biggest market of Ukraine in Chernivsti last summer, I found about 3-4 different kind of military shops selling any kind of equipment including bulletproof vests(cheap and didn't look military grade), vests, helmets, a great quanty of boots which were donated from Ukrainian emigrants in NATO countries or the US(found a pair of US tactical boots in a small town which price was of about 16.000 Hryvnias, 571 € back then) and in one of those shops I found an entire Soviet/Ukrainian paratrooper combat uniform with gas mask and NVGs for sale. The soldier who tried to sell them to me looked to me with a quite hard face and penetrative eyes, I guess he noticed I was just 15 years old from Spain and thought I could buy his NVGs haha... Anyways, these are some of the reasons I think there should be an improvement in the Ukrainian infantry, for bigger and more random and diverse squads.
  6. Still not working. I desinstalled the game and then back to install, after I did that, I found that the game had the same problems, but now the names apart from the fact that they were already wrong, they have changed and still nothing good... Want me to make photos with my iPad(as I can't make screenshots due to a Paint program problem).
  7. Let me try then to install again the patch I have right now..
  8. I cannot do any screenshots in the game because it somehow does not work in the Paint program I've tried to show my friends how CMBS is epic, but the screenshots weren't working, basically because when I make the "copy-paste" to Paint programm, it's all but a black screen so there's no way to make a good screenshot. However, I can do some photos from my iPad and show them here, of course they won't have the same quality... but it's a try. And also, before making the photos I will change the game language to English, so everybody can understand me.
  9. And yes. Now I know I should have been posting this on the Technical forum, but I was not aware on the moment. Excuse my mistake, it's 1:11 AM in Spain..
  10. I've been reading the manual to search for the UKR formations(ya know, it's the only one I play with) and I want to try out new kind of formations apart from the one who originally costs about 21.000 deployment points and it's named "Su-152mm" or something like that... And that "Su-152mm" is placed on the deploy box called "Archer"... Seriously, some things are exagerated. I have the Spanish "translation", which is all the time mixing English with Spanish in every place. Maybe the Main Menu is in Spanish, but then the Mission Briefing is almost completely in English, except for some buttons in the bottom. In battlefield, some infantry soldiers are called "Abrigo" in Spanish means Coat, or "Ejército de Siria", in Spanish, it means Army of Syria, "Army of Holland" things like that... The deployment menu shows the T-84 Oplot with the BM-21-6 name, which refers to the Soviet Grad rocket launcher, but it doesn't make any sense. As well for some other units who are named after WW2 Germans or US tanks or transport vehicules, for example if I remember well, one of the Russian/Ukrainian anti-air vehicules is called after a German lightly armored tank, which name was honestly hard to remember... Other example is that when selecting country for your personalized battle, if really fails to show "Russia, Ukraine, USA", but instead shows things like "Reserve Light Tank" for Russia, "Tank Hunter" for Ukraine...Many, many, many things are wrong and even if I change the game language from Spanish to English, it will still have very incorrect names for a 60-70% of the game units, orders, deploy troops names etc etc etc. Can anyone tell me what to do here?
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