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  1. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Thank you for the Update and also for releasing the Demo! I was just about to start the Marines campaign again, so now you just saved me the grief of having just completed it just when CM2 comes out with that pimped campaign. The demo is great, ty so much!
  2. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Ahh... thank you guys! Give the Dev team and yourself a big hug and a clap on the back! 700mb demo Me LIKE!
  3. NeoOhm

    The state of CMSF2

    YES By the way... After you guys are done with CMSF2 and feel a bit restless again... then its time for 1950-1953 Korea, YES? Your engine manages the terrain etc? Korea would be awesome to have in the collection. Ty for your time and effort - your game concept is my all time favorite.
  4. NeoOhm

    The state of CMSF2

    " "Things are taking longer than we expected. The game is looking great, but the final details are not in place to allow us to release. When we are really sure we've got those details settled, then we will let you know and release soon after". If you are bothered by the lack of communications from me, copy and paste the above into an email and send it to yourself every day. Problem solved!" An update every week that there will take longer would be fine. What you just said is like -ok, then we pay YOU when you deliver while STILL getting pre-order bonuses cause we pre-ordered but didn't pay. Models and so on, MODDERS should have done that! So now i hope you add that Laura Craft skin i nagged about--or else! I know it will be a good game, but plz understand that we understand that the game can bi/IS late - we just want a SINGLE LOCKED post every week - or so. (i know u get nuked for locking that post, but hey, forum war is all we got with no CMSF2 Demo, give us a buggy crappy demo, i need my shoot noooooow!!!!
  5. NeoOhm

    Out of Memory error

    I like Geek Stuff! Any fix or "just" Geeking?
  6. NeoOhm

    New forum means...

    ....... *Oktober.... - > no demo ---- > they simulate good, its like the promises of WWII and every war - it will end before x-mas...
  7. Hi, i from the future, still no CM2 in sight here, or did September and Demo before that meant something else back at your time?
  8. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Demo

    Prove it!
  9. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Demo

    I know a seer when i see him, you just predicted the past - man i just...wow!
  10. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Demo

    They may have very slooooooow internet
  11. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Demo

    Calling in arty!
  12. Like many commanders gave said - the war will be over before x-mass - so this "delay" is adding to the simulation and immersion. Any day now men.. <3 I have the original and USMC - ill update them and buy the rest of the modules - my wife can go to Poland on vacation (meeting my mother in law *shrieek* ) by her self, i just say im feeling ill....
  13. Would be nice with SOME words of whats happening. It worries me that the demo isn't released yet, probably due to some Snowflake that got offended for something so they now have to remake the entire game with unicorns instead of tanks and so on...
  14. Hi! Ty so much! Great link to the discount prices.
  15. NeoOhm

    CMSF2 Demo

    The DEMO IS OUT!!!! Link here... No.. that was so low... but WHEN will we get it, im soon out of medicine (Vodka)