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  1. No your right. And it's wrong for me to say all that, I was just very heated and disappointed last night with a series of games that I honestly love but in my experience has been so plagued with just getting the games installed due mainly to licensing snafus. I felt bad this morning when I thought about it. I am still frustrated but I apologize. It is my understanding at this point that I have to purchase the v3 upgrade. And that's crummy but if anyone knows of another work arround it would be appreciated
  2. I've never in my life had so much trouble playing one game. Especially one so pricey. Its frustrating and in this day and age this just shouldn't be the case.I installed it originally back years ago but like many people wipe my computer from time to time to refresh it, which ran into a licensing issue which already pissed me off. I opened a ticket and they resolved it, I want to say that was back on windows 8. Windows 10 in many ways built upon 8 and I have no rational understanding why the game wasnt patched to work with it. I dont think ive encountered a game that worked on windows 8 but not 10. I've seen enough that worked on 7 but not 10 but thats a 6 year leap. The game was released in the midst of windows 8 release, less than a year after, and most games were arguably harder to get to work on windows 8 vs 7. The jump from 8 to 10 is such a rare problem that its astounding that it appears to be a major problem with battlefront. The fact of buying an "upgrade" which is fully advertised as adding features from fortress italy which i could care less about, as fixing the windows 10 "licensing" problem, is complete bull****. From what i can garner is that its the licensing thats broken in the original version not the game. I'm sorry but you need to fix that without charging 15$ for what amounts to lazy coding. 75$ for a game that has arguably less content of the orginal due to developer greed is just not viable. I played and still play the crap out of beyond overlord...and ON my windows 10 computer. In many ways i still consider it a superior game just because the community was so behind it and easily accessible back then and released massive amounts of content for it. What the hell happend to this company? seriously, what sick greed made you think that charging 15$ to fix what skidrow will do for free, is acceptable. This is probably just me being mad...remembering explaining why I had installed the game 3 times over the period of a couple years and wiping my computer and presented with the possibility that i might have to purchase it again due to "licensing" issues. You let the nerds make your games, you dont let them dictate your idiotic licensing policy. I'm done here. I look forward to your IP being sold down the road to a competent publisher.
  3. please correct me if im wrong but the only posts ive found is that i have to pay for the v3 "upgrade" to play my game on windows 10?
  4. I have loved combat mission from the initial release, i still have my original hard copy and manual to go with it. It was an amazing game and something I deeply love. But ever since CMBN ( i skipped afgan and whatever the other ones were after the original engine) I just honestly cant recommend any of battlefronts games to anyone and at this point, strictly deter them from supporting such a company. I have dealt with more issues in just simply downloading and installing the game, and applying patches without somehow breaking it, then i have playing it. The various versions that exist, the upgrade pay for versions, Its an absolute ridiculous mess. I suggest battlefront goes the same way slitherine and matrix games did and just go to steam with a simple to download and install format if they cant figure out how to distribute a game circa 2010+. The fact that you charge 60$ and over protect such a niche game in my opinon only furthers the desire to pirate it rather than own it because its simply easier and less cumbersome than paying the money. Had i known this, i honestly would have never bought it. BUT... I own the game and by god if someone released a torrent that just WORKS. i would be all over it. PLEASE for the love of god. Fire your security development and patch team and move to a modern publicist who wont tie your software down with the most ridiculous of constraints and can pull their head out of their ass. I bought the damn game. Let me install it and play it for the love of god and dont charge me for ridiculous updates. You hearken back to a time of gaming that nobody loved. And quite honestly I dont thing a few minor additions warrant a 10$ fee. LOOK... you release a game, sure theres patches, you make it simple, you dont release 3 different f-ing versions of the patches depending on whatever version you might own that you bought like 2 years ago. and when someone goes to download the game guess what. You make an installer that includes the most updated patches. I was actually looking at one of the newest games and then it occured to me that if i pay 60$ for it, it probably doesnt include the 10$ "patch" that adds 5 features. Be real in your development, stop gouging, go back to what your company was really about. Making an honest to god amazing game that was worth the money. Stop the nickle and dime charade. its greedy and quite honestly its BS. Matrix games is bad enough but atleast theres no oh you want the grisby portion of garys game? thats an extra 10$. oh well 60$ for UI not found. Victory. I'm sorry im not trying to be an absolute ass but when someone pays money for a game the least you can do is make it work. and beyond that, when a slightly newish OS comes out you can make an easy to find fix or incorporate it into your patch. Sorely dissapointed and will never buy one of your games again. My hope is that a publisher is willing to buy you out and set right the wrongs.
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