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  1. So a while ago I made this post in the CM: Afghanistan forum showing that the cover art from that game was based off of a picture of a US Marine being barely missed by enemy fire. Well, a friend of mine linked me a post on reddit that has the SAW gunner that the CM: Shock Force cover art was based on. Apparently it is a picture of a 1st Armored Division soldier in Ramadi, Iraq sometime in 2006. Here is the original picture and the cover art side-by-side.
  2. I was installing Combat Mission Afghanistan when I recognized that the background picture of a Soviet soldier nearly being hit by a round in the installation menu looked very similar to another picture that I had seen of a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan. I did a little digging and managed to find the picture. Here are the two pictures side-by-side for reference. I originally saw the picture in a reddit thread about a year ago. Apparently the picture is of U.S. Marine Sergeant William Bee while he was taking fire from the Taliban in 2008. I thought it was somewhat fitting that the art for this game of a Soviet taking fire in Afghanistan was based on a U.S. Marine taking fire in Afghanistan decades later.
  3. Yes, the RPK is being phased out in favor of PKM/PKPs. However, I doubt that the weight of the RPK was a factor in phasing it out because the RPK-74 is eight pounds lighter than a PKM/PKP. I'd say that the reason the RPK is being phased out is due to the Russians wanting more range and power out of their squad-level MGs. Modern body armor is surely a factor also, because 5.45x39mm at 500m undoubtedly does a lot less damage than 7.62x54mm to a soldier in modern body armor.
  4. Here is another video that a community member made of the mission. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPEwwaz5BVs
  5. I didn't forget! I just was biding my time... Anyways, the community is not nearly as active as it used to be. Usually, we only get 60-70 players at peak times on the weekends and have ~12 players doing seeder missions in the evening. We also have a Tuesday session that people normally show up to. We were even having a bit of a resurgence lately with a number of new players. Unfortunately, we aren't playing at the moment because Arma 3's recent 64-bit update broke our server and we haven't been able to figure out a fix yet. However, we will definitely be playing as soon as that is fixed, so come play with us then!
  6. Yes, I plan on making more in the future, but I will only be using the small missions as anything above 80 players is highly uncommon for our community unless we are holding some sort of event.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm part of an Arma 3 community named United Operations and I picked up Combat Mission: Black Sea and Final Blitzkrieg based on the recommendation of other members of the community who enjoyed the series. I took a liking to this excellent series and decided that I'd like to bring Imperial Grunt's mission "Platoon House Aleksandra" from CMBS to Arma 3. Now, since Arma does not have the amount of depth of specific assets that CMBS does I was limited in a few areas, but overall I think that I really nailed the look and feel of the mission. For those who don't know, Platoon House Aleksandra is one of the smaller default missions in CMBS. It features a Russian motorized platoon equipped with three BTR-82As and a T-72 versus an isolated Ukrainian Battalian HQ with a MT-LB Artillery Observation Vehicle, one M2 Humvee, one M240 Humvee, and around a platoon of infantry. I decided when I began making the mission that it would be a PvP mission because Arma 3 AI really suck at doing anything. I decided to use the same number of fighters as in the original mission and made it a 68 player mission with a 1:1 ratio. I also made some changes to the balance of the mission to ensure that the defenders would have a fighting chance as Arma autocannons are a bit more deadly in the hands of real people than Black Sea Autocannons are in the hands of the CMBS AI. Taking that into account, I removed the attacker's T-72 and gave the defenders a Humvee with a Mk19 rather than the M240 Humvee in the original mission. I also shuffled up some of the buildings and made the compound more square in order to compensate for some limitations I ran into building the compound. Otherwise I was as faithful to the original mission as I could be, I even kept in the Apache that shows up late in the original mission! Here are some pictures of the compound I created compared to some pictures of the original compound. Please forgive the terrible quality. I am forced to play on a potato laptop as my normal desktop is not with me at the moment. In the end it took about 15-20 hours to complete the mission and fully test it for any issues. It was well worth it, though, as the mission's first playthrough was a huge hit with the community. Here is a video of the mission that one member created. It does a nice job of showcasing the Ukrainian side of the mission. As of now I don't have any videos of the Russian side, but I have talked to another member who said he had some footage that he plans on editing together. I won't spoil the outcome for those who want to watch the video. If you don't have the patience for a video, here is a much quicker replay of it from our AAR tool. Thanks to Imperial Grunt for designing such a great mission! It transferred over to Arma 3 very well and I had a great time making it. If anyone wants to come and play with us, it's easy to join as we don't have any application process like other communities. Just register and download the mod pack and you're good to go! Here is a guide to help get started. Thanks for reading everyone!
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