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  1. Hey guys, I know ive seen a couple posts similar to this one for other games like Italy or shock force where someone uploads every user/developer scenario and campaign. Does anyone know about or have one for red thunder? Thanks, Mark.
  2. Mark_McLeod


    Does anyone have a link that works for the downloads? I downloaded it on my old computer but now all links are removed. Thanks,
  3. Mark_McLeod

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    Yes please! with Q1 coming to end I am ready for more.
  4. Mark_McLeod

    Game crashes during command phase.

    So after a little bit of testing i have found a way to stop the crashing, its not really a fix but a bypass i guess? Well when the game is loading whether it be because you're loading real time action or saving etc. When this happens if you try to press any key or click on the screen it will cause the game to "stop responding" which explains why it only happens to me in turn based and never real time. So all you really have to do is to be patient and let the game load. I assume most of people know about this and had more patients and brains then me, but i hope it works for anyone else who has a similar problem.
  5. Mark_McLeod

    Game crashes during command phase.

    I'm not sure if anyone found a fix but i am having the same issue. I recently bought a new computer and now every 20-30 minutes of playing then on one of the command phase it just stops responding and will not start responding again unless i close the game. This happens while i play CMFI CMFB and CMFB. Dont know what causes it because it doesn't matter about the size of the battle or anything like that. If anyone has more help on this that would be awesome, i dont think its my computer either because its much better than my previous one which ran CM just fine with out crashes.
  6. Mark_McLeod

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    Any more news on the module? i'm dying over here.
  7. Mark_McLeod

    Panzer Jager uniforms

    I did tests as well and had the same results.
  8. Mark_McLeod

    What is going on?

    Ya I would love to get more news or an ETA on one of the releases.
  9. Major Harisch Giving a speech to remnants of 2nd Kompanie After a failed Assault on a British Paratrooper held Town. Lost a lot of good men and a Pzkpfw III.
  10. Mark_McLeod

    Best way to use flamethrowers.

    I could only imagine what kind of hell cities would be if fires spread, it would be awesome.
  11. Mark_McLeod

    do newer titles come with 4.0?

    I personally like 4.0 because of what they did with the infantry, being able to combine squads makes life pretty easy in some occasions. Also the infantry do run a lot more spaced out which is pretty good, and they peak around corners of buildings and walls a lot better which is helpful. Lastly being able to see how many kills your forward observer gets with the call ins is pretty neat. But other than that i dont really know what else there is, there is a hull down command but i never use it nor do i know exactly how it works.
  12. Mark_McLeod

    Panzer 2 QB

    Yes sorry i meant Luchs. The information about them is nice but does anyone know what the settings i have to be able to purchase them for my QB, month, year, SS or German Army
  13. Mark_McLeod

    Panzer 2 QB

    I saw on the TO&E list and on a mission a panzer 2, but i dont know what faction nor month it has to be in order to be able to use them in QB, if anyone can tell me that'd be awesome thanks.
  14. Mark_McLeod

    individual soldiers names?

    @gundolf I can Agree with that, once i notice a squad does something rather heroic or something that catches my eye i tend to try and keep them through the war
  15. I understand you can see the squad leaders name of each squad and if he goes then the name will be the guy next in line. So my question is it possible to see an individuals name? because some times i like to focus on one group and it would be awesome if i could see each soldiers name. Any insight would be awesome.