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  1. To be quite honest, with the number of tanks - and I assume Stummels - you have, you probably have enough HE to demolish a good number of buildings in that village.
  2. You could always unpack the game's BRZ data packs with the mod tools in your CMBS folder to check directly. Mod tags are nothing more special than a prefix (in brackets) to a filename.
  3. That's certainly one aspect GT has over CM2.
  4. AT guns are really not that bad in CM2. That being said, I think there are three major problems in the way they are modeled, two of which are stats' based. 1 - setup/packing speed : it is simply is too slow, especially for lighter pieces 2 - movement speed : in the case of the lighter pieces, it is simply much too slow, especially on good ground like roads 3 - lack of flexibility : a change in this area would require much more work than a simple stat' change, but the lack of an ability to man and leave the guns in a non-routed state (I understand why being routed requires the gun to be spiked) is extremely limiting , especially in terms of enhancing survivability under light artillery fire (ie. moving the crew a few meters back in a trench to wait out a small mortar barrage)
  5. I find the best way to use them is to destroy or bombard nests of resistance from as far as possible. You really don't want them facing against something that can fire back, even lying in ambush against tanks, it would be best for them to get out of sight as soon as possible after the first shot or two. They are a force multiplier for your panzergrenadiers, not a force unto themselves.
  6. It all depends on the placement and what other assets you have at your disposal. A lone bunker on a hill against a Sherman '105? Not a major obstacle. A bunker in a keyhole position also covered by an AT gun and flanked by other obstacles and infantry? That's going to be require some major work on the part of the attacker; it won't stop him in his tracks, but it'll make him waste men, shells, vehicles, and time.
  7. You should not see bunkers as a unit that gets a lot of kills or that can withstand anything, you should see them as an obstacle that forces the enemy to use a disproportionate of firepower or a lot of time to counter; and as with any obstacle, placement is everything.
  8. Well, the latest post might be a revision of the earlier statement. After all, let us remember that 2 instances of "very" signify we ought to keep the refresh button close by.
  9. Pretty sure you'll need to download the module once it's out. The "Processed" status means your order has been treated, but not "shipped" yet. It will be set to "Completed" once the module is released. In the details page of your order, you'll find the activation key and a download link.
  10. A groundhog day type scenario lets you revisit your past actions and correct your mistakes. Do not see the wait for the module purely as a trial of faith or even torture. See it as an opportunity.
  11. Just in time for my new rubberized F5 keycap to arrive from Amazon. No doubt it will see a lot of use next week.
  12. Well, you need an account to manage your purchases, downloads, support, etc... If you want to gift a CM game or module/upgrade, just buy it yourself and give the code away to the person of interest. It's the only way as far as I'm aware.
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