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  1. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Briefings Text mod

    @wadepmMost liekly Anti Aliasing provided through your graphic card's global or per-application settings.
  2. I have to say I agree about the maps, some of the best in the series. About CMFB's difficulty, well, I suppose it may have something to do with the setting. After all, you have all the deadliness of later-war equipment : King Tigers, up-gunned Shermans, American infantry with additional automatic weapons, plenty of Stg44's, more panzerfausts than you know how to use! Then you also have the setting of the battles : unprepared allied units, desperate counter-attacks, depleted German units relying on a mix of veterans and green recruits... A far cry from CMFI's mix of ridiculously under-equipped Italians and mid-war allies and Germans.
  3. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Accuracy of Artillery Barrage Is Way Off

    Well, there are a large number of factors at play. The skill of the battery crews, the skill of the spotter, the wind factor, wether you called an Emergency mission, etc... WW2 fire missions are never going to be really accurate. Since your mission-call delay was so large, I assumed you called some rather heavy guns, and those are never going to be as accurate as your friendly neighborhood mortars as they are probably situated quite far away from the game map.
  4. Xorg_Xalargsky

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    What manner of wizardry makes everything you describe possible? This scenario sounds amazing!
  5. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Cmsf2 full version pbem opponents

    Alright, sent another invite, but to the correct address.
  6. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Cmsf2 full version pbem opponents

    Invite sent.
  7. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Cmsf2 full version pbem opponents

    I'd be interested in a PBEM with me as REDFOR (I really want to give the Syrian forces a spin ) The following scenarios look fairly unique and interesting : NATO Halt Hammerzeit, Abu Susah, UK Cain and Abel, USMC Rahadnak Valley Search, Tactical Vignette 98-3 Attack in Brandenburg, but I'm also open to anything else. You, I, or a dice throw can pick. If you still have a spot open, just tell me what you want and I'll send an invite.
  8. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Looking for a Modding Mod...

    I know that there are UV map overlays included in the BRZ packs for some assets in Shock Force 2 (files named "XXX map.bmp"). I wish there would be more.
  9. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Smoke Dischargers

    It differs per vehicle. Especially in the modern-era titles, there is a great variety in terms of smoke dischargers.
  10. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Same thing as you, but I managed to get a download link by looking at the e-mail I originally received when I pre-ordered the CMSF2 Big Bundle (on day 1, like the fanboy I am).
  11. Xorg_Xalargsky

    New Missions?

    Make your "battleships" BMP-1's, have "transport ships" carrying SPG-9 "naval guns" to scattered islands, sprinkle some HMG-armed "escort ships", make the crews "green", and you've got yourself a fully-realized game-mode!
  12. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    " Most importantly, always remember there is a person in charge of the enemy. You're not fighting the enemy troops, you are fighting the person. Never forget that." The best advice in my opinion! Even moreso when you and your opponent know each other well. I can recall a few matches against my friends (not in Combat Mission unfortunately) that were won or severely influenced by what my opponent feared I would do or thought of my playstyle.
  13. I cannot overstate how eagerly I am waiting for those modules! So many unique scenario opportunities, especially for CMRT.
  14. Xorg_Xalargsky

    8.8 cm Raketenwerfer 43?

    I don't think it's in any CM2 game so far. It's in a weird niche, between a true AT gun and the Panzershrek which superseded it. Perhaps that's why the devs didn't feel compelled to put it in-game.
  15. @IICptMillerII Nice Iraqi Republican Guard feel going on.