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  1. Please tell me the Volkssturm have caps and hats.
  2. Trick the genie into giving you more wishes! "I wish to see... your screenshot folder."
  3. The stock CM sound effects are not that great, but they do their job. That's where mods come in however. CM allows you to modify any visual (2D) or sound asset. The High Quality Sounds mod is available for every title and provides excellent sound replacements for literally every gameplay-related sound in the game. They're pretty consistent in terms of style, volume, and about as realistic as you can get with a simple audio file.
  4. If the development of Fire and Rubble is doing okay, I'm doing okay.
  5. battlefront, a plea from the heart to release Fire and Rubble early my brother, Jayden, has a serious lung condition that would make COVID-19 nothing but a death sentence to him however, he is too much of a ladies' man to stay inside as he should, no, he goes to clubs and bars every night, mingling and engaging in the very opposite of social distancing the only thing that could keep him inside would be the prompt release of Fire and Rubble as his obsession for the fairer sex is only surpassed by that of the late-war Eastern Front of WW2 battlefront, please, you are my and my mother's only hope
  6. While I'm not an expert on the lore of the Shock Force timeline, I believe the nations from the NATO module sent small contingents comprised of their best troops. Also, I just checked and the different BLUFOR armies/branches have different soft factors. However, it's not by a large margin, unlike in the WW2 games or on the OPFOR side. Furthermore, one must keep in mind that soft factors are supposed to be seen as more relative than absolute since we don't have access to the underlying data behind "Veteran experience" or "+2 leadership" by design.
  7. The Germans are a very orderly people, they like uniformity and neat categories. That's why the units in this screenshot are part of a regiment entirely composed of kebab shop workers.
  8. Yeah, spotting can get dodgy with vehicles and thick foliage, especially at close ranges where you'd think it would be a piece of cake.
  9. Judging from the scenarios I've played from him, it's gonna be something good.
  10. I haven't forgotten you. We haven't. You'll be in our hearts, always.
  11. Try updating your drivers then. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but I think it might be broke in that case.
  12. As for the number of activations, I've read 2, I've read 4. Keep in mind you can always ask for more using the help desk (I know that you can, but I don't know if restrictions apply or if one can only do that a given number of times). That being said, as far as I'm aware, activations are spent to license a CM product on a given computer/parts-configuration, not on a per-install basis. And as for your crashes, have you been fiddling with different mods and/or game versions?
  13. It's possible to design a map so that trenches are sunk appropriately. I assume that makes them far more defensible, albeit with the disadvantage of revealing their position through the depression in the ground.
  14. The game manual should detail what weapons and ammunition you get for each configuration of air support units.
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