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  1. Each module and patch has its own .brz file, so you'll find the assets relating to the G41 in the Rome to Victory pack files.
  2. It's a shame that CM TAC-AI aims only for the center-mass, being able to target specific areas (for example, Theatre of War allows you to target low, center, and high areas on vehicles) would be a great help for weaker AT weapons.
  3. You will feel more at peace with the trees if you (smoke a joint and) consider that their effect on gameplay is not represented 1:1 by their visuals. I find that their leaves conceal less than one would expect, but their trunks more so.
  4. OH **** I JUST TESTED IT, IT WORKS That being said, I know for a fact it wasn't always like this, so I assume the latest patch broke this system. Tested in Final Blitzkrieg as well and the bug is replicated... Oh boy...
  5. Are you sure your opponent didn't mess with you? As far as I'm aware, only the original crew of a tank/armored vehicle is able to crew it, whereas trucks and utility vehicles can be crewed by anybody.
  6. While we're talking about bugs, I noticed some more in SF2 - Syrian mech infantry have two sets of chest rigs (one olive, one camouflaged) overlaid on top of each other - Syrian RPG gunners don't have chest rigs - Some Syrian Single Teams and Single Vehicles are missing from the editor's force selection (mech inf MMG, irregular technicals)
  7. @MikeyD On the contrary! That sort of narrative would be just grand for a CM game.
  8. Yeah there is, it's right there in your game's installation folder in "Mod Tools". There are also instructions detailing how to use the two programs to pack and unpack .brz files.
  9. Well Shock Force 2 - NATO features Germans. And BLU vs. RED is pretty much seal clubbing.
  10. Oh God it's hype on hype... Hurry, hurry before Corona takes us all.
  11. Oh ****, we're doing suggestions? Alright, hear this out : Base game : Soviet-Afghan war. Module 1 : Afghan civil war Module 2 : NATO intervention (limit to some arbitrary date) A boy can dream, a boy can sure dream...
  12. Well, give the question, one must assume we are going to see one of the two
  13. It was hit by a tank shell just before the flamethrower opened fire. Matter of fact, I think the flamethrower opened fire because the vehicle was destroyed and it was aiming at the crew.
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