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  1. Uh, little bit early to be talking about this... However, if I recall correctly, it's been said that Black Sea might be the next game to get a module after FI and RT. As for Shock Force 2, it's also been said that it would not be getting post-release content, the title is meant to reflect the amount of work involved in the "modernization" of Shock Force, it's considered a complete package as it is.
  2. Why all the fighting? Let us just reunite and pray for the prompt release of the 4.0 patches as well as the next two planned modules.
  3. But have you re-installed the game by running the .exe in a new, virgin, folder? Combat MIssion can be corrupted by the presence of other files in the .exe's folder upon installation. I've had it happen to me, to hilarious results, because I had put the demo files in the same folder when I installed them. Also, could there be some rights management issues at play? Combat Mission puts scenarios, maps, campaigns, etc... In your "home" folder, so maybe they weren't written correctly or the game can't read those files (triggering unexpected behavior)?
  4. All I want is for in-game Bren guns to mirror their absolute power.
  5. Does that run the risk of invalidating your keys or something? Can you do it between hard-drives on the same computer? Glad I caught this thread because I'm upgrading my storage pretty soon...
  6. Amazing mod! The Syrian factions need love too, they're having a hard enough time as it is getting blasted by artillery and tanks they can't see.
  7. I ran a similar test, but had the JTAC team face a trio of insurgents instead of a taxi. Upon taking fire (enemy not spotted yet), they stop and execute the Hide command. However, some seconds later they start opening fire in self-defence (as the enemy was rather close), but resume hiding after taking a few shots (and the cycle continues). About infantry using small arms against tanks : they will try to shoot at an exposed commander.
  8. Just tested a simple scenario (JTAC team vs. transport taxi) and it appears that the Hunt command does not cancel a Hide "at waypoint" command if a unit is spotted. You learn something every day...
  9. @wadepmMost liekly Anti Aliasing provided through your graphic card's global or per-application settings.
  10. I have to say I agree about the maps, some of the best in the series. About CMFB's difficulty, well, I suppose it may have something to do with the setting. After all, you have all the deadliness of later-war equipment : King Tigers, up-gunned Shermans, American infantry with additional automatic weapons, plenty of Stg44's, more panzerfausts than you know how to use! Then you also have the setting of the battles : unprepared allied units, desperate counter-attacks, depleted German units relying on a mix of veterans and green recruits... A far cry from CMFI's mix of ridiculously under-equipped Italians and mid-war allies and Germans.
  11. Well, there are a large number of factors at play. The skill of the battery crews, the skill of the spotter, the wind factor, wether you called an Emergency mission, etc... WW2 fire missions are never going to be really accurate. Since your mission-call delay was so large, I assumed you called some rather heavy guns, and those are never going to be as accurate as your friendly neighborhood mortars as they are probably situated quite far away from the game map.
  12. What manner of wizardry makes everything you describe possible? This scenario sounds amazing!
  13. Alright, sent another invite, but to the correct address.
  14. I'd be interested in a PBEM with me as REDFOR (I really want to give the Syrian forces a spin ) The following scenarios look fairly unique and interesting : NATO Halt Hammerzeit, Abu Susah, UK Cain and Abel, USMC Rahadnak Valley Search, Tactical Vignette 98-3 Attack in Brandenburg, but I'm also open to anything else. You, I, or a dice throw can pick. If you still have a spot open, just tell me what you want and I'll send an invite.
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