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  1. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Same thing as you, but I managed to get a download link by looking at the e-mail I originally received when I pre-ordered the CMSF2 Big Bundle (on day 1, like the fanboy I am).
  2. Xorg_Xalargsky

    New Missions?

    Make your "battleships" BMP-1's, have "transport ships" carrying SPG-9 "naval guns" to scattered islands, sprinkle some HMG-armed "escort ships", make the crews "green", and you've got yourself a fully-realized game-mode!
  3. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    " Most importantly, always remember there is a person in charge of the enemy. You're not fighting the enemy troops, you are fighting the person. Never forget that." The best advice in my opinion! Even moreso when you and your opponent know each other well. I can recall a few matches against my friends (not in Combat Mission unfortunately) that were won or severely influenced by what my opponent feared I would do or thought of my playstyle.
  4. I cannot overstate how eagerly I am waiting for those modules! So many unique scenario opportunities, especially for CMRT.
  5. Xorg_Xalargsky

    8.8 cm Raketenwerfer 43?

    I don't think it's in any CM2 game so far. It's in a weird niche, between a true AT gun and the Panzershrek which superseded it. Perhaps that's why the devs didn't feel compelled to put it in-game.
  6. @IICptMillerII Nice Iraqi Republican Guard feel going on.
  7. Xorg_Xalargsky


    WeGo is a turn-based mode of play where two plays issue their orders and see them being executed at the same time. If you have played Combat Mission in turn-based mode, you've played WeGo. PBEM means Play By E-Mail indeed, the preferred mode of online play for many, because it allows to see the execution of your order, unlike direct online play. You can directly play with your friend over the internet, no need to be on a LAN. To start a multiplayer game, all you need to do is select a standalone scenario like you normally would for single-player (campaigns are not available for multiplayer) and select your preferred option from the Players dropdown list. The Join Network Game option from the main menu is for you to join a game that is currently being hosted by entering your friend's IP address. TCP-IP/LAN : either real-time or turn-based, does not allow you to see replays, you need to forward some ports if you're hosting a scenario. PBEM : turn-based only, allows you to see replays, can be tedious unless you use a tool like the excellent CM Helper.
  8. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Thank you for the update!
  9. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Awww yiss!
  10. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CMSF 2 question

    It's essentially the same game with the same units and scenarios, but using the newest CM2 engine/features as well as updated graphics and a slightly modified roster (for example, on-map mortars and Quick Battle specialist teams). In general terms, it will play and feel exactly like other recent CM2 games, but with Shock Force's unique content with the added bonus that all scenarios and campaigns previously made for Shock Force 1 are said to be compatible (albeit perhaps requiring some adjustments to compensate with the new "game balance" and features).
  11. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Am I the only one ?

    I'm waiting for everything! All of it! It seems that later-2018 to 2019 will be an exciting time for CM players.
  12. Xorg_Xalargsky

    Uncon "uniform" tags.

    It will likely work the same way as in other CM2 games. To get "mirror match" with different appearances, the units involved have to either have at least one alternate uniform setting (ex. Digital Camo and Standard Camo for the Ukrainians in Black Sea) or you have to make clever use of units that use a different uniform texture (even though unit A and B might look almost identical, they might have different texture files for their models).
  13. Xorg_Xalargsky

    A long delayed update

    Is that... a sub-bone???
  14. Xorg_Xalargsky

    A long delayed update

    Thanks for the update!
  15. Xorg_Xalargsky

    CM:FI AAR SLIM versus Bletchley_Geek

    Oh boy! This series is truly riveting, I'm really invested in that MG crew.