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  1. Very #1 : said Very #2 : unsaid as of now Very #3 : unsaid as of now
  2. You may mock us and view us as fools, but our faith in the Module keeps us strong. I talked with one of God's angels today and the only word he would say was "Soon". Interpret that as you see fit, but to me, it's crystal clear.
  3. Wait... seriously? Isn't that a bit needlessly lavish? Is that why the module has been delayed? I guess the vellum supply chain must be a bottleneck. If that's the case, then why enable the pre-orders so early?
  4. The window has not closed. Can you feel it? There is still a small cold draft passing through.
  5. Looking so hard for VERY spelled in terrain tiles somewhere.
  6. Every night I pray that the dream of hope is not lost, and we can imagine our wishes to come true ✌️
  7. So would I, but the security is tight over at the Battlefront Compound. You'd have to go through guard dogs, hordes of Beta testers, Chris, Elvis, and that's all without speaking of the mighty Steve himself and the elusive Charles. I certainly am not risking my life for what is going to be revealed in due time anyways. I've got too much to live for, too many turns still yet to play, and too many PBEM victories to brag about.
  8. It's been hinted that there could be smaller content packs and/or a Black Sea module. That being said, the only way to really know is to break in the Battlefront offices and have a look at the secret files.
  9. There is hope, brothers and sisters, there is hope for the module ✝️
  10. As far as we know, no Italian faction will be featured in the module.
  11. @Oleksandr Nice to hear you're planning on more Polish content! But what of the rifle shown in the pictures you've sent? Don't you find the texture more green (giving it a modern painted look) than dark-brown (what you seem to have been going for, given what you said and the image and video you posted as a reference)? Was this intentional? Excellent work regardless.
  12. @Oleksandr Good work my friend! It's nice to see attention given to infantry, especially of minor factions. However, I must ask, don't you find the finish on the rifles a bit... uh, green? You said you wanted to go for a dark wood look, but it definitely looks greener than browner. Glory to Ukraine!
  13. What do you mean? The editor already has a Headcount setting that allows you to reduce the strength of a unit.
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