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  1. Absolutely no reason, they are working. I know it because I had tested it on the titles I have. Shock force, Red Thunder...They all are universal.
  2. Some time ago I made two mods but I don't know whether I should place them at cmmodsiii. They came out a bit rough because I am not a professional neither in Photoshop nor in Blender. First mod is the resized mines sign and here is the link on the google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Hx0jptYcQ9TW_bCqSVu2LIo23l3hkhFH Second mod is the repainting of the Pinetree Iconed Bases Mod of Richard Lloyd The link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ucLgDL-UB_nBMCou8n825Hhwh6Y29sKv Screenshots included inside the archives.
  3. I suspected that the cause is my incompetence, but had a hope about just a little error. Well, I'll be raising my level of knowledge.
  4. Maybe I took wrong version of the blender? I tried early version, but I cant install this pugin there. It doesnt appear in the import/export list.
  5. Did you do a video like this about the exporting? Something goes wrong with me... When I import the file then I export it immidiately, just to see how it will work and I get this message And when I make any change in the file and try to export I get this Saving and exporting in any other formats is ok.
  6. Ok, I am settling to the work, I guess it will not give me simply. But first question: does the blender can import a typical CM model without any additional libraries, just taking and getting?
  7. Ok. All I can do is hope that the man you have mentioned will see this post someday and ...will tell something.
  8. But re-skining will not change the size of an object in the game?
  9. Or in other words: are models in the game even moddable? Or I am asking the questions that have no answers? Or those no one interested in... As for me It is a real pain to localize where mines are even if you know where they are...
  10. After a serie of experiments I have adopted the Pinetree Iconed Bases Mod of Richard Lloyd (if he doesnt mind) Iconed Bases Mod, but I changed coloros of the icons. Originally created for a desert area, it is sometimes lost among the verdure of Normandy. Now it is looking so: First I was going to make chevrons more bluish, but I discovered it looks darkish. Maybe I will return to it later. The yellow color I remove because it looks not good on the yellow objective zone, that I still cannot change...
  11. Is there any way to make the minefield sign (not the icon but those on the ground) to be higher and bigger? As I understand resizing of textures wil not help it this?
  12. Thanks! I really just had to use the proper graphics editor. Now all is ok, and I will test which brightess and contrast is the best. I've been wanting to change base green.bmp to a bluish hue, I think it will be more visible on the field. Before I try to edit the unit bases in CMBB but couldnt get how to do at all, seems it is unaviable it that game. One more question then: colours of zones that we should to capture are dependent on some files too? I'd like to make them a little dim.
  13. How I do this: I open this file in PaintDotNet, choose options - invert colors, and then - save as - bmp - 24 bit- and that's all...
  14. I was trying to change the color because I decided it is too many green on the screen, but got this What I am doing wrong?
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