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  1. lolololol At this point, it's pretty funny
  2. I hadnt even read back. I don't browse as heavily anymore. Thats definitely a nice bone. My point stands. Bear in mind nobody ever asked for this so it shouldnt be held over anyones head. It's a very nice commodity however. Thanks Elvis. I'll pick it up soon.
  3. Exactly my issue. I own all the games but this is clearly unacceptable given this is happening with every title nowdays. I dont even bother going past saying this anymore. It's just a total dick move. Communicate with us. It feels like ****ing something up and then being so full of pride you can't apologize or attempt to fix it.
  4. 1 year later.... lmao.... wtf bfc make love to govt contact b4 us.. smh catch the fishs while they are still splashing....
  5. boom repsol got my bk bros u watch out now lmao
  6. hype hype hype hype hype BERLIN AND KHARKOV
  7. ???? master maps are meant to be played in their raw state ok lets get this settled
  8. our men bf u tell us how to help we want u to spread u wings n succeed
  9. I totally gave CMRT's maps some love early on. 🙂 Dont forget benpark make all of orshanets!
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