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  1. lol agreed, nothing can top Arma 2 ACE mod
  2. Saw this one. This has always been a dream rifle for me ever since the first day I saw it. Too bad it's next to impossible finding one for sale. The L115 super magnum is a real gem too. I'd give an organ for either!
  3. Yeah I agree, it probably should be at the very top. It's clearly a neglected forum. I think a lot of others fail to realize it's there as well.
  4. You can calm down now. I never scrolled past the Cm2 section. No need to look at TacOps and Cm1.
  5. The Drive posted an article saying that was the armor. I've seen the weights previously. This would be the 3rd set of weights I've seen
  6. 1. seems unusual, not sure if I ever had that happen to me. I am also under the impression grenades are severely nerfed in CM. Hand grenades too. The fragmentation just isnt there! The newer games tend to run cleaner. One CMFB mission has 4 battalions of infantry! On a huge map!
  7. 34 seconds in the tank rider has an ak47 wtf lol
  8. I had no clue this existed up until a couple months ago. It's hidden pretty well
  9. Unsure if already covered, in gateway to palermo scenario the hq support teams do not show ranks. Who let these recruits into battle? Let alone form the platoon staff!?
  10. I couldnt even get the standard editor map to port over
  11. @CMFDR If it would be possible to convert cmbs maps to cmsf2.. that would be impressive.
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