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  1. I totally gave CMRT's maps some love early on. 🙂 Dont forget benpark make all of orshanets!
  2. lmao battlefront is not getting their business diverted. These games are far too niche, and are far too well done.
  3. Wow. 15 months already? It's been a slow couple years around these parts.
  4. In quick battles I scrolled through the maps 0-431 in meet, and attack, and I only saw four maps that lit up on the Gustav Line icon on the bottom left. Not sure how I can access these maps, I redownloaded the game and no luck. What are the names of the new maps? Someone tell me please! I felt like CMRT was lacking as well. It definitely felt like one of the neglected titles. The Orsha maps made it up for me though
  5. I was actually talking about the Gustav Line expansion. All I really got was the scenarios, and the campaigns. I just love getting maps. They're the only thing that I can transfer from game to game. I just saw GL praised so much on the forum and it feels like the same exact game. Whereas, for instance, the MG expansion for CMBN was a tremendous addition. They're easily my most played maps
  6. There are only like four new QB maps with this release after re-installation.
  7. Are these maps numbered? I have maps 0 - 431. I haven't noticed new QB maps since this is my least played game. Edit - checking up on my FI installation, it's all goofed up LOL. I originally checked to see if I had the elefant etc ingame, which I did. But there's something wrong with my installation. I will get back to you guys on this thread. Sorry. I have mg teams getting registered as anti tank squads, and 37mm's firing 150mm shells LOL! I blame help desk for this one, this was the copy they supplied me!
  8. I really hope this module wont be as big of a disappointment as Gustav Line was. The CMBN MG module set the bar extremely high in content and bang for your buck. Gustav Line didn't have one map I deemed worthy. I really havent touched FI at all. CMRT looks more promising right now. It also bothers me how the module is advertised as 50 new vehicles when most are just reskins. I understand BF is a small company and I'm not demanding the impossible... but I hate seeing these things. Modern titles are much better value. That being said - I still plan on buying this, as to keep my collection complete. But I am totally prepared to be disappointed again.
  9. I bought an old Note 4 since it's the last one with a removable battery. I was really hoping to get a hold of the Note 7, and actually had it in the mail when it was recalled. Unfortunately I never recieved it. This phone is ridiculously slow for no reason at times. Always gets horrible reception. I'm about ready to blow ATT and Samsung up.
  10. Aspyr.. Pretty sure they helped produce the original Men of War
  11. Poland does seem to be the economic powerhouse of the East. Never really considered it when I was younger.
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