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  1. Things are so boring for me. Lets try to get people together. I was thinking of a mechanized 3 v 3 turn based battle on a very large map 3x3km and up !!! Each commander could be assigned his own battlegroup: Recon Platoon (Start troops) Mech Infantry Platoon (Reinf. 1) Tank Platoon (Reinf. 2) And so on. This way troop counts are kept low, maps large, and fun is to be had. Battles should be decently quick slugfests. Teams should be well organized and be prepared to redeliver turns in a timely manner. In terms of maps.. let's get some suggestions. Rad full 2 is my map of interest right now, but it is awfully flat. Wax Museum is much more hilly. Let me know what you guys think or if you're interested.
  2. Artkin


    I dont see any disagreements here. I wonder how long of a range this equipment is designed for. My Btr artillery observation vehicles are no better than bmps... walking betty bombs
  3. As Squarehead mentioned bmps are little more than mobile tripflares...
  4. Artkin

    Unread Content loading slow or not at all

    Damn Jeff Bezos and his empire
  5. DerKommissar, I have yet to toy around with the spotting capabilities of the tanks but I would assume the T90AM/BM Oplot being the best. So long as you keep that bottom plate safe, we agree Oplot is pretty tough Additionally, I will try to test the difference in HEAT next time.
  6. Artkin

    What will the next CM be?

    They should open up a donations box for those of us who can fund an extra programmer or two to help speed the CM universe along.
  7. Artkin

    Recce in force article.

    Woohoo! Thanks! I can definitely use this for a (Hopefully!!!) upcoming series of AARs with @Kozlice
  8. I was toying around with Russian armor... the BM Oplot seems to outperform everything else. Era consistently defeated 100mm and 125mm apfsds rounds. The only penetrations were the lower hull. Even when penetrated, tank seems to explode rarely in comparison with T72B3 and even T90AM. T90A seems to have a stronger turret than the T90AM even without frontal turret era. This is the best Russian tank. Exploded less often than T72B3 but not by much. T90AM was penetrated a lot in the mantlet and in the lower hull. Sometimes upper hull. Exploded often. T64BV ERA seemed to defeat apfsds more than Bulats. I will test this some more. Exploded often. T72B3 never really defeated 100mm apfsds rounds. The hull was penetrated often everywhere. Exploded often My conclusion: The BM Oplot and the T90A have demonstrated the highest levels of protection versus 100mm and 125mm apfsds rounds. All tests were at 1500m. This is really janky but I can confirm these are the best tanks evur!
  9. Artkin

    Russian army under equipped?

    It has a very short hull which is a little too tall. What were they expecting? MTLB dimensions are significantly better imo.
  10. Honey we shrunk Squarehead! Now he can fit in his toy-- military hardware
  11. Artkin


    Why don't we all get together and try to recreate that map? ;o)
  12. Artkin


    Very interesting. Thank you for the explanation, although it completely nullifies my previous post. Battalion+ ?!? My Rad Full scenario is based on the 70th Motor Rifle regiment+ defending against the 1st SBCT- attacker Yeah I struggle on some maps. When I start losing frames I drop shadows (Huge boost) and as a last resort model settings/trees. Looking down and minding my own business seems to keep my fps manageable. Also, placing your move orders right away keeps fps up. For some reason when I go to assign one my fps drop significantly until it's placed.
  13. Artkin


    I've found overclocking your cpu gives you tremendous gains in fps. I have an i5 2500k @ 4.6Ghz - 2012 hardware.