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  1. Artkin

    NATO Units????

    Yes I cannot wait to conquer Israel!
  2. Turn deadlines could be set - every three days a turn MUST be issued or so. And of course players could be supplemented for or swapped out given the circumstances.
  3. Alright so if we get enough interest we can all agree on rules. I will let you guys decide how we run this. Should be a quicker game than normal though, since it'll be CMBS
  4. Team versus Team of course! The thing that will rejuvinate CM for me if implemented Besides the real world map location, the maps are super groggy. Perfect for CMBS and the war in Donbass. It's hell
  5. If we can come up with a theme absolutely. We would all be really invested in our platoons, and care for them more so than a company each!
  6. Hey let's get a TvT going on one of the Orsha maps. They're 5.7km x 3km ish. Battalion vs battalion? The maps definitely have interesting challenges not typically found elsewhere. A real tactical nightmare. Even an armored battle would be nuts.
  7. Just jokes. All the Orsha maps are 84.5 sqkm... absolutely bonkers. I was going to pick up the last two remaining CM's (Besides afghanistan of course ) FB and FI solely for the maps to use in my CMBS as well. Soon!
  8. What about ORSHA though man u caNt just dismiss the god of all CM maps
  9. It's probably your computer can't handle it. I've played CM on different desktops and they can definitely crash earlier than each other due to game resource size.
  10. Artkin

    NATO Units????

    God bless AT&T encryption!
  11. Artkin

    NATO Units????

    Yeah I vote Poland as well. Large GDP, they seem to be the real power over there.
  12. That and check to see if your map has a setup in AI plans. It will be the setup turn, and there should be yellow grids on the map for this turn. Just erase them and you should be good to go. Turn 2 and on don't affect spawn. Check for this if your problem persists
  13. And of course BF should be reminded (Doubt I have to)... never sacrifice our game for visuals! We just dont care! I bought Age of Empires II yesterday. I play another game at 768p. It just looks better than 1080. lol