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  1. Sorry. Can't tell when someone's pouncing or not. But the scenario was never really intended to be posted. I can never match the quality of people on here. This is just a little couple of skirmishes to arouse interest in these types of maps.
  2. Yeah I don't disagree but it looks like you beat me to it... what do you want me to do @sburke? You want me to credit him after you mentioned it? I couldn't edit my message (Or anything else) and also why should I credit him after you already pointed it out? I don't need to be taught a lesson. Next time I will credit them. Chill out I don't need to be pounced on once I say I hope it's okay I post this. That's the last I'll discuss such a ridiculous matter.. smh That's gotta be why. I have 2011 hardware and I can get away with it once. I can definitely scale things down if people want to play (And can't) but I wanted to give the player absolute freedom of maneuver before not. Even at 5x5km the map feels like a knife fight at times with the massive lines of sight. I try to limit the visibility with weather so it really won't kill everything to scale down.
  3. I gave Tom a pack of maps, not just one. I think that's where the confusion lies. I said surely not all the maps are Pete's. With that said I read his message when I downloaded the map. The map still works anyway. I just cant make it larger..only smaller.. I believe.
  4. @Sgt.Squarehead, if you can get the map to load in a 4 x 5km or even at 4 x 4km we can edit the map to better fit the missions.
  5. Artkin

    The state of CMSF2

    Chris? Is that some sort of weird name for Steve's crystal ball?
  6. Dang. Rad will crash on me if I try to load it twice in the same executable. Thats it. It definitely comes down to GPU power. I couldnt run the map on Intel HD3000 but my gtx 480 works fine.
  7. Artkin

    The state of CMSF2

    I was kind of hoping for more than two projects
  8. Idk how at this point. Surely not all the maps are Petes. I think everyone understands they arent mine since theyre converted. But sounds great @HerrTom. I know at least one guy thatd want to play this. I was hoping for a TvT anyway.
  9. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this
  10. I can post it for you. I'm having trouble with the mutilator also. Here it is: https://ufile.io/tai66 Hopefully this time it worked. It's called Rad Full 2. I just threw my converted maps into that. Hopefully there is no issue with us doing this..
  11. Should be http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-red-thunder/cm-red-thunder-add-ons/razymin-master-map-care/
  12. Agreed. This is how I make my personal campaigns.
  13. @HerrTom https://ufile.io/ld2d6 1st mission (recon) https://ufile.io/pjqls 2nd (hasn't been touched up yet) Here are the links. Let me know what happens from here.