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  1. Aspyr.. Pretty sure they helped produce the original Men of War
  2. Poland does seem to be the economic powerhouse of the East. Never really considered it when I was younger.
  3. No surprise here. Where was that insisted? Troublemaking? The game is noticably unhappy on larger maps or batt v batt. The larger maps are great for the modern titles as theyre essentially knife fights. Radzy is a great example of having room to manuever.
  4. enough about processes not utilizing all that 64 bit can offer! I want my divisions that I laid out in editor on the damn map at more than a tenth frame per second!
  5. None of us were born in WW2 era. To play off all these countries not committing war crimes is a joke. Doolittle raids? Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Please. I hope that's sarcasm.
  6. Its totally BF's right to deny discussion of politics/this content on here. It's a little disappointing though considering there are many bright individuals on here. I'm entirely content with transparent, uncensored discussion. However this is a forum for a game. It's pretty off topic. Then again I'm not making another account on some random dumb forum just to discuss these things. More than likely their opinions will already be biased one way or another. Mixed feelings.
  7. Why not just intake the information and draw your own conclusions? Or shall the book be burned?
  8. lol agreed, nothing can top Arma 2 ACE mod
  9. Saw this one. This has always been a dream rifle for me ever since the first day I saw it. Too bad it's next to impossible finding one for sale. The L115 super magnum is a real gem too. I'd give an organ for either!
  10. Yeah I agree, it probably should be at the very top. It's clearly a neglected forum. I think a lot of others fail to realize it's there as well.
  11. You can calm down now. I never scrolled past the Cm2 section. No need to look at TacOps and Cm1.
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