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  1. It won't happen.. theyre using canards on their planes ahahahah theyre clueless
  2. Black Sea is obviously the best title with the most promise... Give us our modules!!!!!!!!!!!!! But as a tip, try to keep distance and cover from less tech opponents.. you will b fine
  4. You'll get fps increases and be able to handle larger maps with more action etc etc after a processor upgrade. Probably to an extent limited by the games code as others have said. I was easily able to play 5k x 5k maps with normal fps (especially on balanced mode - a new fav of mine). I used to play fine on a i5 2500k. Now I have a i5 9600k. I think I felt a marginal increase in firefight fps after. I tested it. Cant remember though
  5. Black sea is fun. Waiting for that module though. It will be better than Shock Force 2 by then...
  6. idk the map historically. there is a complex on the top of one of the peaks. I imagine this is the monastery
  7. I was very happy with the monte cassino master map. seems like the fine details were skipped (not 100% on this) but the map is gigantic. And it is impressive. AND theres no handicap like the Normandy Linnett map. I was playing Monte Cassino in CMBS. Map alone worth the purchase for me personally. I would really really enjoy that handicap removed for Linnett. Especially since its like a decade old. Dont let the map's potential diminish.
  8. lolololol At this point, it's pretty funny
  9. I hadnt even read back. I don't browse as heavily anymore. Thats definitely a nice bone. My point stands. Bear in mind nobody ever asked for this so it shouldnt be held over anyones head. It's a very nice commodity however. Thanks Elvis. I'll pick it up soon.
  10. Exactly my issue. I own all the games but this is clearly unacceptable given this is happening with every title nowdays. I dont even bother going past saying this anymore. It's just a total dick move. Communicate with us. It feels like ****ing something up and then being so full of pride you can't apologize or attempt to fix it.
  11. 1 year later.... lmao.... wtf bfc make love to govt contact b4 us.. smh catch the fishs while they are still splashing....
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