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  1. If Steve let himself get upvoted he would be winner every day he posts.
  2. You start with 1.74MB. You must have posted something previously.
  3. Artkin

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    I often find myself reaching for CMSF, but am dissuaded by how consistently choppy the camera movement is. It makes me sad. The game is unplayable.
  4. Artkin

    Combat Mission future

    CMx3! Now featuring maps in excess of 525 km^2 !!!! I wonder what the pros/cons of moving to an engine like Unreal would be. I just want butter smooth gameplay, gigantic maps, and lots of units. Multiplayer is the cherry on top that requires attention first though. Imagine how it could be implemented with various levels of command on massive maps. @Battlefront.com this is something that should be deeply considered. If we can agree on this in CMx3 consider me your new advertisement guy. I dont care for graphics. Playability reigns king.
  5. Artkin

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    All that a PR video needs to show is a general overview of: The units The maps Some gameplay And the fact the game is a sandbox. We all know what we're buying in the end. Show off the flaws of CM. Who cares. The game isn't really meant for the younger crowd anyway. Adults really dont give a f*ck about minute details. As someone said, look at the success Minecraft. This video looks more like a bone for us and less of an advertisement. If they were advertising it, they should have added different factions into the scenario and a much much tastier map (Some CMSF maps are pretty dull).
  6. Artkin

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Cpt Miller has won two days in a row! Pfffffffft
  7. Hey I think this was the game I was talking about. Looking good.
  8. did someone mention FULDA GAP!!!!?!?
  9. Houck.. it's Foley. You were friends with Chris McWilliams. Mad funny. Saw the acct nake and recognized you

  10. You guys are a little too emotionally attached to this game.. chill.. I have money saved too...
  11. I smoke too much stupid stuff... you know.. crack.
  12. People were saying CM should be on Steam. I disagree. Theyre dirty dirty people.
  13. Of course not. I don't like straightforward answers on the internet. It's really a game of thought and references.