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  1. I wish they could just move on to cm3 now, but it’s prolly not economically viable.. Maybe Emrys could find an angel investor at his country club.
  2. Wait, but is CM3 more than just speculation at this point?
  3. Further OT, but is it odd that almost 20 years later CM doesn’t really have any direct competition?
  4. Also, to get to the Site Map had to go to My Cart first...Maybe should be on the hamburger button.? My pc is dead so I’m only mobile.
  5. Anyone else having trouble viewing Screenshot Gallery Two for Gustav Line?
  6. Prosecuter General in Ukraine/Russia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalia_Poklonskaya#
  7. Doesn't make sense that someone can be here one day and gone the next. All that experience, knowledge, wisdom, potential...lost. Of course, Stuka, didn't have most of those, but still..Sucks. F•ck it dude, let's go bowling.
  8. If your philosophy is Quality over Quantity, that's fine, no problem. But, why not just say that, instead of saying, you don't really need all those scenarios because they are just variations on X, Y and Z or multitudes of well made scenarios are your father's Oldsmobile compared to the fancy new QB generator. I get it, not questioning or criticizing your business model or cm2 in general, just the editor and lack of content available. I'm not sure why you went off on that tangent, to be honest, but hey if you need to vent, fine by me. You mentioned Balance. All I can do is keep tossing my 2¢ pieces onto the scale. The fact that I'm still here after all this time is some proof that I care and root for yalls.
  9. Exactly! And if someone pours you a cup of coffee that's not black - do not drink it.
  10. Do people still use saccharine, for their coffee, I mean?
  11. Steve, Just curious, if CM2 had the same amount of user made content that CM1 had in its heyday, with all the accompanying buzz and interest on this forum and other fan made websites, like the scenario depot and others, that were producing high quality battles, maps...etc, would that increase sales to any significant degree?
  12. Design intent and results are two different things. The proof is in the pudding. [That expression kind of annoys me, to be honest]. :-) Where are all the 'Barkman's Corners' ? Quantifying the amount of effort over cm1, only shows that the new engine was more complex, as you said, and not necessarily that the editor was high priority. I guessing you ended up spending much more time on the editor than you wanted to. Imho
  13. Go easy, bro...it's all good. :-) I was just being literal, not having used the word Easy in reference to making scenarios for cmx1. My mistake, I meant User Friendly Style in reference to a scenario editor that seemed to have been purposely designed with the end consumer in mind and not just Beta freakers.
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