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  1. Tanks are a lot better fire support than javelins, much less vulnerable to suppression, and are more mobile. We could also play a quick battle or two with javelins instead of tanks and see how it plays out!
  2. Bruh there aren't even TURMS-T in the match. Plus we are talking about the glorious SLA Opfor not "Syrians" 😉
  3. I also think the length and detail in the posts is quite good.
  4. The only house rules I play with are no artillery or air strikes on spawn zones first couple turns.
  5. I've heard that units get a cover bonus/saving throw with fortifications and cover. Seems more likely to me than Battlefront putting more resources into a bullet physics engine.
  6. I was just concentrating my firepower of that particular company.
  7. Opfor commander here! Yeah I did a poor job of concentrating my firepower and I allowed my forces to be destroyed piecemeal.
  8. If your opponent didn't already know this you should be fine regardless
  9. I didn't want to repost one of my old videos.
  10. Stats are regular, normal, zero for veterancy, morale, and leadership respectively. Helicopters do make use of what they have more effectively from what I've seen but it's weird that a Su-25 costs almost the same as a Mi-24D.
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