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  1. nope but for CMBS I would do it totally camouflaged.
  2. It seems that CMSF2 will be a huge thing for all of us. The game we all waiting for. As a CM series fan and as a guy who likes to make mods sometimes I'm looking forward to play and mod this game. All my mods related to CMSF will be presented in this topic. I never played that very first CMSF game so for me it will be a new thing. Yet, I'm quite sure that this game will be wonderful.
  3. Mods being used: 1 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8143 2 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8239
  4. Oleksandr

    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2

    FN MAG (C6) For Canadian Forces By Oleksandr This mod will provide you with retextured version of C6 MG. Not all of the weapons used by Canadian forces within this game will be recamouflaged with painted versions. This MG is a veteran and this mod was created to give it a sharper look. Few elements (barrel and stock) were replaced with a higher quality textures for youe enjoyment. Link to download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8239
  5. Mods being used: 1 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8228 2 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8143
  6. Oleksandr

    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2

    CMSF2: McMillan TAC-50 For Canadian Forces By Oleksandr This mod will provide you with reworked version of TAC-50 It was upgraded with camouflaged textures. Its scope now is a camouflaged version of Night Force atacr. +the emblem of McMillan Brothers Rifle Co. was added as well. Main finish for this rifle is Multicam, certain details got sand finish. Lense was added on both sides of the scope. Enjoy! Link to download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=8228
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    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2

    New stuff coming out soon 😏
  8. Oleksandr

    Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2

    Hm... It is very nice pattern (im a fan of a pixel and it seems like a smooth variant of those). This is what I'm going to think about - Im goin to look for desert variant of those. If there will be none I might develop one (obviously with pattern structure saved) and then I might make it my next project. I really like it to be honest. One thing I dont understand is that why in this game there are no drones avaliable for NATO forces?
  9. What I've herd it could deliver nuke in a form of a bomb. If we are talking about reworking launching mechanism for adopting it to missiles - that is not a big of a challange for modern production. Moreover avionic can be also replaced. What I think (and thats the reason why I asked) is that modernization costs at times less than production of a new product. This was the last British made strategic bomber and I was wondering if it had any potential to get back into service. Its around 130 of them were made right? I bet that having at least 50 of those in your pocket will not hurt. Yea I guess it is already history - even if there was some potential those things are off for good. Somehow I feel sad about it.
  10. Question: why it was its last flight? No more potential for modernization? It's looks like hell of a machine right there.
  11. Gentlemen I've decided to invest some of my time to work on some modifications to this wonderful game. I've decided to modd all blue nations what are represented in this game. Furthermore, I'm planing to mod on weapons, armor, maps and scenarios. My very first mod is a modification of Ukrainian standard uniform, gear and skins. I was inspired by one rare( so far ) camo pattern created in Ukraine few years ago - Varan pattern. So far its was used by VDV forces, Marines, and ukrainian soldiers of Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade what has its HQ in Lublin/Poland. So this camo pattern is interesting because it was made specifically for Ukrainian terrain. Afterwords I was thinking about uniform itself. I was insipired by Ukrainian made uniform called "Mabuta Mk 2" from P1G-tac. Obviously it is not complete copy of it but I took my insparation from that uniform. Why? Because in 2014 Ukrainian hero (fallen hero unfortunatly) - colonel of Ukrainian special forces (reconnaissance) Vyacheslav Galva was wearing that uniform. Moreover, years earlier he was helping to develop and then test that uniform. Now this uniform is being used by Ukrainian Special Operaions forces, Marines, and some VDV units. Overall it is a great uniform made for long term combat action and produced in variety of camos including Varan camo pattern. For this specific mod I reworked (and added 6 more) all those standard face skins, all the gear was retextured, I reworked backpacks and radios. By the way I took my radio insparation from Harris Radio Stations what were sent to Ukraine by the government of the United States in the very begining of the conflict as military support. Those stations are still in service and 3 years since war took place Ukraine is already producing its own stations. In further mods I will make more touches on details like this in order to give you some background related to my choice. Furthermore I've reworked helmets and footwear. If you will take a close look on those boots within the game you will see that it is not an import of american boots, but reworked and retextured model with uniqe and perfectly new features. I've also added some gloves, and other little touches to this uniform. While making this mod it was hoped that players will use this new "standard" camo for special forces and well experienced squads in their quick battles. Why? Because I'm planing to rework Digital uniform. Im planing to make Digital uniform as mass uniform and this one as a special forces/high experienced units uniform. General look on this uniform: Reworked radio bagpack: MG team in position: Link to Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ihrc0segympbd8f/AADdFCTHhpV4DZzVUp_8sLo1a?dl=0
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    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    Thats correct! Героям Слава!
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    CMA Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    This game is underdeveloped and abandoned. You cant even pick formations prior to your missions. Yet, this could've been one of the best historical games. If this game would be upgraded just a little bit as SF2 was - it would beat it. The problem is that you cant even move the "moving" orders so the Faces thing is not the biggest issue. This is a wonderful theatre and historical moment to play with and it is totally abandoned. Nothing happens. Now modding this game is painful. CMSF2 is hard to mod - its far from CMBS (which is the most comfortable to mod) but CMA is literally painful. Well I mean developers said that they are done with it so our troubles with it will remain ours only. I would mod each and every detail of this game including buildings but because it is not optimized - working on it is very hard. Especially when it comes to infantry. Also time limits of 35 to 45 minutes are not allowing you to play it slow. No modules and no battle packs were added. No water was added. No patches were made. Nothing. Its just the product was abandoned. Hm I dont know what to say. I wish they would make some upgrades for this game but apperantly - people have no interest in it. I dont know. This could be THE game - the best of all (besides CMBS which is the best in my opinion).
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    Oleksandr's Modding Space

    Шановні побратими, є до вас питання - чи були б ви зацікавлені у моді Українського інтерфейсу до цієї гри? Питаю Українською бо хочу розуміти скільки тут Україномовних командувачів. Дякую за увагу. Слава Україні!