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  1. Due to my spelling errors (English is not my first language) I need to make one thing clear - when I said that both of my grand-grand fathers were fighting nazies I meant that they both were fighting against nazies. I know that sometimes a missing word can make an entire phrase sound strange. Thats why Im clearifying this. I know that most of you probably understood what I was trying to say but I've decided to clearify that just in case I will be misunderstood.
  2. CMFI: Armed Forces of Polant V1.0 is ready for downloads: This is my first CMFI mod. In this mod I worked on uniforms, patches, insignias, medals, coronations, worn look, and helmets. This mod does not include winter uniforms as they would be placed into separate modification. This mod will be updated within time. Key features: Uniforms are updated and edited. Decorations added to Jr and Sr officers. It was a big deal for me and it was important for me to make those decorations represented within the game as they are important parts of Polish history. So company level commanders are decorated with the Order of the Cross of Grunwald: The Order of the Cross of Grunwald was conferred to Polish or the allied military for valour or merit in combat with Nazi Germany. From the other hand - the Battalion level commanders are decorated with Order of Polonia Restituta. It is conferred on both military and civilians as well as on foreigners for outstanding achievements in the fields of education, science, sport, culture, art, economics, national defense, social work, civil service, or for furthering good relations between countries. Other patches and insignias were added as well. Work on those patches was a bit confusing for me as I'm not that good in terms history related to Allied forces. Mostly my knowledge about World War Two comes from Eastern Front events as both of my grand-grandfathers were fighting nazies. But two people @Frenchy56 and @Falaise helped me with that insignia problem. By following their advices I've changed my uniform configuration few times. I will be editing this mod in a future to achive greater results but for now it is what it is and I'm pretty happy about it. In this mod regular soldiers are wearing way dirtier uniform than their officers. Jr Officers are wearing pretty decent amount of dust and dirt on them while Sr Officers are wearing nearly new uniforms. Different types of Polish style helmets are added as well. Overall it is first modification of mine within CMFI setting and I'm pretty excited about it. I hope that some of you will enjoy it! Link to download: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-fortress-italy/cmfi-infantry/cmfi-armed-forces-of-poland-v1-0-by-oleksandr/
  3. Aha! I got it... I also thought about this stuff - I've seen it many times and I was like - ok ok lets see lol. But you didnt do anything wrong - thank you for your advices - without them I would do way worse. So I will add that shield today and then I will post the mod. Thank you my friend!
  4. Work on Polish Forces N3. Uniforms of all soldiers wearing warm weather clothing (there will be another mod for cold weather) were upgraded with many details: buttons, insignias, patches, shadows, officers recived specific decorations and medals (only officers will be wearing medals in this mod). Lee Enfield rifles were retextured into darker brown wood textures. Moreover, additional HD textured were added to this rifle. There are also scratches on a rifle so it must look both - new and worn. Furthermore, dust and dirt were placed accordingly. So while playing you will see that regular soldiers are wearing dirtier uniforms than officers. Company level officers will wear dustier uniform while battalion command units will be wearing nearly clean uniforms. Minor details will be added to both Jr and Sr officer models. Basically it is nearly ready to be published. I will work few more days and then I will post it. Afterwords I will upgrade this mod according to new info what I will be learning and from your reflections on this mod. It is not going to be a minor mod - it is a big project. My next infantry mod in this game will be related to cold weather clothing, and the gear those units wearing. The gear will bo modified separatly because it is being used by several nations within this game.
  5. Thank you my friend. I will post this mod soon and then I will be updating it every 3 months or so.
  6. Work on Polish Forces N2. Badges were reorganized and replaced + Kresowa Division Patch was added: Most of the stuff is now dusty and well worn but certain things will remain pretty bright so that they can be easily recognized: Regular soldiers (not officers) are wearing even dirtier uniforms. Especially pants: Even though my mod simply represents Polish forces of that time - I've decided to follow an advice and add the patch of Kersowa Divsion. Minor details like buttons and corners were added as well. At this moment, I'm figuring out few things about Jr and Sr officers. They will be decorated with some specific medals and the Lee Enfield rifle might be edited towards more brownish color (yet, I'm still thinking about it).
  7. Question about decorations. While Im reworking patches and badges on these polish soldiers I came out with a question: There are 2 types of medals that I want to be represented within the game - and both of them are only for Jr and Sr officers. My question to you would be: how should I represent them? By putting those medals simply as they are or as a columns? Now I know that those columns are for parade kind of events. But how would an officer wear his medal if he would like to go in combat with it. I know that most of the soldiers would ignore that and would go without. But it is important for me to represent those two medals and I will do it that way or another. Could anyone tell me what would be better - a column (or deck) or the medal itself. By the way if you will have a company level game you will have only few officers on the map with those medals so it will not be massive. But it is important for me. As another update - Im working on patches and those patches will be dirty but... HQ soldiers will be less dirty than regular units and officers higher than company level will be wearing nearly new and just a little dusty uniforms. Now the soldiers will be wearing really worn and dirty uniforms without any medals and with worn patches. This mod takes a little longer to make than I was thinking but Im glad that it goes like this. Thank you for your feedback.
  8. The texture what I've used within this mod was basically the texture from the image - I guess when you upload certain things into the game it changes it a little bit. Yet, it may be also a screenshot thing. Because in the game it looks darker and less greeniesh sort of speak. So sometimes it can look very dark: and sometimes it might be more obviously green: So far I'm happy with the result.
  9. The thing is that there are two Lee Enfields within this game. This first one is already darker than the standard version plus many derails added to it - its stock now has the crown and the marking and the wood iteslf got some marks. Now another Lee Enfield within this game which is used by snipers will be different from this one. I will also work on scopes - I will add scratches and I will replace the lenses with new textures. I will be doing some weapons modding here and there and I have plans for modding Polish Armor.
  10. Wojsko Polskie Mod version 1.0 is almost ready. Polish 2nd Corps patches instead of dragoon patch. Depending on a rank the uniform will be more or less dirty (due to overall activity on a battlefield). "poland" patches were fixed - certain decorations were added to officers of diffrent rank. Overall version 1.0 will be a testing version more or less because this mod will be updated within time and will not be left behind. Lee enfield no1 mk3 mod is also ready. Now need to talk to @Bootie so that I can ppublish these mods.
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