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  1. Sorry, my bad english, I know! No, the error came up when I clicked the CM Black Sea. exe. After 5 seconds a pop up came that WIn can not start the program. No issues with copy protection, activation or with the performance. The game just did not start. I did not updated any drivers, just WIN 10. And in the evening the game started without any problems. I have no idea why.
  2. Strange! No the game is running like Hell! And I have no Idea why! Well, ist not a bug, its a feature! Thanks for your help, guys!
  3. No the Game was running fine under Win 10 already but yesterday I updated my Win10 version to new one realesed yesterday evening. No the Game wont start anymore. Strange.
  4. Hello from Germany! Yesterday I made a big mistake: Updated WIN 10! My game is not running anymore. Has anyone the same experience? I just made the update, nothing else changed. Clicking on the EXE and the game crashed.
  5. IanL, you are right! After the update I started the fist scenario. Its Infantry only! My mistake! Sorry! Thanks for your fast answer.
  6. Hello! I have a GForce GTX 750 TI Card, WIN 10 64Bit and 8GB of DDR3 Ram. After the last Update of my GForce Card I can not move the Waypoint marker freely over the map. I mean I can move the maker not so exactly like the last time I played the game. Before I could place the maker right over a tree or bush. But now Iam not able to do it anymore, just placing the maker in the middle of a hex. Strange! High Priority process is OFF and iam using the NVidea GForce Setting found here. Strange! I made the update for the Card two days before and now I have the funny Problem. Any help from your side? Thanks for your help!
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