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  1. So, 12mm penetration on RHA with a brinell hardness of 300 for M995 5,56AP round at 100m. And 20mm penetration on RHA with a brinell hardness of 300 for M993 7,62AP round at 100m And a new link for the 5.56 M995 http://www.amkat.se/index.php?Env=Ammo&Menu_A=30&Menu_B=10&Menu_C=50&Menu_Value_A=5,56x45&Menu_Value_B=AP&Menu_Name=AP
  2. Nope, its not. It is RHA 300HB. It´s the same Swedish manufacturer for both the M993, and the M995. "I can help with a little history. The Swedish rounds that were adopted by the U.S. military as M993 & M995 were developed by Forenede FabriksVerken (FFV in Karlsborg, Sweden)) in the late 80s. The earliest headstamps are "070" until '90 then "FFV" in '91. FFV merged with Carl Gustav/Bofors in '91-'92 who started headstamping the 5.56mm & 7.62mm AP cartridges "CG". Raufoss of MK 211 MOD 0 .50 Cal HEIAP fame also merged into the CG/ Bofors group in 1993. Then Carl Gustav/Bofors and several other Nordic munitions manufacturer's all merged into NAMMO in '98. NAMMO kept the "CG" headstamp. The U.S. type classified 7.62MM M993 AP cartridge 02/16/96 and 5.56mm M995 AP cartridge 03/29/96. What you have is M995 manufactured by NAMMO in 2006."
  3. Or in some cases, up to 20mm. Type classified as M993 in the US army. http://www.amkat.se/index.php?Env=Ammo&Menu_A=30&Menu_B=70&Menu_C=50&Menu_Value_A=7,62x51&Menu_Value_B=Armour piercing&Menu_Name=AP Other rounds, may exeed that to. Even the 5.56 round penetrates 12mm RHA 300HB at 100m. And is type classified by US army as M995. http://www.amkat.se/index.php?Env=Ammo&Menu_A=30&Menu_B=10&Menu_C=50&Menu_Value_A=5,56x45&Menu_Value_B=AP&Menu_Name=AP
  4. This was a comment made by a danish guy at Stealbeast Forum, about the 35mm KETF ABM round. When the Danes bought the CV9035. "the keft round is very leathal. we had a coorperation with the dutch army on testing the ABM rounds, so the dutch army had a wrecked leopard 2 that we tested the munition on, and it dented/damaged the barrel enough to make it less usable or able to disable the main gun. along with all the vision blocks, GPS, commanders sights, but as a test against small vehicles or infantry and buildings. its just as leathal. and know taliban didnt like that abm round at least.." I have no doubt, what he says. After Reading other posts from him. I´m for shure, thats he´s an army guy. And if tungsten splinters from a 35mm, can wipe out all externals on a Leopard 2. I asume, it is an old one like A4. What would 155mm AB do? Or direkt hits? Or Close to direct hits? Too bad, he didn´t mentioned the number of rounds needed though.
  5. Off topic: Just saw, that the stabilizer on the main gun, on the tank to the right is not on. Must be the drillinstucturs tank. Since its not fiering either. Just came to my mind 😃
  6. Very nice, thanks I Think ingame is the 650rpm. 900 sounds more like the Ksp 94. But i dont know att what speed the Germans, and Dutch run their MG 3´s at though. edit: I see that Wikipedia say 1000-1300rpm, on the MG3. If thats the case, the Ksp 94 in the vid. Is for shure at the lowest 1000rpm. All these differente sources 😁
  7. In SF 2, the MG 3 has very low rate of fire, sound wise. The MG 3, is in some german squads, and coax, in all Leo 2 tanks IRL MG 42: 900-1500 rpm MG 3: 800-1300 rpm Wouldn´t mg 42 sounds, from the ww2 titles fit better?
  8. Yes Syrian mech airborne, and bmp 3. Is totally gone in QB, after 2,01.
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