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  1. I mostly play at huge maps. With regimental size forces, or more. And max Graphics settings. Maybe that´s why I dont see much of a differance? Exept for much faster loading times! At small to medium sized scenarios, I probably would.
  2. Hey Erwin Did you see, that DCS: MiG 15Bis is for free on steam right now. With DCS: UH-1H Huey coming up. https://steamdb.info/upcoming/free/
  3. I did really not see much differance, on fps. Going from a 10 years old i7, with a gtx 970. To a i9 9900k with a 2060 Super. Ssd improves loading time Though.
  4. Thanks again! And wich soundmods are best? Both for WW2, and the modern titles? And can you combine, two soundmods? And is there any other mod, thats good? Many questions now 😄
  5. If I uninstall, and install again on the same computer. Do I need to unlicence the game? Before uninstalling? I have all CM games installed, on my daughters computer also. But that one, is only 12 feet away. From my Office, to her room.
  6. Sound mods for CMBS, CMSF 2, and CMRT? And how do I install?
  7. Hi I have played CM since CMBB. But never ever used mods. The last 2 years+, only becouse I was to change to a new computer at any day now. That unfortunately did not happen until october 2019. So I have a brand new (almost) Computer, with every CM game, except CMBN installed. With all modules. I want to know! where to put the mod files? And which mods to go for? Especially for CMBS, and CMSF 2! But CMRT is going quite hot at home too!
  8. Hey, give the guy a break! It´s apparent to everybody, that he doesn't know the drill. From his Point of view!! I can understand. That he thought you were joking, about raping mothers. But he certainly knows now though 😄
  9. Sure, we have netflix. But unfortunatly its not on netflix, in our Country!
  10. it was 2:42 minutes! Was that all?? Or something wrong? To call something a documentary, and its 2:42 long. Might work, but strange 😁 Ahh it says official trailer (2015). Where can I see it?
  11. T-72 only have 1 periscope for the driver. This one have the tripple one's, of the T-80. The position of the smokelaunchers, makes me think its a T-80U.
  12. Maybe a litle noicy/loud under load, with a small single fan liquid cooloing solution. But if you dont care, of the sound from the speeding fan. I think you will be happy soon.
  13. Haha good one 😁 But as SlowLarry mentions above. Its the cooling for the cpu I mean. A 9900k produces alot of heat. And you cant put a cheap, 15$ no name air cooler on it. It wont work. Or more correctly. It will probbably work. But it will be thermal throttling, and the cpu will only be at its 3,6Ghz baseclock, all the time. With a good cooling solution, and unlocked Powerbudget on the mobo. It will be att max boost all the time needed. 5Ghz for < 2 cores, 4,8Ghz <4 cores 4,7Ghz all core boost. And more quiet.
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