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  1. "and I think you, as an armor gunner, will appreciate the subtleties in armor protection" I know. This is a quote, of a quote. But anyway! To to be clear. I Was doing my military service as a gunner, of an IFV ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pansarbandvagn_302 ) When I stayed in the rapidly decreasing size of the army in the first half of the 90´s. As a NCO later on I was the commander, In the PBV 302. And Strv 104 ( Modified centurion with (in the case of war) Swedish made ERA. Developed with the first US made "Blazer ERA" in mind. So only effective against HEAT munitions. After education to 2nd lieutenant. I came right in to the beginning of the trials for new Swedish tank. Which ended up with the Leopard 2S "Strv 122". And the last years in service, as a second lieutenant, I was a commander of a platoon of Strv 121 (Leo 2A4) Which Sweden bought 160 of, in the deal whith Germany, together with the 120 Strv 122 (Enhanced Leo 2S A5) All tanks in the very comprehensive testing, were equipped with Heavy Swedish "Åkers krutbruk" made addon armour. So all tests was made with that armour applied to the modules, being fired uppon. But since the Army Went down from 850.000 in the late ´80s. To 400.000 in the second half of the 90´s. To todays army of just 40.000 total.. So today, and for a long time. I am not in service. (Edit: All numbers are the total Armed forces. Not just the army, sorry for that)
  2. Thanks Bil Very good Reading. Yes i know there is very advanced shot vs armour calculation in CM games. Thats why I was frustrated. when the defences of the tanks in SF2 looked like they did. But sburke, and IanL gave me a satisfying explanation
  3. Will do "Sir" And thankyou for the lesson 😀 (IanL to)
  4. After this dicussion. I´m sattisfied and belive what you say is the case. A minor glitch in the UI
  5. If thats so? Why is the differance between the Challenger, and the enhanced Challenger differ. In the side protection in game? Thats not near the 15400 lb of weight differance, as in the Leo 2. Or as The M1A2 and DU variant? As said Before. I dont wont to fight, just asking?
  6. Where I´m getting that from? From the Game! Click on a tank, or an IFV or whatewer. And in the units menu, click on the shield (defence). Thats where I got it from! 
  7. That was what I wanted to hear!! But I did´nt "open up the editor". I just looked in game. Why is the differance not showed in the game? Just a simple question? I love Battlefront! I love all the games from them. And I have all of them, exept CMBN. ( From Barbarossa to Berlin, that is. Not the first one )
  8. Misundertanding from you! All Versions of the Abrams, has the same protection in the game! Heavy common (HC) Has the same armour as the regular M1A2. The same goes for the Leopard. The A4, has exatly the same protection as the A6. Even though the A6 have wedge shaped Heavy addonarmor. The 15400 lb of extra armour on the A6, is noehere to be found in game. Only the extra wheight. So it moves slower cross country!
  9. All US M1 versions have the same protection in game. Leo 2A4, and A6 also have the same protection level in game! That should not be the case! Or is the "old" defence levels from SF1 still there? "Top secret" in the real World, I know. But it feels a bit strange, that a thick DU/MEXAS/AMAP addon armour, does not count at all??
  10. You are right. It changed in the activated unit window. And in game to. Thanks for the input Waffelmann. Then I belive its a minor UI bug only. Thank god for that.
  11. In QB for the Syrian army, when i pick a tank Company. I cant change to the tanks i want. Regular, reserve, or republikan Guard, its all the same. Works fine for Nato tanks. Tried with the Syrians as both the defender, and attacker, Ai, and human player. Only works for Nato side. Tried with various maps to. Is it a bug in the game? Or me having a buggy install?
  12. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/combat-mission-shockforce-2-changes/
  13. In 2006. The U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group was formed. In 2017, the Group released the "Russian new generation warfare handbook" Based on recent Russian combat involvments. Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria. Very good reading. To understand the Russian army of today. Their abilities, and their inabilities. Link to the unclassified version of the "Russian new generation warfare handbook" : https://info.publicintelligence.net/AWG-RussianNewWarfareHandbook.pdf