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  1. SchnelleMeyer

    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    Looking really nice! Thanks for the update.
  2. SchnelleMeyer

    DRA skins finished

    Portrait mod is also done: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/CMA-portrait-mod.zip
  3. SchnelleMeyer

    DRA skins finished

    Well the textures are the same size at 256x256 pixels, but they are mapped to the soldier mesh differently, thats why they wont switch. You might be able to see the difference in the pic below.Its a bit more fiddling to mod the DRA-texture to the left because its mirrored and warped.
  4. SchnelleMeyer

    DRA skins finished

    So I finally finished the DRA skin mod after seeing that a new request was posted today. They are not perfect, but they are a lot better than the originals. The mapping on these skins is not the best and that makes modding them to a good result more challenging. You should be able to download it from here: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?wpfb_filepage=dra-skins_2-zip
  5. What a great writeup Combatintman. I could not stop reading once started and you communicate the essence of each question in a great way. What and wow you use the your planning products during the execution phase is also a great learning point for me. Thank you!
  6. This pdf can provide some great ideas for modern day scenarios. https://history.army.mil/html/books/iraq/TotS/Tip_Spear.pdf
  7. SchnelleMeyer

    Combat Mission: Modding tools

    Thanks for the update to your amazing tools sbobovyc.
  8. SchnelleMeyer

    DRA Head textures

    Still work in progress Erwin, will upload when I all the DRA-faces are done.
  9. SchnelleMeyer

    DRA Head textures

    After Zaitzev requested something be done to DRA-heads I have tried my hand at re-texturing them. Texture size increased to 512 x 512.
  10. SchnelleMeyer

    Oleksandr's Modding Space CMA

    Thank you for the best possible answer : Like Erwin says - no use re-inventing the wheel but if you can make already existing mods better - so be it! Her is a link to older uniform mods: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=select&id=36&orderby=2&page=2 I have myself an unfinished portrait mod for CMA lying around: - You starting to mod this game might drive me to finish it.
  11. SchnelleMeyer

    Oleksandr's Modding Space CMA

    Great thing that you have taken an interest in modding CMA Oleksandr! - Looking good and CMA is definately a good target for modding as it has some of the worst textures of the series IMO. Question: Do you plan on doing the 3-colour Soviet camo for some vehicles?
  12. Dont know how old you are Bulletpoint, but this is what everybody did untill the 80s. And it wasnt limited to rivers, the sea, forests and lakes were included. And please dont deviate from the topic.
  13. That is correct, in situations this technique is used, every burst and every shot fired is aimed at a probable enemy location in order to make him cover, fire back or move. If the enemy exposes himself in the process, that is the best case scenario because then more effective fire can be brought to bear on his positions. Edit: Its good to see that Steve has put a great deal of thought into the subject. - After all, I think supression is a crucial element to simulate as realistic as possible in a game like CM.
  14. Yes, that is correct and no one is denying that. - You will not get the desired effect that way of course, so nobody teaches that. And if there is wild spraying that is normally a good indication of the lack of training or experience or leadership level for that individual or unit. There is a term called fire-dicipline that involves a whole range of stuff from rate of fire to target indication and fire commands that is supposed to be adhered to and it is in well trained and led units. This is primarily a leader responsibility. There is however a proper way of firing at an enemy of unknown exact location, but its not wasting ammunition or wild. This is often applied in the initial contact with an enemy and here automatic fire is irreplacable! - If your up against an enemy with belt fed machine guns you can not win fire superiority with just semi-automatics! This is the way it is modelled in Combat Mission as well and I find that quite realistic.
  15. I disagree on this being the point of the article. See my 2. point - Seems more like the guy is selling something to me. - I agree that full-auto fire will not ensure success in suppressing, but it has a hell of a lot better chance of being successfull in a COMBAT situation than using so called "well aimed single shots". The reason being, - And this is documented by every soldier that has ever been in a fire-fight at some range, that the enemy is INVISIBLE and when he is spotted he will be visible for a fraction of a second or at best, a couple of seconds. - This is the reality of infantry combat. And with this lies the main problem with the idea that single shots or magazine fed rifles can win fire superiority. - Its that of observing the enemy. Try finding a combat film from Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq were the enemy is observed on the camera or the grunts reports accurate targeting commands. - You will find very few of that kind. - Snipers have been mentioned by Steve to have an enourmous impact on suppression and I there is no disagreeing to that. - But snipers operate in a different way than the regular grunts. - They are a lot more flexible in their deployment and will lie in wait for the right target to show up and then fire at an officer or other key person to have a disproportional effect on suppression and morale. Here comes the surprise and shock effect to full play as the writer mentions briefly as kind of a site note in the beginning of the article.