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  1. Can anyone PLEASE respond with 1) How to move carriers, and 2) how to use their aircraft. You know, things like "left-click this" of "right click this" or "space bar this"...you know, stuff that will teach me how to use the carriers............
  2. Still having trouble, which is ruining the scenario for me. I can either move carriers, but cannot launch plane attacks after carrier movement and/or I cannot have planes attack without moving the carriers. This makes all the carriers all but useless to me while I get my troops get savaged by the enemies carriers. PLEASE........................somebody give me some help or tell me where to go in the manual so I can get this corrected. PLEASE!
  3. sometimes I can move the carrier, but then cannot attack! Very frustrating......how do I correct?
  4. thanks for your replies.....how do I get a carrier to stay still (not have to move the ship) and send out fighters or bombers? Do the fighters and bombers have the same characteristics as fighters and bombers do on land (do they move the same number of action points, for example)? Are the bombers long range or tactical bombers?
  5. I am totally confused by the carrier and fighter settings and I do not find the manual helpful. Can you explain the settings and what they do? Thanks.
  6. I have read manual, but still cannot figure out how to use carriers. For instance, how do you stay where you are and still send out attack aircraft?
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