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  1. Thanks for taking the time and for your great work. KR
  2. Please if someone knows where to find the infantry mods located at this topic, lemme know, thanks. He did the italians and they look worderfully detailed. Vein's American and German units
  3. LOL, didn't realize it was that. Pretty helpful indeed. Having never played without it, i supposed it was basic interface stuff. I expected something over the soldier's heads... who knows why...that perhaps whould have been too fancy.
  4. Thanks alot for taking the time Badger, already have all you listed installed except CMFI Fallschirmjäger by ezjax CMFI-GL Fallschirmjäger Helmets by JorgeMC US Divisional Patches_Sicily, by mjkerner I'll get these right now. and AD CMFI Terrain Mod, by SeinfeldRules Having already the Aris terrain, doesn't the two overlap ? Or they are just different kind of terrains ? Also , there's a thread in the mod section by Vin, that, other than the outstanding Italian Forced mod, presents americans and germans, but i can't find them anywhere, though people in the thread seems to be already playing with them. I'll be grateful if someone could point me to these also. Seen the masterful job he did with the Italians, i'm really really impatient to have these for the americans. I installed the animated text, (i just put inside the z folder the heavy folder) though i'm struggling to understand what it does exactly and where it appears in game. Could you please explain how does it work ? I have this installed also for FB but i guess it's not working ? Thanks Blazing 88's
  5. Hey, a bit late to the party i guess. Cannot find these in the repository, could please someone lead me there ? Italians are truly fantastic.
  6. OK, i've picked up all the Aris all in one tanks and vehicle mods for FB. I'm doing the training campaign, and in the second mission is snowing, but my tanks are still green as usual (they seem not modified at all), what i'm doing wrong ? I extracted all the mods folders (not the files themselves, everything is still inside the folders) inside both the documents/userdata/mods and inside the created "Z" folder (Battlefront\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg\Data\Z) because these "new" tanks do not show up, but still no dice. Green Tanks. Any advice appreciated.
  7. Ok, just bought the bundle with GL and 3.0 upgrade. Now , if you don't mind, would you like to help me picking up the very best terrain textures, tanks, infantry mods for FI out there ? You'll be of great service. KR
  8. I bought it ! Now if you don't mind, i'll put a "must have mods for FI" topic in the Fi section, so if you kindly help in picking up the very best ones of them, i'll be glad.
  9. I do not have any versions yet. The question is , if i eventualy buy CMFI now, and shell out 55$ , there's a chance i get the lastest version without shelling another 10 bucks out more for the upgrade ? I'm now still with FB and getting my butt kicked already in the second tutorial campaign mission, but eventually considering other purchases i want to understand what i get for the money: since it seems you can get the latest entries already at 3.0 engine, there's no chance i'll get an older one for 65$ because it needs a separate purchase to be upgraded.
  10. Shouldn't be the same for fortress Italy ? I swear , i checked that several times and the "this is engine v 3.0" wasn't there... I must be nut.
  11. Ok, just bought CMFB yesterday, love it, and i was interested in other products. Now the story with Normandy is puzzling: if i buy Normandy base, i am already at version 3.0 like FB , or i still need to upgrade it to 3.0 separately ? Thanks
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