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  1. My apologies, the issue was indeed my end. It turned out to be a wi-fi issue that was the cause of my slow D/L speed not Battlefront or ShareFile. Thank you to Help Desk for their help & support as well as their quick response.
  2. Ok, I have submitted a ticket, I had actually tried this yesterday but it wouldn't let me.
  3. Its's only downloaded 1gig over night at this rate it will take 5 days not 2. The estimated time has not gone down still stuck on 2 days. I'm pretty damn annoyed. Again I ask you can I have an alternate download link. I started this 2 o'clock Fri it's now 7 am Sat and its less than a quarter done that's not right nor fair.
  4. Tried to submit a ticket but the help desk is down....
  5. This is terrible, it's now saying 2 days 12 hours. Yes it's actually going up in time. Any chance of a staff member providing an alt download link, please?
  6. Just bought CMFB and it's saying 2 days 8 hours to download, wow that's way slow. I didn't have any problems with downloading other titles from the old website nor do I have a "bad" net connection/ provider. TBH I'm gobsmacked - 2 days 8 hours.
  7. I thought I was having issues with installing the bundle as well. Turns out I am not its a map error that is present out of the box and remains even when patched. The error is on the map Al Amarah. The two Sagger ATGM teams are not Uncon fighters they are Syrian Reserve. Their unit portraits still show they were meant to be Uncon fighters. Patching the game to 1.32 turns one Sagger team into US Infantry with AK's and no visible sagger while the other remains Syrian Reserve again their unit portrait still show they were meant to be Uncon fighters. The units mentioned are part of Fighter Command and they show up correctly in the editor when placed on a new map which points to a map error rather than a bundle install problem like I originally thought and why I posted this here - sorry about that.
  8. I am having issues with installing the bundle as well. I installed the base game np load Al Amara all is as it should be. Install bundle and load Al Amara and things start getting weird. The two Sagger ATGM teams are not Uncon combatants they are US infantry with AK's and no visible Sagger and what was the second Sagger team is Syrian Reserve also no Sagger. Their icons still show what they were meant to be. Tried extracting to a folder on my desktop as to not draw .brz's from my other CM installs as mentioned above but the issue remains. The first install I patched the game and I thought this was the problem but it seems it's installing the bundle. Is this a known issue with this map or am I doing somthing wrong with the install? I only discovered this because I thought it was a fun map and loaded it up in the editor to see how it was made. Now I am not sure if it's borking up other maps as well and I'm at a total loss as to how to fix this. My first install I patched to 1.32 skipping 1.10 as the Marine module is part of the bundle, the second install was just base game and bundle no patches as I thought it was patching that stuffed things up.
  9. Well I hope they release an expansion pack on the current RL conflict in the Ukraine not only for the timeline but the models. Like Terek wolf company for example with their black furry Cossack hats and Spectre-"Autumn"(?) uniforms. Things like the KLMK jumpsuit with hood up which seems widely used by various NAF militias. Both sides field some pretty interesting paramilitaries and "modified" vehicles more than enough for an expansion. Just a thought not a demand btw. TBH I'd buy any sort of expansion on the RL conflict no matter what it contained. CMBS is a very enjoyable title in the series but I find it leaves me craving some real life battles.
  10. Thanks Combatintman, with the WW2 titles I can see the point of it affecting TO&E's and that's understandable. Not so much with CMBS as its a "what if". I guess for what I need I can just add my own month and year to the situation section of a given scenario, it just seemed messy doing it like that.
  11. Thanks IanL, sound advice concerning the mod tags I appreciate it cheers mate.
  12. In the scenario editor why is the month selection locked to only June, July and August (other months are there but greyed out) while the weather covers freezing and other weather types you would think would be later in the year? I would have liked to use the snow mod for scenarios outside of that very limiting time frame. Am I doing something wrong? Can this be changed and if not why not? It's doing my head in trying to figure this out tbh. Same with the blasted year it's locked to 2017 I wanted to do some stuff outside of that time frame like 2014 and 2015. Yes I realize that's when the official content is set but what harm would it have done to make other months and years available in the editor? Just bought the expansion hoping it may change this or add more months of the year to choose from but nope still June July and August 2017. (High hopes from a map pack I know but I'm getting desperate.) If it can't currently be changed can we please have a mini patch to fix this very limiting and annoying facet of the scenario editor as I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds this restrictive. I'm not expecting new terrain just unlock the months and years slots PLEASE. If these things can be changed already can someone explain how I go about doing this please.
  13. I was wondering if unit mash ups WITH permissions from original authors are allowed, frowned upon or an out right court marshal-able offense? From what I understand the correct protocol is to PM original Authors to ask permission and if granted credit them in any documentation stating what parts of their original work was used. I'm new to this and not 100% sure if I am approaching this in the right manner and I have no wish to offend anybody or be accused of stealing other peoples work. I just want to add something small to a game series I have grown to love and contribute in a tiny way to the awe inspiring array of mods made by the CM community. I am fascinated by the various militias and paramilitaries of both sides of the current war in the Ukraine and was hoping to be able to get some mash ups happening for specific unit skins, starting with 1st Separate Battalion-Tactical Group "Somalia". How likely are mod authors to grant permission to use their work if the above conditions are met or will I get a resounding bugger off you grumpy Aussie twit?
  14. Thanks to you as well John Kettler for a very informative reply. Again thanks everybody. Cheers Grumpy.
  15. Cheers dragonwynn, I actually have already downloaded your campaign pre buying the game as I am fascinated with the Chechen war. Ok I'm sold - purchased now and downloading those separatists. Thank you guys very much.
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