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  1. Hi everyone, I'm playing my old CMx1 games again (because they're still great) and, since I'm running them on Windows 10, have changed the affinity settings to ensure the game doesn't run slowly. This is working fine, but I've also noticed that there is a problem with the importing of units from a saved (completed) QB map when loading the same map to start another quick battle. In some cases, it seems that the option to "import existing units" is not being offered. However, when I start the new QB other features resulting from the first use of that map - such as craters - are visible. Does anyone know if this is a problem connected to the Windows 10 OS, a problem connected to something else, or a problem resulting from my own stupidity and incompetence? Any of these three possibilities strike me as viable given my track record with using CM's assorted versions and engines. Thanks in anticipation of your help!
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