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  1. @BFCElvis this link to the updated campaigns under patches doesn't either. Should it? https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/s3eadf98f66a46769
  2. Howler

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Stop. Being. Rational. Apologies to George Conway...
  3. Javelin ATGM Launcher == launcher (CLU) + missile Javelin ATGM == missile Total Launcher (CLU) + 2 missiles Hopefully this has clarified my post. I was little concerned for little girl @Vergeltungswaffe... 😀
  4. The army will have both the Javelin missile and launcher like this ... You need the Javelin ATGM Launcher (CLU). Once you have a CLU, you acquire reloads by choosing Javelin ATGM (missile only). The image above shows two warheads and one CLU. Acquiring the Javelin ATGM Launcher gives you both a CLU and a missile. While acquiring the Javelin ATGM gives you only a missile. The marines will have Javelin ATGM (missile only). They have dedicated Javelin teams so, an officer grabbing a missile as you mention has nothing (no CLU) to fire it.
  5. For IanL... Different angle. All hurting. Walk in the park now... Explosions provided by @37mm... and Abrams on overwatch.
  6. Howler

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Aris Terrain Texture Compilation and his vehicle mods for the most part. What you might be seeing is my use of ReShade. I use it to provide AA and sharpness. In game both AA and VSync are off. The video (Radeon) driver has AA turned off also. Unless taking a screencap, the 3D Model is set to 'Balanced'. The in game shaders are ON. I lose the hit decals if I turn this off. Otherwise, it too would be OFF. You'll find more info for ReShade from Mord's post below.
  7. Howler

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Thanks. It's CMBN from the scenario "Boi de Baugin".
  8. Howler

    Inaccurate Mission Briefings

    While there are discrepancies in a few standalone scenarios, you guys (designers) did a great job handling the update overall. I treat such inaccuracies as either bad intel or to reinforcements being delayed in some unexpected manner. As a veteran of CMSF, I appreciate the improvement of the AI play over the original and don't get too worked up over the odd SNAFU. I haven't encountered any game breakers yet. Not having played Semper Fi, as I'm still nine engagements (completing) into Task Force Thunder, I do understand the concern the OP may have especially if he's never experienced CMSF (to serve as a sanity check).
  9. I don't have FI but some have reported a noticeable improvement in other titles, particularly on heavily forested maps, by setting Tree Details to Low.
  10. I'm curious about the deployment being twice as fast for the late war (FB) use of the weapon. I don't have FB so I can't comment further on configuration. It almost seems that the times are much faster across the board post BN/FI/CF releases.
  11. Howler

    When HE is gone, so is the WP?

    As mentioned, the artillery, air, and drone tabs are in need of 'modernization'. It's a known issue affecting all CMx2 titles. The largest number is the total number of rounds which may be further broken down by sub-total per special ordnance such as smoke (eg WP) or 'smart bombs' (eg Excalibur) depending on the circumstance. There's only so much that can be crammed into the GUI and BFC is leery of mangling things further by providing a truly variable delay mechanism or otherwise complicating either mission calling or loadout. What we now have works once one becomes accustomed to the sequential checkoff and the various colored circles, triangles, squares, etc. assailing the player...
  12. Howler

    UI mod - Juju etc?

    Vehicles GFX have evolved since CMSF1 so, you may not be happy with the results of importing them. Same for uniforms. Any CMx2 terrain, UI, SFX will work in CMSF2. I'm using icons, parts of the UI panel, sounds, explosions, tracers, etc.. sourced from other mods for CMx2 titles. Most are interchangeable and may be used in any CMx2 title. A lot of folks are using Kieme's terrain and buildings along with Ian's tactical icons from CMSF1 to great satisfaction. You won't damage your game install by trying a mod, not being happy with it, and then removing it. As long as it's no longer in either your global or specific 'Z' folders - the default un-modded GFX provided by the title will return. I'm sure a lot the above you were aware of already but post in case it's of interest to others.