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  1. The pathfinding can be a little gnarly at times. Along with the posts above, I would add - don't force the AI to route around obstructions and instead plot waypoints around any. This may require more 'micro' handling than some would like but, it has lowered my blood pressure during play backs...
  2. Anything larger than a Raven is shot down right quick. Send troops out to spot the AA. Then send the UAV to spot the AT. Then - PROFIT! Easy, peasy.
  3. It would only result in different issues to contend with. Such as, with AMD, needing to have shaders ON to see hit decals and of not having access to the depth buffer which limits the use of ReShade (if that's a concern to you). As @rocketmanstates - tweaking customs settings and/or Nvidia inspector might be the way to go instead.
  4. The main takeaway of @IICptMillerII post, for me, was the importance of effective fire plans in modern titles. He also reminded us that tactics haven't changed that much. You seem to concur?
  5. Howler

    Squad retreat mechanic

    @IanL, Agreed. If it was easy - it would've been corrected by now. Again, the AI generates withdrawal waypoints and paths reasonably well. The problem is WEGO, troops decamping early in WEGO and said decamping occurring in dense urban settings. When it's 20m on down to the ground floor - no problem. It's more noticeable when it's 50m away from any cover down alleys/streets... @Erwin, I'll try to play better.
  6. Howler

    Squad retreat mechanic

    Unfortunately, it's all too common an occurrence to see troops running in the open in close terrain. I think this is a side effect of the more dispersed formation grouping taxing the pathfinding. Sometimes the retreat (slow/fast) displaces them in the same building resulting in either a SLOW or FAST down to the ground floor. This tends to happen when the troops are stationary. Other times this waypoint is placed 30-50m in the open which is where the problem is most acutely felt in urban/close fighting. This tends to happen during movement when the formation is more dispersed. The troops will ignore any intervening cover until they reach this waypoint (rally point?). Perhaps, the AI is keying a (standard) 20m 'withdrawal' point on the lead or trail element/man which appears to result in a 30-50m distance. I say pathfinding because we've all had issues getting teams into breaches and other tight spots. I also don't believe a fix is an easy one. Otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about this a year later... It's particularly frustrating when this occurs early in the WEGO playback. All we can do is hope the minute runs fast so we can save what's left of the element...
  7. You can add me to the list. Just got off the phone with my CC provider.
  8. Apologies for butting in but... Doesn't the planning you speak of (operation?) occur before we setup our troops on the map? Don't we essentially begin engaged? Or, very close to it? I'm struggling to understand what exactly can occur that would fall outside of training.
  9. Howler


    Your Radeon drivers need to be updated. ReShade likes to have OpenGL 4.5 for the more exotic shaders. I'm running version 18.11.22 which is only a couple of incrementals behind the latest.
  10. Howler


    Download this utility to verify your supported OpenGL version http://realtech-vr.com/admin/glview. Looks like it may be a version mismatch of some kind.
  11. Howler


    The cause is the AMD specific shader code from BFC and not your video driver. As a Radeon user myself; I've found ReShade to be worth the hassle to use as it provides a safe means of overwriting/supplementing the aforementioned shaders. Unfortunately, the Radeon settings for Color are Display based and will have wider ramifications outside of CM. Best to avoid as you are happy with your color as it is. You'll also need to keep Shaders ON. Otherwise, you'll lose the hit decals and see white, or off color, dots/holes in their place.
  12. Every year manufacturers are adding more model specific tools to automobile components not to mention locking down the software needed to what was once thought of as routine diagnostics. It's progress I guess...
  13. Please continue to do so @IanL. When I wish to wax nostalgic; I'll install CM1 and quickly realize that in the olden days of command delays it wasn't all that fun nor realistic after all!
  14. Folks are unaccustomed to looking at decade old posts for good quality advice that remains applicable to today. They skip over all of the SOPs, techniques, how-to's thinking it couldn't possibly apply to engine 4.0. And, yes. Some are only realizing now what a 'simulation' means and will move on. This game has always been easier for military vets to grog because it plays the way they were taught. We civvies have the learning curve. Thankfully, you guys continue to be patiently welcoming. I only play a combat vet on TV...
  15. That's by design. We prefer dull over traffic congestion!