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  1. I don't follow, in reality it's always either a 0 or a 1. We have many discussions here where deciding whether it should be a 0 or a 1 is shown to be anything but easy.
  2. @ErwinThe tree(s) you see on the screen aren't a true representation and will differ even more depending on mod used. It's best to assume a tree trunk can/will be obstructive any/everywhere in the action spot.
  3. No, no, and no! I don't want my gunners to randomly hit around center of mass. It's hard enough scoring a KO against a Tiger without throwing this into the mix. The randomness you are advocating for already exists in the game when you are actually playing rather than running tests on a target range which is what you all have been observing. My vehicles blow-up real good as is for all sorts of hits. A main gun getting knocked out is not common for me. Therefore, the very same must also apply to everyone else. No?
  4. In other titles, the universal installer will install the complete game including all un/purchased modules. If at a later time you purchase a module, you then simply provide the activation key and the corresponding 'greyed-out' content pertaining to that module become available without your needing to install anything further. Your list of scenarios should show all Marines and NATO scenarios along with a description indicating what content belongs to which module. You may be looking at a scenario/content that requires the Marines module.
  5. Grab an FO and a few assets (air, artillery, UAV) and head to the firing range. I don't recall off hand the specifics as I usually just reuse an FO once I know his ongoing 'Firing' mission is about to end as his next mission requires him to spot and/or adjust... A FIST/FO will handle a UAV along with another single (air/artillery) mission. Both the mission and UAV can be manage independently.
  6. I believe once the mission enters the 'Firing' phase then the FO can be used to call another mission.
  7. It's mostly AMD's buggy OpenGL implementation. CMx2 series is 10-12 years old and based on OpenGL. It's not going to VULKAN anytime soon. So, we play the cards we are dealt. This is the first NVidia card I have ever owned in 35+ years of PC gaming. I couldn't justify a current generation AMD card given to notoriously bad drivers at launch. And, given that I no longer dual-boot to Windows to play CM; I didn't care about the Linux support. I have other work stations for serious work... You may want to set triple-buffering if that setting is still available in the AMD driver.
  8. CMFI: Beyond the Belice Balanced: 10s / GPU MEM: 1057MB Best: 32s / GPU MEM: 1399MB CMFI: Hot Mustard Balanced: 30s / GPU MEM: 1044MB Best: 44s / GPU MEM: 1379MB When I had an AMD card - I left AA off in game and it further improved response by 20%. AMD does not support OpenGL all that well. My video card isn't all that impressive.
  9. Disk? Download the current install from the Battlefront site. Run *that* installer. Play.
  10. That's rhetorical, right because this has been discussed ad nauseum. You don't need to agree with it but surely you must understand the reasoning...
  11. Force fields are nifty when your side has them - a bug when the other side has them!
  12. You may want to reach out to @Haplessto ask how he incorporated his TOE snapshots that he uses in some of his videos. When I first saw them, I thought that would be handy to visualize organizations - then ran into the issues you and others have encountered.😞
  13. When I *first* start any CM title - I get a black screen for ~30-40s before the main menu shows. From that point everything is fast (load/play). I put this down to a combination of SSD and Win10. BTW, Task Manager will show the exe to be not responding during that time. Only CMFI will log a 1000 error to Events. Interestingly enough... quitting and than starting the *same* CM title will have the main menu reappear instantaneously. FWIW, it takes less than 10s for windows to start once the big red button is flipped (aka powered off). Choosing CMBS, while writing this, shows on first start 25s (of black screen) and exit/restart shows 3s. CMBN tends to be consistently the slowest at closer to 40s. Again, once it's in the cache - all titles are under 5s. I'm not sure if this can be corrected/improved. I'd posted in the support forum and received no takers which I didn't take personally before moving on to actually playing the games. Perhaps @Erwinis struck by the same thing? Maybe waiting a minute on first start will work for him?
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