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  1. Actually, that's exactly the bunker I was referring to in this thread. As Ian responded - another team, or two, covering the back door and within 30 seconds of small arms the defenders will evade. Sometimes a demo will be used but it's not required. A few grenades do the trick.
  2. It happens everywhere. Wait till you notice the 'yo-yo' where units first break forward...only to break back...then break forward... back... KIA! Sometimes a slight deviation occurs and you can almost swear they are attempting to run laps. Thankfully, the overwhelming firepower in the modern titles allow us to ignore it by jumping directly to the KIA stage.
  3. FWIW, I've not been able to play a scenario where I did not see this 'problematic' behaviour manifest. I don't bother posting further on this matter thinking there's enough already for the developer to action. My latest involved an ambush in woods leading to comical displacements from both sides towards respective enemy positions leading to another (IMHO) unwarranted turkey-shoot. Most of my casualties where caused when a lone team decided to decamp to a clear AS towards the ambushee. While the Axis side lost a platoon worth when they first evaded towards my positions and any survivors would then try to run back and away allowing me to continue firing at exposed troops. I do have another (different scenario) save involving a rush toward known firing positions from a stationary team positioned behind hedges (elevation 30) to an open/clear AS containing a single shell hole (elevation 30). Any survivors would then run back and away from enemy contacts. It seems to me that it's the generation of the initial evasion waypoint that is broken. I only say this because any survivors will then, usually, run back and away from known contacts. My stuff involves small arms and any HE a team (or squad) carries (grenades/demo/etc.). Some had reported similar 'problematic' evasions occurring with CMSF2. In the modern titles, it's over quickly and doesn't lead to several minutes worth of troops getting lit up and; therefore, more easily ignored.
  4. The face command can do this without the draw back of preventing the unit from firing on surprise contacts. And it also wouldn't prevent them firing HE at (and/or suppressing) friendlies which tends to be my problem rather than incoming fire from an unknown position outside a TA. I also consider being spotted prematurely to the very worst thing that can happen. I don't need the team LMG to fire off at 500m when everyone can do so at 300m. The former reveals your position and rarely scores a knock-out while the latter will do both. I'm not against free fire. I simply prefer defined overlapping zones of fire. It's the those darn vehicles with their total disregard of dismounts that I blame! I hear you. I play it looser in the WWII titles. In the modern titles - too many things kill you.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone has touched on this regarding TA usage but, along the points already raised, the following two come to mind: When contact is imminent and you want try getting the team an AS or two closer using Hunt to secure better cover. I shorten the TA to encourage this short movement. Otherwise, Quick/Fast is used when the need is more immediate (mandatory) and the position rather than the fire is wanted; Placing a TA upon reaching firing position not only to establish fire zones but to also and force a slight orientation within the AS to encourage better usage of cover. (I think a few have mentioned this.) Also, I'm getting the impression that no one actually adjusts TAs while on the move. I also use them as a trigger to reconsider intentions. A half-circle being acceptable early on when contacts haven't started to appear. Not so good when trying to commit force to gain fire superiority. Things tend to go well at that point when they are instead defined wedges or completely free. Of course, I'm skipping over the required usage of 20-30m circles when assaulting buildings to secure/police the area when we think it's been taken... Yes, TAs are limiters. Considering the lethality of modern weapons; I can't see how one can provide vehicular or heavy weapon teams support when friendly infantry is this soft. Hoping I didn't drift off topic much. I realize you are hashing out rules.
  6. My approach was from the back with the teams never taking fire from the bunker. The biggest challenge was shrinking the TAs to minimize the risk of early fire as they neared. Once in position, the squad (3 teams) started shooting and tossing grenades. I was surprised by how quickly the defenders decided to decamp. The lone survivor surrendered the next turn. It was over in under 30s. I'm not implying that there's anything wrong with the patch. I was just curious as it went exceedingly well for a first encounter with a bunker under 4.01.
  7. MG Out on a Limb (WEGO - Iron) Not sure what to expect, I managed to maneuver a US squad behind the bunker closest to the Allied setup. Figured two teams would area fire as the third team would get closer to use a demo. Was surprised to see the defenders bail only to have all, but one, fall before the demo team had a chance to approach. It was over fast and left me feeling a little over prepared. The bunker shows as being Knocked Out and it only cost some small arms fire and a few grenades. Can I assume this is working as intended? Searching the subject here reveals an evolution from impossible (to eliminate) to now being the equivalent of a 1-storey structure (perhaps too easy for some). This could very well be a case of 'first time lucky' and not at all attributed to changes in 4.01... just asking.
  8. I wasn't able to find detailed information that you reference but, yes - it's been known for a long time. Not the first time I've discovered something 'new' that might not be... Anyhow, the closest my search got was a response from @IanL postulating that this setting governs how many textures past two actually get loaded. I was surprised by the load times in BN as SF2 is always snappy with BS not being far behind on 'Best'. I'd appreciate your sharing of any details that you may have. EDIT: In retrospect, perhaps I was too hasty to disregard threads relating to Nvidia performance tweaks.
  9. I've only noticed the issue, once localized to foxholes and such, become a more generalized one effecting any small arms fire and terrain. Unfortunately, I simply do not know what issue(s) were corrected in CMBN v4.00 and can't share your appreciation on this matter. This was discussed when SF2 was released. It's mitigated there by simply 'opening' close terrain (eg by leveling structures) with the plentiful destructive firepower most formations have. I assume it's WAD and not deemed to be an issue, as to the best of my knowledge, there will be no further work on SF2.
  10. It's a shame there isn't more transparency. Having a read-only sub-forum would help avoid redundant posts/effort elsewhere. Case in point, the SF2 Canadian Sniper load out post recently which was already reported by others when SF2 was released a few months back. But, it is what it is.
  11. While trying to determine the soundness of my installation, I discovered that the 3D Texture Quality setting really impacts creation and load time. Creating or loading a save of MG Facade Troop took 7 minutes with my patched(CMBN 4.01), modded, and reshade install. I hadn't played this scenario in years and thought something was off. Figured something might be corrupted given my experience with the wacky evasion pathing that 4.01 brought. Anyhow, a fresh install (with reshade) but no mods (Z folder) brought the time down to 1:45. Took a little time to isolate the cause to the 3D Texture Quality being set to Best on my 'modded' install while this new 'test' install was at the default Balanced. Changing it to Best brought the time back up to 6:10 which is reasonable as there are no mods to load. TLDR: 3D Texture Quality impacts create/load times by a factor in excess of 3.
  12. Will do, in the meantime you can take a look at CW 18 Platoon, Deville, and Pleasently Shaded Woodlands which have all exhibited this evasion issue.
  13. Scenario: Pleasently Shaded Woodland (WEGO - Iron) Playing the Allies, I noticed, for the first time, the AI defender evading towards my positions and away from the AXIS friendly map edge. Rattled/Nervous defenders are charging through hedgerow gaps exposing themselves to small arms fire and then running back. I'd seen to odd occurrence in other scenarios but never to such an extent. I had to stop play as it was becoming an undeserved turkey-shoot. I understand the evolution in AI Planning and Map Design over the years and this is not meant to pick on a scenario that likely hasn't been updated since release. I'm more focused on the behavior of player controlled units. Thought I'd mention it as an aside. As always, I have saves available. The Allied mortars have not been used for a good 5 minutes ever since the Sunken Lane was taken. The three teams are relocating. I mention this only because there was some discussion that the erratic evade behaviour could be linked to HE...
  14. Having looked at the Deville example more closely, when the HE occurs 50m behind their position - their suppression meter doesn't register it at all. It's not until a few (5-10) seconds later, when under small arms fire, does it start to tick into green (2 lines) before ultimately filling up and causing an evasion later in the turn.
  15. While both my saves involved units that were stationary, the captured image below without mods this time, could be caused by nearby HE falling. There were a couple of impacts 50m to their 5 o'clock (lower right of center). It's the only difference I can find between replays (regenerating the turn) that show them evading from those that show them remaining in place. The LMG team is unordered and already in position to overwatch. I'll I do is load + red button... The other example (I have a save of) shows the team evading forward and away from the designated friendly map edge solely as a result of small arms fire. I'm still running cycles of your (MarkEzra) provided QB; I can say that I have yet to see anything unusual other than a tendency for teams to snake through the two gaps in the center hedgerow splitting the Allied position. I"m also running a variation of your file that has lower (by one) Allied morale grade in order to force more evasions.
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