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  1. Played two battles with the Churchill AVRE, one was a PBEM and the other against the AI. In both battles the AVRE has taken Penetration hits from small arms fire. More recently I had a casualty with no Penetration. Closer examination shows that the tank is not always completely buttoned up when it should be. Strangely the bow machine gunner opens a hatch above his head and is exposed when you look down on the in-game tank model. He is then killed by small arms fire without a Penetrating hit. The tank reverses and the hatch opens again, another crewman man has taken his place. WOD? Yes, it seems to be. According to this video, the hatch needs to be opened up to load the mortar on the turret: https://youtu.be/fwCgEn48Bn8?t=55
  2. I will probably be wrong about this but wouldn't it be a good idea to have a dedicated thread outlining confirmed issues with the new patch? Each patch issue would be outlined with a brief description and its current status. This will give players an idea of whether they want to start or continue playing battles and campaigns. The thread should be blocked from public posts and controlled by Developer(s). Players can pile in on separate threads about other potential issues. At the moment browsing the forums I can see: 1. RT: PBEM games are not compatible and have to be finished in 4.0 2. FI: Fallschirmjager uniforms have issues. 3. BN: Appears to be some odd behaviour of troops fleeing towards the enemy to seek cover.
  3. I use 3440 x 1440 and it works fine. UI is still readable for me.
  4. Ok, I found found the appropriate save, time and fire teams involved. Who wants it?
  5. Thanks for the replies. The chances that there were enemy soldiers behind me is very slim as I had a very thick picket line of troops advancing up a slope through the enemy positions. Every action square covered. There were no kills or surrenders back behind me. I have a save, I just have to find it as it was a H2H game.
  6. In a recent game I noticed some of my infantry shooting backwards at dead bodies. During the turn the target line actually flipped over from the target in front of them to what I presume were some dead team members of the target behind me. It was CMFI. Has anyone else seen this?
  7. - cellars - staircases/stairwells - fortified buildings - buildings with internal extended lines of sight (open factories horizontal and vertical) - camouflage (vehicles, guns, men, fortifications) - improved trenches (strong points where you shoot from and maneuver trenches (where you can move out of line of sight)
  8. Try a U.S. PO Box. I have used Shipito in the past. You can often get free postage to the U.S. PO Box and then pay Shipito for the freight.
  9. Nice reply and thanks for the links. 😉
  10. I would have thought that anyone who has no disabilities and is motivated could pass the basic physical fitness test to get into pretty much most armies in the world even those from 90's probably even earlier. Whats with this 5% of women Cpl Steiner. Are you saying that women are lacking something required to be in the army other than physical fitness?
  11. On a side note, the manual says "Keep in mind that Ground Conditions can change during the course of a battle. E.g. during a Downpour, ground conditions may change from Wet to Muddy during the battle."
  12. Nice terrain analysis. Look forward to seeing how it works out.
  13. Working well for me playing the USMC scenario on my old PC with an Nvidia 1070 graphics card.
  14. Semovente, looks like it might be the clover leaf of the 71st Infantry Division on the front right.
  15. Looks great, its a three battle H2H campaign.
  16. It is a shame. I gather the Greeks who fought in Italy would have been armed in a similar manner to Commonwealth troops given their previous close relationship in Greece and North Africa. The earlier Greco-Italian War in 1941 is to early for the current set of CM games. Years ago, I did play an old Close Combat mod that featured this war. I really enjoyed it but it crashed at a certain point for me. From memory the Italian forces in that mod felt a lot like the Italians in CMFI.
  17. Yes, Windows 7 and I have had it. Two recently in Red Thunder, one without any mods loaded. Mostly after leaving it sitting around for a while. Geforce 1060 with 398.36 drivers (old i7 CPU)
  18. Sorry mate, just seen your post above. 😁 I did not edit the game file at all, just use the Display Size where I used the Desktop setting, graphics usually set at Best/Best.
  19. Not familiar with the battle/campaign. Sherman's against Panther, I would try to get flank shots. I hit one over thirty times on the front in a recent battle and it was still going.
  20. No problems. Zoom works fine but... I think what kinophile said is correct with regards to the monitor. You will still get lag. I don't think it will improve performance of CM. You get a widescreen with lots of pixels.
  21. It the Acer Predator X34, an UltraWide 34in curved display, 3440 x 1440 resolution. With UI mod CMBN: Unmodded CMFB:
  22. I play at 3440 X 1440 resolution and in my opinion the UI is fine. I am not exactly a spring chicken either. 📼 If you have played the game a lot you know what to look for. They only issue I have had is with a mod which shows the wounded in a certain way but there are alternatives for this. I would not go back.
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