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    Lovely AFV pic from Italy

    Semovente, looks like it might be the clover leaf of the 71st Infantry Division on the front right.
  2. Hardradi

    Rimini Airfield

    Looks great, its a three battle H2H campaign.
  3. Hardradi

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    It is a shame. I gather the Greeks who fought in Italy would have been armed in a similar manner to Commonwealth troops given their previous close relationship in Greece and North Africa. The earlier Greco-Italian War in 1941 is to early for the current set of CM games. Years ago, I did play an old Close Combat mod that featured this war. I really enjoyed it but it crashed at a certain point for me. From memory the Italian forces in that mod felt a lot like the Italians in CMFI.
  4. Hardradi

    game crashes after some time playing

    Yes, Windows 7 and I have had it. Two recently in Red Thunder, one without any mods loaded. Mostly after leaving it sitting around for a while. Geforce 1060 with 398.36 drivers (old i7 CPU)
  5. Hardradi

    Max screen resolution...

    Sorry mate, just seen your post above. 😁 I did not edit the game file at all, just use the Display Size where I used the Desktop setting, graphics usually set at Best/Best.
  6. Not familiar with the battle/campaign. Sherman's against Panther, I would try to get flank shots. I hit one over thirty times on the front in a recent battle and it was still going.
  7. Hardradi

    Max screen resolution...

    No problems. Zoom works fine but... I think what kinophile said is correct with regards to the monitor. You will still get lag. I don't think it will improve performance of CM. You get a widescreen with lots of pixels.
  8. Hardradi

    Max screen resolution...

    It the Acer Predator X34, an UltraWide 34in curved display, 3440 x 1440 resolution. With UI mod CMBN: Unmodded CMFB:
  9. Hardradi

    Max screen resolution...

    I play at 3440 X 1440 resolution and in my opinion the UI is fine. I am not exactly a spring chicken either. 📼 If you have played the game a lot you know what to look for. They only issue I have had is with a mod which shows the wounded in a certain way but there are alternatives for this. I would not go back.
  10. Hardradi

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

  11. At the start of a recent multiplayer game I recently purchased units for a quick battle but when I went into the battle setup some of the units were missing. For example, there was a flamethrower team that did not appear. Is this because I have the CMBN vehicle pack which I understand included flamethrower teams but my H2H opponent does not?
  12. Yes, 4.00. No, my opponent set it up.
  13. After painstakingly compiling a few German helmet mods (thanks to the modders for these), I have not been able to get them to show correctly. Also, it appears to me that there may be a problem with the stock installation/files as follows: 1) the stock helmet "smod_german_helmet-soldier 5.bmp" never appears in game. Also numbers 6 and 7 also never appear, they are near duplicates of 1 and 2 so it is hard to tell for sure. The screenshot below from a test shows that stock German helmets 5, 6 or 7 never appear. 3) I also note in the stock files there is a "smod_german_helmet-soldier 1.bmp". Normally the numbering of 1 is never used. Perhaps this is the problem and only limits the number of German helmets to 4 in total. These files are in the 2.0 data file. I have checked this across three installations on my system, a fresh v 3.12, a borked v 4.0 and a fresh 4.0. Had the same issue. Is anyone else able to get german helmets to show from 5+ in CMBN?
  14. Based on my limited testing it appears that the number of textures is directly related to "3D Texture Quality" setting. "Best" allowed me to view all of the stock textures and all of the textures I had in the mod directory.
  15. Yes, that worked. It was set to balanced on the new install. Something simple. Thanks mate. Don't get to worked up about it, its hard enough to get someone to listen and understand in real life anyway. We have an answer above.
  16. Hi mj, this is a bit more evidence that I may be right on this one. There are at least three differences in the core Data files which I spotted (v100E (does not exist in 4.0 FULL), v110 and v220). I tried swapping the legacy Data files into a FULL 4.0 install but it did not fix the problem.
  17. I meant no insult. Your English is not that bad just a little hard to understand sometimes. Yes, you can swim. I cannot speak or write any other language so you are way better than me. Lets hope we can get some answers on this problem. At least I learned what the mdr files are for.
  18. Hi 3j2m7, Yes I seen your post. Your English is hard to understand but I think you have found the same problem. Also this guy might have had the same problem: LINK. It is not clear if he ever got it sorted out.
  19. Thanks mj. Like you I have not had any issues with other textures in CMBN or CMFI. I also thoroughly checked all the files names. The issue I appear to be having is not directly related to mods. Further to the details below, I suspect you are probably not using the Full 4.0 installer version of CMBN being a long time player you may still be using the an old legacy version upgraded to 4.0. * * * * * With further testing I have sort of got to the bottom of this problem. WITHOUT ANY MODS: 1) Full 4.0 installer file version - does not work correctly. As reported above, the stock textures for German helmets 5, 6 or 7 never appear. The game is limited to four textures for the German helmet: null, 2, 3 and 4. (Tested on a new installation, the 4.5GB file). 2) My old legacy version which went through the entire upgrade chain over the years - this works correctly. WITH MODS: As above. Can someone with a version of CMBN Full 4.0 install check on their system (this is the entire game from the 4.5GB file)? Link to files that you can drop into your mod folder to test the stock textures: Link Time for a beer.
  20. Yes, I am. Coincidentally, I was reading about this battle a few months ago. I was looking for a map of the region/battle and a Google search brought me to this thread.
  21. Hardradi

    Blast vineyard

    I think you might be onto something there. I have am pretty sure I have see this happen but did not know why/how.
  22. Hardradi

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Nice one
  23. Hardradi

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    In Berlin I imagine... apocalyptic red skies at night, ragged buildings, streets choked with rubble and smoke. The odd civilian you see is either a crazed old person, snot nosed kid or dishevelled women. All cower in the streets as you carefully pick your way through with your comrades. You are an alcoholic illiterate peasant from a Russian village but a veteran. You have seen it all but when you see a map of Russia, you don't even know where you came from. Your enemy... terrified clerks, youths, wild eyed fanatics and the odd hardened veteran.
  24. Hardradi

    The patch?

    more please.
  25. Hardradi

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    Amazing detail in this picture. Look at those bricks and the rubble in the foreground. Props to the modders, you and the game.