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  1. https://wetransfer.com/ Seems fairly straightforward to use, don't even have to sign up.
  2. There are, I think, quite a few sites where you can upload files of that size. I think Mediafire and WetTransfer are two popular ones right now. Not sure if they're the best option as I haven't had the need to upload stuff like that recently.
  3. Could I get my hands on that wintermod anywhere? Doesn't seem to be in the dropbox link.
  4. Right, the thing is that that don't seem to be many US airborne skins available anymore and most of the ones I found didn't work because they are named wrong for the current version. Although after some searching I figured I needed to rename them AND use the right tags (ie smod_american_m42-para_uniform or smod_american_m42-para_uniform 1 [holland] ) and finally got some of them working. The scout team in the first mission of outlaws seems to be wearing standard US army gear though but I assume that's how the mission was made or something. I couldn't find complete info on what tags you are supposed to use for what either.
  5. I noticed that in game, US airborne forces seem to have the 82nd Airborne patch, unless I set them to appear as 101st in quick battle. I would have thought if they were set to 'standard' they would simply have no unit patch at all, but apparently not. It's a little distracting, because in campaigns where the forces are supposed to be 101st (such at the Outlaws) or something else, they still have these patches. Is there any way to make them appear with no patches or with patches for other units?
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