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  1. My comment was meaning that my map was not intended to be any specific place in Holland, historically accurate. It is just a map. It is for Battles for Normandy with the added modules. My comment about the dates was prompted by a wish to have date options that could be any month during the year, hence summer or winter weather. Normandy battles started in June and Holland battles were in winter/spring. Presumably we should be able to reflect battles in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and so on. There are many other wishes with respect to my gaming, such as having troops able to pick up a better weapon on the field. (crew with just pistols) Also, a HQ unit should have a rally command to gather troops back into command range, or a rally point for troops to gather at when out of command. Engineers/pioneers should be able to lay mines. Sorry, off topic a bit there.
  2. Super, chaos49, thanks. Hope you get to the finish too. Let me know what you think of the battle. I know it isn't Holland, terrain wise, but a good fight. I wish they just let you pick any date during the war and stop forcing or limiting what can be designed.
  3. All right. The attached file has already been reduced in unit numbers. I am 1 hour away from finishing my testing. You should save often. It will be a tough fight from either side. The AI has plans. It isn't finished, as in polished, as I am concentrating on play rather than finishing touches like photos and texts. Holland44.btt Holland44.txt
  4. I play in Veteran mode.
  5. Hi Erwin I do have an SSD drive. And thanks, Ian. I'm testing again after removing unneeded vehicles. If I can make it through with this, I'm going to post here.
  6. The manual doesn't mention maximums for the number of units in a scenario. I've run into freezing the game when creating a huge battle with 2 reinforced battalions per side. Anybody have more information? When I say two reinforced battalions, I am talking about the reinforcements being elements of the same battalions, arriving later. I begin with a company and over 7 reinforcements I introduce the rest of that battalion and several more companies from two others. There are also a platoon of tanks or destroyers, some artillery, and perhaps an air unit per side. To get through the battle, I've had to remove all jeeps, trucks, and other vehicles that are not armed. I have deleted the supply units. I also save every turn so that I can continue when restarted. My computer has 8 Gigs of RAM and a Nvidia 7xx video card with 2 G memory. It is strong enough. I think the issue is in the programming, as the game sets up a set amount of memory to work with - within the Windows OS.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'm now working on Barbarosa campaign for Red Thunder. Enjoy the Bulge, I hope.
  8. I imagine someone has to scan and approve the uploads. Anyone who can't wait can get a direct email from me. Your email software will need to allow in a zipped or rar file over 2.5 meg in size. Let me know by private message on this board. Mike
  9. I'm a rookie with Wordpress, but I think I got the two campaign files uploaded this morning. They should show up at http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/ and hope you enjoy. Feedback is a great idea to improve the future work I do.
  10. Thanks. I hope to get both campaigns uploaded today.
  11. Gentlemen, it is done! I have completed two campaigns, one per side, same battles. The campaign for the Allies is called Bastogne Plus One, for the Germans: Bulge Plus One The campaign opens with a 4-hour battle. There are three 4-hour battles plus four 2-hour ones. They are too large to attach here, so I am going to see about the repository. Feedback would be great.
  12. Thanks, Kevin, and to all of you who have responded to my original noobie question. You make good points about testing things. What I love about this game (system) is that there are so many aspects to consider. Replay-ability is guaranteed. For instance, you never know what the enemy AI is going to do. You win points for achieving many goals, from % enemy killed to % of ammo used to do it. You have points for killing specific unit types. You have points for occupying certain ground, for touching other areas, for exiting troops from the map, for reaching objective locations. You don't know if you will get your reinforcements before the enemy does, which can make a big difference. The beginning of the battle can go badly, saved by timely arrival of your guys and late arrival of enemy reinforcements. So many variables! As for the time it takes to cross the map, that matters if the only goal is to exit them at the other end. Mostly, you make points by staying on the map and duking it out with the bad guys. Victory won't be easy but will go to the player best able to manage resources and make the right choices. Sometimes you will lose but you will have fun doing it. I'm still learning so I'm not ready to go public with the campaign yet. When it is perfected, I might let the first battle out to see what people think. That's a four hour all-in fight that could go either way. And that's just the beginning. Thanks again. Mike
  13. Hah! Thanks, but it is still a work in progress. Having a ball though.
  14. Hah! Feedback comes after something. Anyway, a four-hour battle requires patience, organization, luck, and situation awareness to win. It is a campaign, not just a battle. The maps are huge, several battalions plus attachments, air, mines, bunkers, trenches, foxholes for both sides in most battles. You can play either side, beginning with a meeting engagement. Each battle has 3 plans per AI side, each of 3 groups following paths linked by triggers. You know, just the stuff that will make it replayable. There will be frustration, cursing, some weeping, and maybe later some feeling that it was all worth it.
  15. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. There won't be a "trailer", too busy. What I might do is, when ready, let go the first battle alone-for feedback. Not ready yet. I have work to do...
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