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  1. One more image for fun Thing is I got this fixed, I think it was some incompatibility with the previous patches or some **** since I just uninstalled and reinstalled it with the full game download that comes with the 2.11 patch. Feel free to close this thread if its a waste of space
  2. Hello, I've recently downloaded the most recent patch for CMBS and everything seems to be working fine other than the unit text. I think these images will work better to better explain what I'm getting at. Any idea on how to fix this? I've already restarted, completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game, have zero mods, and yet the problem persists. I've also updated my CMFB and CMSF2 with no issues so I'm quite confused on whats causing this problem.
  3. Hello, Combat Mission: Black Sea is my first combat mssion, and I've been enjoying it quite alot :). However, even after a couple months and learning all the units, tactics, and nations that come with this game I can't seem to understand how urban combat is suppose to be done right, more specifically, cqc fighting between infantry squads.I have no troubles pushing into a town, using a vast amount of fire support for suppression and smoke is easy to advance into cites and villages and I can deal with small houses. But everything seems to break down when i use my infantry and breach squads into larger buildings. Even when I've done a hefty amount of suppression using bmp's, tanks and MG teams, the enemy stragglers that survived the overwhelming firepower seem to kill my entire squad when they go into the building. Which is quite frustrating, Am I doing something wrong with my orders? How should I move my soldiers into buildings(slow,move,quick,fast,assault,etc)? Should I be splitting up my squads into teams? I really don't understand infantry cqc so it would be great if someone could help me out., Thanks!
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