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    Gamma reacted to DzrtFox in The state of CMSF2   
    Thanks for the offer but I've lost interest in another $50 game with new guys and new guns and little else different.  We can keep milking this 10-year old engine with a horribly clunky interface and terrible performance on newer hardware and blaming all the cool things we can't do on the engine that THEY CREATED.  I'm moving on...
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    Gamma reacted to LongLeftFlank in Canadian Defense - CMSF 2 BETA AAR #2 (Quick Battle)   
    Breaking away for a moment from the "Canadians who made it onto US cultural radar" banter, is this map new or a reboot (with water) of a CMSF1 map?

    Either (pronounced "eye-ther") way, a little constructive criticism of this village.
    It's presumably a bunch of structures dropped into an actual Google earth footprint. Fair enough for a start, but it looks more like something you'd see in the treeless deep desert, which is clearly not the dominant terrain on this map.
    All structures except shops (mostly open fronted) should have some kind of compound wall surrounding them; low stone walls for farmhouses, high walls for more modern residences. Houses should also have a fair number of palms and mature shade trees, maybe an orchard. And outbuildings. I was hoping the little shed would make it in from CMBN, but alas no joy.  Where's the mosque? (a village this size will have one, even if there isn't a dome or minaret)
    This is *not* just eye candy; it has very real implications for the battle. A 'dense' village squarely in the centre of the map provides a ready made fortress, with robust and varied concealment and cover for units, especially infantry AT teams who can keyhole and break contact at will.
    I'd expect this benighted hamlet to be leveled by artillery or air in due course, but the rubble, walls and ditches would still provide plentiful and stubborn tactical cover. In its current barren state, AT teams can't so easily flit from building to building to keyhole, and can be readily pinned and killed off by ranged tank/IFV guns. Uber armour uber alles again, yawn.
    Settlements are one of the only features that counter the overwhelming superiority of (usually) NATO ranged weapons. If you want a fair fight and a more fun game (IMHO), give these features more of their real life tactical properties! 
    Here endeth my catechism. Exit Falstaff.
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    Gamma reacted to GAZ NZ in CMBS bugs - are these fixed in relation to the new CMSF2? ( weapons ports etc )   
    Its great we have a new game CMSF2 coming out
    However as it is the same engine as CMBS and many of the same weapons will be used in that
    I have to ask have the bugs been fixed for these as are present in CMBS?
    and Is CMBS going to be patched?
    How many of these  weapons systemsare going over to CMSF2?
    Observations from extensive play testing and many ladder games of CMBS since it was released
    Take this on board when playing CMSF2
    USA vehicles 
    M1167 Humvee
    Must be manually shot - TOW doesn't engage enemy vehicles
    M1 Tank inconsistent behavior 
    With Crack crew and high morale +2 ldr
    MI spotted Enemy Rpg unit - M1 fired at them killing one and the Russian survivor ran away
    But Tank spends the whole game panicked
    M1 runs away from everything whole game - its a joke
    In other games I take M1 and it's hit by 5 AT 13s and multiple RPGs etc keeps on going
    Morale is fine - they are running same setup as previous example
    Has happened in a few games
    Another game  my M1 is hit in same place - upper front turret just once by At13 and they bail
    Its really inconsistent crew behavior sometimes / damage application
    I do not use APS on M1 as I find it too over powered and unrealistic
    I've seen my opponents M1 defeat 11+ AT14 and At13 shots shots with APS after being frontally Armour stripped from my 120mm Artillery and AA Tunguska fire 
    The APS still works

    Russian - Ukraine Kit
    BRDM 2 (AT-5B)       
    Doesn't shoot
    ( There needs to be a setup where the crew maybe get out - one observes ? the other is in car )
    The whole thing doesn't work
    Its like the US Humvee TOW
    Russia Missing there heavy Mg  equivalent  12.7×108mm NSV and KORD ( used in Syria )
    Also KORD .50cal
    No Modern Russian sniper rifles  -  eg OSV-96 or SVLK-14 Sumrak Twilight (Also Used in Syria )
    Man Portable AT Missile Problems
    AT13  At 14  AT7 and Skiff  etc  randomly just fly in random bizarre directions
    Have used in all terrains
    This is constantly occuring
    In Open areas with no obstruction to break wire etc
    It happens frequently and makes taking AT Infantry vs Tanks in open areas pointless
    it happens often making it pointless taking AT weapons only unless in built up areas
    You just use RPGs ( most reliable in the game engine )

    I see Crews with AT 13 AT7 etc launcher also ran back and forth in building trying to Target tank which was clear to shoot St with Blue Los and lots of windows
    They did this for 4 minutes - 4 times after stopping them after each minute
    They were spotted and died
    Has happened many times - yes i've read heated discussions over AI path mapping etc on this forums but this is shooting
    Ukraine Corsar randomly goes off in weird directions also
    Crew are not suppressed
    Doesn't happen as much but happens more then it should
    I have games where they work ok and others where every shot missed fired from multiple units
    Same Crew experience
    Russian Grenade Launcher single guy ( unit ) has launcher and cannot deploy
    He cannot move after his final move point ends
    Ukraine And Russian vehicles and in one case a US Bradley
    Just sit and stare at enemy and don't shoot ( yes im aware it happens randomly as they dropped there smokes or drink ) but sometimes its just stupid
      Biggest disappointment is RPO-A and M Shmel I took 15 units of these in one urban fight 2 units fired the whole game as squads who were crack or vet panicked when shot at or never fired when not being shot at was a joke They just sat and watched enemy They had great  command etc high motivation Of the two who fired minimal effect on building
    They should vapourise people inside building and set it on fire Instead tiny bit of flame and 1-2 guys of enemy 5 man team died and they were shot back at from inside building and they died   As a general comment  I've been playing ladder games with CMBS for a long time Players have been leaving/dropping off our ladder group due to the general bugs with no updates and overpowered US gear and M1 issues Its either super over powered or just stupid with panic etc   Those of us who still play generally only play Russia vs Ukraine games now as a result of the US imbalance
    I try to use different Setups as a top player to challenge myself but with the AT bugs as i discussed I have to take tanks now with AT weapons being very unreliable Russian kit needs to be updated also   It will be interesting to see how this all works in CMSF2 if its being ported over from CMBS   Especially with AT weapons as they have done considerable damage in Syria vs Armour How this game shows it will be interesting vs CMBS
    I support battlefront having bought CM since it was first made but bugs are bugs and I hope these are sorted for CMSF2 Appreciate it if CMBS is also fixed in the process   Cheers                    
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    Gamma reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Battlefront has put a spell on me...   
    Nothing is quite like CM, trust me.....I've been an avid wargamer for over thirty years, I've played everything from ACW skirmishes on a typical dinner table through to Harpoon battles on a tables the size of a double garage and nothing, but nothing, does a better job of modelling platoon-battalion sized WWII or modern land engagements than CM, be it on tabletop or computer.
    I commented elsewhere about GHQ (& their ilk) being a nostalgia trip for me.....CM1 & CM2+ are the reason. 
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    Gamma reacted to Mord in Putting the game down, too buggy to enjoy. Sorry Oppo's. *vid*   
    I was with you until this part...over dramatic. Other than that I think sburke answered it fairly succinctly.
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