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  1. Oh, wow! That quote was correct! I removed Windows Messenger and nothing changed. But then I did a reboot and...danged if it doesn't work perfectly now! I'm in the IT profession. I'm a software tester and have been one for over 25 years. I thought I'd seen everything. But this is just baffling -- a game that has a conflict because of an IM client. Wow. Anyway -- I'm glad it's fixed and I'll leave this thread in case anyone else runs into it.
  2. Ok, gents - I need your help. I've been playing CMBO since the very first demo came out. And I've survived 2 computer changes and upgrades but I've finally met my match. And it's because of a really weird issue -- my playback controls don't work if I use the fast forward key. As long as I don't go forward or back everything is fine, but as soon as I go forward it jumps to 60 seconds. And then trying to go back will go to zero but then I can't even Play anymore -- Play just goes straight to 60 seconds. I tried the GOG version and had similar behavior, except instead of 60 seconds it displayed -19332. (Buffer overflow issue?) So obviously it's my hardware... I found this tantalizing hint from 2004 on this forum: " You may run into problems with the playback controls. I could not scroll the replay back and forth...it just went from end to end w/ no stops in between. If that happens to you, disable any and all instant messaging software.. " Well, it's true Windows Messenger was installed so I uninstalled that (via the Add/Remove Windows components). No change. Anyone else seen or heard of this issue? Oh, also I tried running in Windows 95 compatibility mode, but then it couldn't detect my CD in the disk. Dell Precision M6400 laptop. Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3. DirectX 9.0c. NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M. Thanks in advance - hope someone has an idea to try!
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