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  1. How come no master map for Caen? i understand alot of the fighting happened around caen at hill 212 and 226 but i would've thought it'd be a key thing to have for the game.. anyone made one? lol bubba
  2. in the game you get most with schurzen, some with only the schurzen rails, which is very cool detail to show, but i wondered about the ones completely without. i played one scenario years ago, believe it was the older version 2 engine...i'll try and post a picture... is the any officials response to this as i'd like to know if its something im doing wrong or just qwerky ness from how the game models etc.
  3. only just found these, doh! very cool... small preview showed most but found a few that weren't changed, british tanks and german ss anti tank guns? great mod!
  4. awesome video. tank is in prime condition by looks of it.
  5. have you got the game to work yet rocketman? i have a new machine, be it about from 02/02/19 and all is good... win 10 user to, SSD in C/; and D/ games are in D/ drive, it must be something else stopping it.
  6. i just grabbed this, quick look shows awesome detail on the battles etc. they have great book son thier website. waiting for endkampf to get back in stock also.
  7. yes, but i'm not familiar on how to use or set up mod tags within missions etc.
  8. thats cool and i was aware but am more after how its laid out via the editor. i may have to resort to screen shots etc
  9. rather than trying to write everything down via the game editior, does anyone have any of the TOE list via paper/documents etc? the ones that are in the game? its only for a personal project i use for the game itself.. and would be time saving and very helpful.. regards Bubba
  10. is there a casualty recorder? that details each man lost etc???
  11. lol no just like to see realistic variation.
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2T3giVK4MwVKVeSF7
  13. I'm sure this will get addressed once CM fire&rubble is out for red thunder. keep the faith.
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