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  1. Love it. But getting sick of YouTube making stuff like this harder and harder to find.
  2. wow, thats news! being on a platform like steam is always a plus..
  3. would anyone know where to get the music for this??? brings back so many memorys for myself, was living in japan at the time, and had to play this on a famicom.
  4. i've recently tried to change the engine loop noises, and found one that sound amazing with the gargling and popping and engine would make, but my system doesn't seem to pick it up, my tanks seem to run round on the engine idle noise.... any ideas?
  5. Hi all, been using HQS, for all titles for yonks, but have found some new aesome sounds with shell case noises and wondered do i try and replace per sound or just remove one mod with another completely? regards Bubba.
  6. That's funny as hell! 🤣🤣🤣 The moment is perfectly captured in his eyes! 🤣👌
  7. Are there any more done? Would be a great background menu screen.... Love it.
  8. Is there snow in red thunder all ready? Did a quick battle the other night and saw the option for snow... I didn't think it was in the base game and was gonna come with fire & rubble? Bubba
  9. I would second the fire coming back. Did love that in CM1. And the melee attack system to come back. Even if its just the noise. It added to the immersion. . And of course the editor could always do with some more stuff
  10. superb, yeah shame you can't as you could do some interesting things with that ability
  11. Here's a question. When you edit the walls of a building. If you leave it with no wall showing. Does it also actually act like that? Like just an open side for troops to get in. ?
  12. I've halted the progress and will hopefully test tomorrow once I'm finished at work. 👍
  13. Unsure if I've asked this already, but I like how much choice the player or editor has with his forces when dealing with infantry and guns where you can select wether they wear their camouflaged smocks etc. Altho I sometimes ponder to notice the difference ??? Lol will have to test more. But more frustrating is the lack of choice with vehicles. It would be really great if you could select wether you wanted schurzen compete, partial schurzen, schurzen rails, or none at all... As in a previous post I still can not find a way to recreate a panzer 4 without any. And also! Lol how come we don't have stugs with only the schurzen rails? You've done it for the panzer 4 why not the stug? Give some love to thy stug.! I just surprised it's not an option to play around with. Would add alot of depth to scenarios etc. Bubba
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