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  1. I recently was snooping around in the original game files using the rezexplode tool to try and rag-tag my nato units. But to my surprise, there are models in the base game for gas-mask pouches, crotch armor, and even elbow & knee pads. I've never seen either of these gear models used in-game before, but if I can recall correctly, the og SF1 coalition troops had bore gas-mask pouches & crotch armor as worn equipment in-game. So now I beg the question, are the previously listed gear models in the SF2 game files just leftovers from the SF1 remake and thus incompatible for use with the new unit models, or are they supposed to be implemented in the game? And as a side note, there are also knee & elbow pad gear models in CMBS's game files as well which aren't used in-game.
  2. Hey Jace, I know I'm way late but do you have any more skins with the 2 hole balaclava, like the one on the far right of your first post in this thread? The skins are a must have as well, I appreciate the work.
  3. Yeah I tried that but only the original us_helmet.mdr appeared in-game. Not the us_helmet 2.mdr
  4. This is a beauty bro. Can you do a version that makes goggles appear half the time? Just to add some variety.
  5. Outstanding work once again Oleksandr! May I recommend a more detailed UCP camo mod for the Americans? I love how your uniform mods always feature variations of the same camo pattern and fine details in the equipment so It'd be awesome if the original UCP pattern got some love.
  6. Has anyone used Billy_SP's no backpack mod for Russian infantry, or made their own, and gotten it to work in game? I have the files in my z folder but for whatever reason I'm not seeing the affects in game. Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.
  7. Lord take care, I am terribly sorry to hear about that. And yeah you got it, a folder with the original uniforms and equipment within the mod download would be much appreciated for this mod and future mods. I truly hope all goes well for you and your family.
  8. Hello, I loved your work with your marine corps mod, it really spices up the game. But I have one piece of constructive criticism for you. Could you include the original UK skins in the mod release as well? The skins for unmodded blue forces are all variations of respective desert camouflage patterns. As an example, your marine reskins were all different patterns of woodland camouflage so it was difficult finding that good balance between woodland and desert loadouts like the DPM mixes shown earlier in the thread. So, by throwing the game's old skins and equipment in the mod, we can use both the old desert and new woodland skins and gear. And a final quick question, do you plan to rag-tag the new uniforms and gear yourself or give us a few folders to tinker with ourselves? Once again I really appreciate the work your doing here and I hope my comment aids the final product in some way.
  9. Yeah I'm correct, I asked this question a little while ago and General Jack Ripper gave me a really good resource. Unfortunately the link just takes you to the battlefront website, can it be found anywhere else?
  10. I could've sworn there was a detailed pdf guide to rag-tagging somewhere but unfortunately I cannot seem to find it. Does anyone know where I can find instructions on how to rag-tagging units ? Or if not, is anyone kind enough to educate me on the process and how it works?
  11. Are the modding capabilities of this game still limited to uniform patterns and textures? It would be a dream to see new backpacks, vest pouches, or even the sacred helmet google! Especially combined with your new uniform patterns.
  12. With the new version 4 upgrade, are infantry units able to resupply by standing within close proximity to transport/resupply vehicles? I know that they can share ammo with other, ammo depleted, infantry units by sharing the same physical space; however, does this mechanic apply to infantry-vehicle interactions? It can be tedious having to mount each unit to acquire ammunition only to dismount, then repeat. P.S. I ask this question in the Shock Force 2 thread but I would imagine this feature would apply to all version 4 titles, I.E. Black Sea, Battle for Normandy etc...
  13. So individual unit variation is planned for release?
  14. Are new animations, i.e. new death animations or wounded state animations, planned? Is it intentional to not have m4/m16 variants that include foregrips in-game? The weapon icons have foregrips.
  15. After playing the demo, I really like the direction you guys are taking with this game. The gameplay and UI feel rejuvenated but comfortably similar to the predecessor. However, as feedback, I have questions about the visual appearances of the units. Obviously this is a demo so if any of the topics I bring about are planned to change someone please let me know. Although the units models look fantastic they feel a bit bland. For instance, US Army troops are basically a carbon copy from CM BS. It would help if we could see a new take on these models featuring maybe helmet goggles or camo net helmets, as examples. The main point is that units can have a little more flavor to them while looking like a conventional fighting force. The current state of the British unit models are a good example. Their woodland camo pouches and camel backs go well together with their desert uniforms and helmets. However lacking randomization between helmets, gear camouflages, body armor, backpacks, etc.. the units all end up looking practically the same, growing sore on the eyes as the battle progresses. The Marine models seem pretty barebones, lacking multitudes of varying equipment however, I'm confident that those models will be updated so I'm not going into detail on them. The main point of my feedback is that this game could greatly benefit from diversification of unit models for all factions at play. Meaning random assignment of different helmets, equipment sets, and camo patterns to individual unit models will really help to distinguish the gaming experience in a modern unconventional combat environment. I believe the modding term for what I am describing is called "rag-tagging". But to my knowledge the engine of the game only allows for modification of textures and sounds, not 3-D models. Maybe as developers you all could make changes necessary that would allow the community to create/change new and existing 3-D models of the game. Making even more community content possible while also leaving you developers free to continue making core gameplay additions or changes. Real pictures for reference: Once again this is a demo so if models are planned to be updated or changed please let me know.
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