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  1. Just to be sure, could we consider that CM Battle for Normandy is finished in term of modules development and vehicle packs? Only new battle packs are planned? Thanks
  2. This one works perfectly. Thanks a lot. And thanks for the document, very helpful.
  3. Sorry but the above dropbox link does not work anymore. Does anyone could reupload it?
  4. Wonderful, looking forward to this. And if UAVs could be introduced in a second time, would be perfect.
  5. Yes, it does not exist in this version of the engine. Since there is no B plan, you have no other alternative than to win. Sounds like a plan.
  6. Definitely agree, there is no need of a back story, real world is moving so quickly that a middle east sandbox is the better choice for CMSF2. Allowing to simulate Irak, Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria. After trying CMBS demo, I am really looking forward to a CMSF2. I do not know why but I am hooked with this one since years perhaps thanks to Combatintman excellent scenarios. May be a battle pack or a module for each recent conflict will interest plenty of people.
  7. I see. My intent was not to cheat. In fact, these men have seen the infantry just before a bradley fires some smoke to counter a laser designation. But the way you present it, I could understand it would introduce this "God" problem in the gameplay. For the record, they did not pass anyway… Anyhow, great engine improvement, looking forward for this year's module.
  8. Trying CMBS demo for comparing the engine with CMSF, I must say "whaouu" !!! Great improvement of the engine and I like the new Target Briefly command, great idea. One thing that is puzzling me is that during one of the mission of the demo, computer did fire some smoke and I was knowing the infantry was just behind the smoke screen coming in my direction. I was willing to order my men to area fire on the smoke or just behind but the engine prevents me to do this. I could understand that tank or missile needs laser designation to fire thus are blocked by smoke. But, why small arms firing is also blocked even the Target Light command? I see no real life reason why I could not waste my ammo across a smoke screen if I need to. Thank you
  9. Given the release of CM Final Blitzkrieg, I am wondering if this is the end of CMBN in terms of new content. Is there any new module or vehicule/battle pack to expect? Going on the store, is it planned to have the CM Battle for Normandy BIG BUNDLE containing also the Battle Pack 1? Thank you
  10. Oh I see, I was thinking something was written by Steve about that on the forum. This is good news indeed, hopefully coming in 2017 (ten years anniversary of CMSF if I am not mistaken)
  11. Sorry but in which thread did you see this announcement? I fail to find it. Thank you
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