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  1. I have tried adding those voices in CMSF2 in Z folder but they does not play well. Requesting a fire mission as Syrians plays a weird sound. Is it working on your side?
  2. Great thanks, do you know if there is a limit to the number of possible voices? For example, for american requesting fire mission over *.wav, there are 6 files from "american requesting fire mission over 0.wav" file to "american requesting fire mission over 5.wav" file. Do you think that the engine will read a "american requesting fire mission over 6.wav" without problem? The reason I am asking is that I would like to combine @Mord voices mod with HQS 3.1 mod. I am wondering if Google translation may help us to record the exact sentence that we would like to fill all the gaps.
  3. In CMSF stock game, I do not think there is a voice when requesting a fire mission. Is it correct? Perhaps we do not know the exact Syrian's procedure. Anyhow, playing a little with the HQS sound mod, I have copied over the files from: .../voices/United States Armed forces/american requesting fire mission over *.wav to: .../voices/Syrian Arab Armed Forces/arabic requesting fire mission over *.wav And, now, I can hear the Syrians speaking when requesting fire mission. Is it how it works meaning the engine checks the name of the file to associate it to an ingame action? Thanks
  4. Thanks, I am also trying not to use any initial barrage. I prefer to identify targets before sending some arty shells. Playing iron difficulty.
  5. Me too, often running out of time. But, I prefer being out of time than out of men. 😀
  6. Oh no - again this legend of a cavalry charge assaulting panzers... ☚ī¸
  7. Playing Qasabiyeh - Blue Attack is quite fun as Blue. Nice scenario. I do not want to give some spoilers. But, after my second attempt, I am still running out of time. 50 minutes is quite short since I am a very cautious player. But, I have not used all my artillery assets... so back for a third attempt. 😏
  8. All right, this is the kind of WOW moment I like. It starts with a kind of mistake of my own. I was progressing in a little village as Syrians against uncons. With my first attacking wave progressing well, I have moved forward two more BMP1 but, been perhaps too optimistic, with their squads mounted. Suddenly, an enemy team coming from nowhere was spotted on the right of one of the immobilized BMP1. And, the squad inside the BMP1 opens fire using the roof infantry hatches that are located at the rear of the vehicle killing few guys. WTF. I did not recall having seen this in CMSF1 ever. Is it new to CMSF2? Anyhow, well done BF !!!
  9. After few tests, it works. To be sure, the guy won't reload its RPG, you need to insure the next move order (can be anything FAST, QUICK, ...) is ordered BEFORE the RPG guy is firing. Right now, I am doing the following combination with success: Order your RPG team a SLOW movement toward a given position Give 10-15 seconds PAUSE order in this position Order your RPG team a FAST or QUICK movement toward your fallback position Playing in real time, I was sometimes not planning enough in advance the retreat of my guys...
  10. This is funny because that is exactly what I thought when I wrote it. But, we can also think of the separate delivery of a module in the form of two packs, if a module is too much work.
  11. Yes, you are probably right. Thus, that would need to be a mix between Battle Packs and Vehicle/Formation Packs, the former using the units of the latter.
  12. For modern titles such as CMSF2 and CMBS, I think that this will be a good policy to just introduce new countries / formations / vehicles (with packs) and create a kind of sandbox for the community to play with. You should truss the community to create brilliant scenario (it is already) with the new toys you will give them. My two cents...
  13. Hello Steve, I have missed this post so sorry to react with one month delay. Have you already decided on which technology the new engine will be based? Do you lean towards Vulkan? Or, are you going back to DirectX? I imagine that you will develop your own engine not using things like Unreal Engine, Unity or something else to remain independent. And, just for my information, did you program CMx2 in C, C++, or something else? Thanks
  14. On the contrary, the Allies had good tanks like Somua S-35 or Matilda in May 1940. The problem was the lack of radios in each tank unlike the Germans. Tactically, Allies have a good chance of success. It reminds me of a historical CMBB scenario where one KV-1 tank was blocking a whole German column. Funny.
  15. In fact what scared me most recently was the OpenGL strategy. But its end of life is not yet scheduled. And I am less worried about Vulkan now.
  16. Yes, the first pieces are there. Who knows? Maybe one day? If BF decides to give it a go, ping me, I have lot of TO&E sources for German / British / French / Dutch / Belgium of May / June 1940.
  17. +1. May I lobby for some Frenchies in CMSF2? Or, if the family is definitely over, consider them for CMSF3.
  18. The thing is I would like the guys to enter the tunnel to be the same at the end of it, keeping them untouched (same ammo level, casualties). Your method works but, here, this is a new team. And, how do you insure the guys are actually leaving before entering the new ones?
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