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  1. 19 hours ago, Liveload said:

    I've noticed that the drone contacts are not shared by the HQ with anyone else, do you see that as well? The only unit benefiting from them seems to be the HQ itself from my testing. Also, contact reporting in general seems to be broken between many radio equipped units. I have to do more testing, but this plays right into the broken radios issue I ran into while doing my Syrian campaign.

    I do not have the same experience with drone contacts sharing. Here is an example:

    • I am launching an observation mission with the JTAC team.


    • Two targets are identified


    • The HQ is aware of those targets


    • For testing, I have added a Mortar Platoon HQ, which is under an Headquarters company itself under the Battalion HQ. Everybody is aware of those two targets.


    • Now, near the JTAC team, there are uncons without radio. They have no knowledge of the two targets. I am moving them near the JTAC team.


    • After a peaceful exchange, uncons learn about the two targets.


    • But, without radios, others are not aware.


    • Sending them back, all the nearby units are now aware of the three contacts (one has been detected in the meantime).


    Thus, information sharing seems to work fine.

  2. Results for the JTAC Team:


    • Drone starts observing at 02:27:28
    • One Tank spotted at 02:24:46
    • One Technical spotted at 02:23:47
    • Second Technical spotted at 02:23:04
    • One Infantry squad spotted at 02:11:23
    • Second Infantry squad spotted at 02:06:15
    • Nothing more spotted at 01:50:00


    Three Infantry squad remain undetected.

    Looks like the JTAC is good at detecting vehicles faster but not really good for infantry.

    Next, I will do the same tests with Syrian army and Uncons.

  3. Results for the Battalion HQ:


    • Drone starts observing at 02:22:56
    • One Infantry squad spotted at 02:20:40
    • One Technical spotted at 02:19:59
    • One Tank spotted at 02:19:40
    • Second Infantry squad spotted at 02:17:59
    • Second Technical spotted at 02:17:40
    • Third Infantry squad spotted at 02:12:34
    • Fourth Infantry squad spotted at 02:08:54
    • Fifth Infantry squad spotted at 02:05:59

    Everything has been detected.

  4. Results for the Fire Support Team:


    • Drone starts observing at 02:23:04
    • One Technical spotted at 02:20:21
    • One Infantry squad spotted at 02:20:23 (almost at the same time)
    • Second Technical spotted at 02:17:43
    • Second Infantry squad spotted at 02:13:56
    • One Tank spotted at 02:08:23
    • Third Infantry squad spotted at 02:03:06
    • Fourth Infantry squad spotted at 02:00:14
    • Nothing more spotted at 01:50:00


    Only one Infantry squad remains undetected.

  5. BLUE forces:

    I have selected those units inside an US Infantry Battalion:

    • Headquarters Team
    • Operations Team
    • Fire Support Team
    • JTAC Team

    I always use the same mission (Area Target) on the same location.


    Results for the Operations Team:


    • Drone starts observing at 02:22:25
    • One Tank spotted at 02:22:04
    • One Technical spotted at 02:21:06
    • One Infantry squad spotted at 02:19:44
    • Second Technical spotted at 02:18:06
    • Second Infantry squad spotted at 02:03:53
    • Nothing more spotted at 01:50:00


    Three Infantry squad remain undetected.

  6. I am playing with RQ-11B Raven drone both with BLUE and RED forces for a scenario. And, since I do not have the same results, I have done few tests to try to identify what is the best unit type to perform an observation mission. Here is an example of few things to spot:


    Scenario starting time is 02:30:00.

  7. 7 hours ago, SimpleSimon said:

    Start small and learn from that before going big.

    I try but sometimes it is difficult to resist the temptation to add a few more units ... 😉


    2 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

    Maybe CM3 will allow for bigger maps that more computers can handle?  Will have to wait and see I guess.    

    I have read a lot of references to CM3 on the forum lately. Did I miss an annoucement or is it just a guess?

  8. 22 hours ago, Freyberg said:

    I know very little of modern French military equipment, but as a long-time Francophile, I would love to see a French module in Black Sea. I have been very much enjoying the Free French army in CMRV.

    I'm sure after playing it for a few months, I would know a lot about the modern French military!

    The new Scorpion program is starting to be delivered right now:


  9. Play testing my first attempt to perform a CMFS2 scenario, I found out that I have no room to maneuver. My scenario is a company size around 180 men on each side with few tanks / technicals. This is a red vs red scenario.

    The initial map was 752m width x 624m depth. I am immediately to contact despite having some terrain for cover and concealment. I am now extending to 864m width x 1088m depth to allow some recon before first contact and a way to outflank.

    But my question is the following. Is there some recommended map size depending on the OOB size? I have searched on the forum but did not find the answer.

    I am wondering if I am taking the good decision i.e. extending the map.

    Expert advices needed please...


  10. 21 hours ago, Liveload said:

    Great info! Thanks for that.

    My pleasure, happy to help 🙂

    21 hours ago, Liveload said:

    Edit: I just checked the AI plan on that group. It is set to area fire into the town, just not the movement part. That will help them a lot I think. Thanks

    Yes sorry you are right for AI group 8. I have checked too quickly. I think you should do the same for AI group 2 then. And for both AI groups move them with Retreat orders.

  11. 14 minutes ago, Liveload said:

    Oh man, what a battle! Tal Malah occurred during a time when the takfiri forces still had a lot of heavy equipment, unlike Al Hamamiyat. Their armored columns approached the frontlines with artillery support, behind VBIED attacks...

    35 minutes ago, Lethaface said:

    The AI attack was quite nice, if their artillery smoke could be more towards the front it could have been perfect.

    If I may suggest a small improvement, put those ZU-23-2 technicals of AI group 8 in another group than the T-55. And, use them to area fire your objectives. Same for AI group 2. Also this is important to move them so that their tubes are always toward the enemy. So, you must use the Retreat order so that the ZU-23-2 technicals are actually reversing toward the enemy. This is why this is not compatible to have a T-55 in the same AI group. 🙂

    I am using this technique in the first scenario I am playtesting and I try to have a really cool AI behaviour in attack and defense.

    A little example. Here is the setup of your technical. The green dot is the facing order so that the ZU-23-2 tubes are looking at the enemy. They already have an area fire order against the two buildings of my demo scenario:


    The order 2 orders them after one minute to reverse towards the enemy and to continue the area fire...


    The order 3 orders them, after 4 minutes, to again reverse toward the enemy while continuing the area fire on them:


    Try it and let me know what you think. This really strengthens any AI attack (against me at least 🤣). I have attached the 002 try.btt test scenario. Play as Blue against Red AI in Scenario Author Mode to see everything.


    002 try.btt

  12. 2 hours ago, Lethaface said:

    I have converted them to 44100 with audacity. I know for sure at least one works, so I guess the rest does too. Dropbox:


    Works fine now - thanks a lot


    2 hours ago, 37mm said:

    iTunes, pah!

    Malicous bloatware, nothing more!

    I just checked the first file... it was at 11025 Hz.

    Sounds like @Lethaface fixed it.

    Bah - I have checked the properties of the wav.* files but, yes, may be iTunes is not something good for this...

    @Lethaface and @37mm could you please recommend me the right tool for next time ? 🙂

  13. On 9/2/2019 at 9:35 AM, StieliAlpha said:

    Well, sometimes it helps to read first. 🤔

    The bottom line of the article is, that those charges did not exist, resp cavalry-armor clashes happened only by chance, when cavalry bumped into armor by accident. Like in the Battle of Krojtani, based on which German propaganda shaped the legend.

    Yes, we are on the same page. that's why I call that a legend. Unfortunately, in the collective imagination, some legends persist... 

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