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  1. I know this is not a good moment. All the eyes are on the Syrian front now with the release of CMSF2 demo. Anyhow, here is our second game with @JoMc67. The scenario is named Meet Small Village QB-287.btt. This is again a meeting engagement with two objectives that are closed to each other. Both sides is having a Reinforced Infantry Platoon to start with. But, this time we have decided to increase the scenario's duration to 20 minutes plus 5 minutes extra possible. Also, we have changed a little bit our house rules as follow: No Pre-Planned Arty (or Area-Fire from Ground Units) on Turn 1 of a Meeting Engagement, or from Defender. Player will need to Call-In Arty normally (Attacker in Attack/Defense Games are exempt and can use Pre-Planned Arty). Players will let the Computer AI choose what Targets to shoot at (player can't choose Targets, but can still use 'Area-Fire'). Player can still use Smoke at anytime and any Location on the Map. Units can check LOF (line of Fire, and thus Area-Fire) at two locations per turn...Once before Movement (exact location of Unit at beginning of turn), and at the first Waypoint (doesn't matter how short or long the Waypoint is)...However, if you check LOF at that Waypoint, then you must keep that Waypoint w/o any alteration (can't delete or change it until next turn). Area-Fire has to be roughly within 2x Action-Spots (360 degrees) to the Enemy Unit/Icon (this includes Direct HE fire from Onboard Arty...Smoke can still be anywhere on map)...Arty called in by an HQ or FO is exampt and can be conducted anywhere on the Map. Players Can't click on Enemy Icons or Units during a Game. Vehicle Smoke Dischargers (not Smoke Shells) is controlled by the Computer AI, and not by the Player. This will be a DAR hoping to receive advices from the readers and applies them during the battle. 🙂
  2. @JoMc67 I think I will continue in this thread the DAR of the mirror version. This is time to leave for now... Happy game and like me, have fun !
  3. ncc1701e

    Canadian Forces Composition

    I did not play much with the Canadians but their official TO&E is here: https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/cmsf2-nato-module/?tab=toe MAJOR FORMATIONS (NOT A COMPLETE LIST) Tank Squadron Mech Infantry Battalion Independent Battlegroup Rifle Company Engineer Company (Independent) VEHICLES Leopard 1 A5 C2 Leopard 2A4+ Leopard 2A6 M LAV I BISON LAV III ISC LAV III CP LAV III TOW LAV III FOO Nyala HMG Nyala RWS G Wagon G Wagon Turreted HEAVY WEAPONS C6 MG M2HB M72A7 LAW Carl Gustav Eryx M19 60mm Light Mortar L16 81mm Medium Mortar SMALL ARMS C3A1 C7A2 C7A2 w/ M203 grenade launcher C8A2 C8A2 w/ M203 grenade launcher C9 C14 C15 ARTILLERY SUPPORT C3 81mm mortar LG Mark 2 105mm howitzer M777 155mm howitzer M1094 155mm self-propelled howitzer AIR SUPPORT CF-188A
  4. Merci à toi, la suite prochainement... 😉
  5. MY CONCLUSION I think I did not study enough the terrain. Okay fair, I have lost some time at the beginning of the scenario doing some scouting while approaching the village through the woods. But, even with this time lost, my mistake was to attack from the woods directly in his kill zone. The second avenue of approach with the little hollow would perhaps have been a better approach. I do not know what you guys think. With @JoMc67, we will play the same scenario but with me taking the Canadians while he takes the Germans. This will be interesting for learning.
  6. Another junior officer far from being an officer, you should say... The definition of this French term is here: https://www.defense.gouv.fr/actualites/articles/faire-un-baroud-d-honneur I agree that my second game was far from perfect. ☚ī¸
  7. MINUTE 22 My armored car is hunting its nemesis while another squad is progressing. Surprisingly, it seems no armored car is able to see each other !!? They did not fire at each other. But, I have no time to investigate why. The logical conclusion just arrived. Final enemy setup is below:
  8. MINUTE 21 My troops are assaulting for a last "baroud d'honneur". While one squad is covering my right flank. But, my hopes are gone. Third squad is falling back and the spotters, left behind, fail to see from where shots are coming.
  9. Thank you - I am watching them. But, it is sometimes difficult to make them into practice ...
  10. ncc1701e

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Hey! Welcome back @Sgt.Squarehead.
  11. The wait will never end because you will always have the desire to have more... even after the game release. 🤗
  12. MINUTE 20 My armored car is on its way for a risky move. I hope to contest the objective before the end. I hope The British in the house are suppressed enough and won't return fire. My squad is still progressing well without return fires. If I had to retry this scenario, this was perhaps my best avenue of approach compared to the woods... Armored car in danger now... Ah ah! I am taking shots from my right. There are some guys on the second objective too. Finally, @JoMc67 has splitted his forces. Hello there!
  13. Thanks @domfluff. Will try next time. Does it work the same between Target, Target Light and Target Briefly?
  14. MINUTE 19 My armored car is starting its area fire while my men continue to push forward. The enemy armored car shoud take few bullets I hope. But, it is firing on my Panzerschreck team. Finally, the enemy armored car is falling back. But, this is too late. Even if two squads are advancing toward the village, they won't reach it before the end...
  15. Thanks guys for these tips!
  16. ncc1701e

    Purchase from europe

    Both, no problem at all. Just the custom taxes of 40 euros for the physical shipment that was a little surprised. But, I was willing to have the latest printed manual...
  17. MINUTE 18 MG42 continues its suppression work while my troops are moving. I do not know what the armored car is doing but appearently it has some difficulties to respond to my Hull Down command. Finally, it ends there spotting the enemy armored car. Next turn, my armored car will area fire near the enemy armored car not to violate our house rules...
  18. MINUTE 17 One MG42 is firing at the sound contact still available on the house where shots were coming. Meanwhile, my troops are once again advancing. I am experimenting the Hull Down command on the house for some direct fire support later.
  19. MINUTE 16 Not much to report. The mortar fire has stopped. My armored car is progressing as well as my men. But, they are again tired... Won't reach anything in this battle, I am afraid. Hope you are not tired to read some poor tactical planning.
  20. ncc1701e

    Purchase from europe

    No problem for me as well. Digital download and mail delivery did work well. Just beware of the custom taxes for mail delivery... 40 euros for me...
  21. A squad in a vehicule is able to "ACQUIRE" some stuff, here Javelin launcher. But, is it possible for this squad to "UN-ACQUIRE" stuff? For example, I would like the squad to drop its Javelin launcher plus missiles since all the AFVs in the area are now destroyed. Is it possible? Thanks
  22. ncc1701e

    CMSF2 and the 4.0 upgrade

    Ah I see that you are following my current newbie AAR. đŸ¤Ŗ
  23. Plenty of time? Do you still think I could win with the condition of my men? And this is supposed to be good news? LOL 😃
  24. MINUTE 15 My Scout team is on the move. Will I finally find a way to reach this village? The cavalry arrives in the form of an armored car.