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    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Is there a particular reason why technicals (or this model perhaps) don't have access to "Target Light"? I do not see the button in this screenshot.
  2. ncc1701e

    New forum means...

    I must admit I am totally confused about this $1 purchase. Where I could find it on your site? I have the Paradox version of the game plus the three modules. And, following this link: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage_bfc&product_id=227&category_id=9&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26 I read that: Do you own at least one CMSF module, such as the Marines or British Forces module? If yes, then you do not need this upgrade! Please download the FREE 1.21 patch from www.battlefront.com/patches. If no, then the v1.21 special upgrade may apply to you. Please read point 3 below. Do you plan to purchase a module? If yes, then you do not need this upgrade! If you purchase a Module, your base game will automatically be "converted". Modules work with retail versions as is. There is no need to purchase this upgrade. Simply go to www.battlefront.com/store to buy a module. So, I assume that I do not need the $1 purchase that convert my Paradox license over to your system. Am i right? Thanks
  3. ncc1701e

    What will the next CM be?

    Really hope so. I think a French army module for CMSF2 will bring lots of possibility in terms of story telling.
  4. I am following this one. But, will be hooked by this one too. 😉 Thanks for doing this
  5. ncc1701e

    The state of CMSF2

    Well said
  6. ncc1701e

    CMSF2 briefings?

    Thank you, I hope your NDA is still okay after giving this leak
  7. With the incoming CMSF2 release, is it possible to know if CMSF2 will have its own briefing template such as CMBN or CMBS? The question I have is do I care to do briefings now or shall I wait for the official release? Thanks
  8. ncc1701e

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Thanks for your answer Steve. This will be a great end of year.
  9. ncc1701e

    BBC article on FT-17

    Well perhaps also in Afghanistan: https://wwiiafterwwii.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/wwii-gear-in-afghan-use-part-iii-tanks-and-artillery/
  10. ncc1701e

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I had the idea last year but never post it here since I found it was crazy. It is still crazy today but since you are talking about possible changes in the future. Well, here it is. You have an engine. You have families. You have modules / battle packs. Why not suppress the family level? I am thinking of something like DCS world, call it Combat Mission world. Each family installs in Combat Mission world just like a module. Of course, raise the price of family/module according to the effort needed to develop it. That way, you have one engine / one patch? Well I have no idea, I am guessing. The other advantage is that one can play the army he wants if he has bought the family/module of course. That could led to interesting things like if someone own CMSF2 and CMBS, we could have the latest M1 (CMBS) against T55 (CMSF). Or some idiot uchrony like a T90 (CMSF) against a platoon of Tiger (CMBN). No interest here but at least I'll give it a try just once. Crazy? Indeed! Thanks for the update Steve !
  11. ncc1701e

    The state of CMSF2

    Seriously? I remember my post last year complaining about my M2/M3 Bradley getting immobilized in a scenario where red air force was annoying. Can't wait to replay this scenario with CMSF2. On a side note, hope the uncons won't access to air defense. It will complicated again my gameplay. That is what I like in this "game" (if we can call it a game - this is more than this), I need to activate my brain and plan carefully.
  12. ncc1701e

    Book for CMBN and CMFB maps

    You are right. I have just found this myself. They have done a compilation of the maps of the campaign series in one book for Western front. The equivalent book is existing for Eastern front: https://ospreypublishing.com/atlas-of-the-eastern-front-hb The scale is just too high for design. At least, it can give a little background for briefings. But, I agree, online sources will be definitely better. Cheers
  13. Just seen this incoming book from Osprey Publishing: https://ospreypublishing.com/store/military-history/upcoming-books/preorder-2-months/atlas-of-the-european-campaign In June 1944 the Allies opened the long-awaited second front against Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, and this was to be the start of a long struggle throughout Western Europe for the Allied forces in the face of stiff German resistance. The European Theatre was where the bulk of the Allied forces were committed in the struggle against Nazi Germany. It saw some of the most famous battles and operations of the war - Normandy, Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge - as the Allies sought to liberate Western Europe in the face of bitter and hard-fought German resistance. From the beaches of D-Day through to the final battles in war-ravaged Germany, the war across the breadth and depth of Western Europe is brought to life through scores of carefully researched and intricately detailed maps. If it may help people for map design. Cheers
  14. As if the situation was not complicated enough. This is now operation Olive Branch. http://edition.cnn.com/2018/01/21/middleeast/turkey-military-forces-enter-syria-intl/index.html
  15. ncc1701e

    New features curiosity

    Ability to split a squad inside a vehicle or something like that. If I have a squad inside a Bradley, I would like to be able to disembark a scout team of two men without exposing the entire squad to small arms firing.
  16. Bad encounter in the woods
  17. Perhaps you could pick up the British module of CMSF waiting for a future bundle with CMBS and its first module.
  18. It would be funny to see it just once. German WWII against US marines.
  19. ncc1701e

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    That was my guess. That is why I will not open such a thread. Let's be happy with what we have already !!!
  20. ncc1701e

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Sorry but do you an idea of what CM3 will look like? At this stage, we can only guess or open a wish list thread, no?
  21. ncc1701e

    Barbed Wire

    @sburke thanks for your above detailled answer. +1
  22. ncc1701e

    Barbed Wire

    I assume but they did introduce uncons. And, this was a brilliant innovating idea from Battlefront imo. CMSF1 is a great game. I think engine 4.0 will completely renew the game experience.
  23. ncc1701e

    Barbed Wire

    So, this is introducing "ground to air" ability, correct? But, which tools can be used by blue side? Are you sure TOE will be rewritten? That is where I am a little confused. I am not sure "CMSF in 4.0" means TOE are rewritten. And, if there are not rewritten blue side won't have air defense like in CMSF1. Only red side will have ZSU.
  24. ncc1701e

    Combat Mission AI

    Would be nice to have indeed. Teaching/learning the AI to use smoke is also important imo. Pop smoke to avoid a potential kill zone is often lacking when AI is attacking. At least, with patch 4.0, we did receive few enhancements: AI AREA FIRE ORDERS: The AI can now be scripted to use Area Fire! Each AI Order can have a target zone designated. AI FACING ORDERS: Each AI Order can be given a location for it to Face towards. AI WITHDRAW ORDERS: AI Groups can be ordered to Withdraw towards their movement destination. Vehicles will move in Reverse to the destination, while infantry will leapfrog back while turning around to face behind them.
  25. ncc1701e

    Active FMs

    Thanks all for your answers. I have found this site useful too: http://www.lonesentry.com/ There is even an article on the vulnerabilities of the Tiger tank: http://www.lonesentry.com/articles/ttt_tigervulnerability/index.html