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    New to Combat Mission

    This makes me think of something. Will the 35$ upgrade allow you to purchase DVD and the paper manual ?
  2. To check every day if SF2 is out. Looks like my Christmas gift is in advance this year. At my age, it should not happen. I am like a kid waiting 🎅😃
  3. ncc1701e

    Can I cut and paste my CM game...

    A secret project !!! 🙈🙉🙊
  4. ncc1701e

    The CM2 FAQ Thread

    I am not the author of this video. However, may I suggest to add it to the FAQ? I find it useful for a newbie.
  5. Hi all, Could you please recommend some sources / books regarding the libyan civil war (2011 / 2018)? I am looking for the military operations with some more details, if possible, that what I could find on wikipedia or the few things I have currently found. Thanks in advance
  6. ncc1701e

    Am I the only one ?

    Not at all, I am playing CMSF1 scenario meanwhile. One of my US squads discovers Uncons hidden in a trench. Firefight of course. Then, I saw one of the Uncons doing the move to throw a grenade. I said internally 'oh my ...' But, at this exact moment, the Uncon guy was touched by a bullet and the grenade went onto the ground. Explosion, two more bad guys out... Boring? no. Entertaining? completely. 😃 End of september is not yet there. They have still time to polish the beast... 🎅
  7. Thank you so much @Combatintman
  8. ncc1701e

    CMSF 2 question

    Great !!!
  9. A squad in a vehicule is able to "ACQUIRE" some stuff, here Javelin launcher. But, is it possible for this squad to "UN-ACQUIRE" stuff? For example, I would like the squad to drop its Javelin launcher plus missiles since all the AFVs in the area are now destroyed. Is it possible? Thanks
  10. My goal is to design several scenario for CMSF2 taking the historical background of this civil war. Too early for a campaign I am afraid. I prefer to start with something little. I am reading plenty of stuff right now to give me some ideas of interesting things to translate into scenario. I think I have all the necessary equipments (RED tanks / technicals) to do something not too far away from history. Perhaps will miss some NATO air assets like Tiger helicopters but an Apache is not too bad after all. Of course, this will be RED vs RED
  11. ncc1701e

    Un-Acquire ?

    Well, I have done few tests. Take a squad on the ground (not inside a vehicle). Split it and leave the two teams untouched. It will take approximately 15 seconds to recombine the squad automatically. Now, take two teams of the same squad in separate ground areas. Ask one of the team to go on the same square than the other one. It will take approximately 3 seconds to recombine the squad automatically. In terms of UI, the split buttons are there, they are just greyed out when the squad is inside the vehicle. Why not do exactly the same than when the squad is outside the vehicle? Splitting a squad inside a vehicle, you have 15 seconds to do something with the team of your choice before an automated merge. And, when the team is back in the vehicle, 3 seconds later it is merged in its squad if everybody there. I do not know what it does represent in terms of code. But, all the LEGO pieces are there.
  12. ncc1701e

    Un-Acquire ?

    Thank you - something to add to my wish list then. But, less important than the ability to split squad inside vehicles. I would like to dismount a scout team not an entire squad if needed to limit exposure. I know there is a workaround for this but really implementing split squad inside vehicles will allow flexibility since there are four possible squad split options.
  13. ncc1701e

    Am I the only one ?

    Yeah, you are a rocketman after all 😃
  14. Agree this one is a masterpiece. Hopefully, we will have it back with a real bridge in SF2. Looking forward for the end of this great AAR
  15. Thanks guys, it helps
  16. Indeed, check your spam. First time, I have to redirect the email from the helpdesk to the correct folder.
  17. ncc1701e

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    I am quite happy that there is no automated response like launching smoke and falling back as soon as LWR detects something. I am still surprised there is no laser warning message thanks to the new engine. None of the CMSF vehicles are LWR-equipped even the Abrams or the Bradley in 2007 ? 😕
  18. ncc1701e

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Yes one question: Does the vehicles receive laser warning when targeted like in Black Sea ? Thanks
  19. ncc1701e

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Yes you are right. What the same in CMSF and just noticing this now ... My bad ☚ī¸ Ouch ... Great AAR. All your pictures are without any mods, correct?
  20. ncc1701e

    CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR

    Is there a particular reason why technicals (or this model perhaps) don't have access to "Target Light"? I do not see the button in this screenshot.
  21. ncc1701e

    New forum means...

    I must admit I am totally confused about this $1 purchase. Where I could find it on your site? I have the Paradox version of the game plus the three modules. And, following this link: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage_bfc&product_id=227&category_id=9&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26 I read that: Do you own at least one CMSF module, such as the Marines or British Forces module? If yes, then you do not need this upgrade! Please download the FREE 1.21 patch from www.battlefront.com/patches. If no, then the v1.21 special upgrade may apply to you. Please read point 3 below. Do you plan to purchase a module? If yes, then you do not need this upgrade! If you purchase a Module, your base game will automatically be "converted". Modules work with retail versions as is. There is no need to purchase this upgrade. Simply go to www.battlefront.com/store to buy a module. So, I assume that I do not need the $1 purchase that convert my Paradox license over to your system. Am i right? Thanks
  22. ncc1701e

    What will the next CM be?

    Really hope so. I think a French army module for CMSF2 will bring lots of possibility in terms of story telling.