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  1. Shoggot

    Back To The Waal problem

    Thank you very much. All your insights are very helpful. If anybody has any other insights, I would be appreciate it. Sorry if I sounded anrgy or something. This scenario really got into my nerves, because I started to question myself and even my basic ability to command. But seeing now how hard the real thing was, I think you got the scenario totally right. Thank you.
  2. Hello! I've started to play this scenario as Allies and I'm just helpless. I don't know what to do, I'm starting to think that there is only one right approach. I'm at 25:00 on timer now and this is the situation. So far the casualties were minimal, I managed to destroy AA position on A and in the fort, also took Embankment kinda, but depleted all of my mortars because of that. Now I'm simply stuck, there is NO WAY how to win this scenario. If you try to cross the enbankment (even with smoke grenades), bam, you're dead, Germans on the other side and from houses (white line), just destroy you. Like immediately, there is no chance. If you try to cross the embankment near fort, BANG, Germans immediately eliminate you, no chance. There is literally no approach to do here without obliterating your forces and lose. Was this scenario designer intent? I thought that maybe you could take the MG C out with mortars and strike there with all your men (the moment you divide them, they all die - there is no way how to attack in more places at the same time, but that is true about most scenarios in CMBN). Or is this whole thing about game engine? My soldiers can't fire or see anything even though they are on the embankment and the Germans just massacre them the moment they step on the road. No exceptions. And don't tell me about using the dikes like cover, like there is in cover. That's nonsense. At no point you cant get to them, because that would meant crossing the embakment, which results in immediate wipe-out. Even if there are two Germans with smg laying in open ground, they just massacre you. And 88 and MG from the house start shooting at you.
  3. Shoggot

    Combat Mission Tactical Problems

    Is there any possibility of putting all this amazing information you have on your blog to single PDF? I would love to read it on my Kindle.
  4. Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, is this campaign newbie friendly? I finished the first mission, did pretty well, just 15 of my men killed and lost no tanks, so I had German Major Victory. However, is the rest of the campaign newbie friendly? If not, should I start some other? I play on Veteran difficulty. Thank you for responses!
  6. Shoggot

    Can't access Battlefront website

    Yup, I'm from Czech Republic. This is kind of surprising for me. We've moved into this flat like 6 months ago and we kinda got internet connection from the previous tenants. I'll probably should have talk with the internet service provider.
  7. Hi! I have this problem that I just can't acces the Battlefront website in my home. Whenever I'm connected to different Wi-Fi, it's no problem, but I can't acces the website from my connection at home. It's really shame because I want to buy Final Blitzkrieg and I have no means to do that. My IP adress is: . Thank you for help!