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  1. I don't have the kind of equipment to post great vids these days, but this little scene involving a couple of BMP's was pretty cool.
  2. With shaders on, parts of the model seem too bright and shadows disappear (especially around the turret). Had a quick look and it's missing quite a few normal maps. Maybe next patch we could get a fix. I made some for the turret and era blocks using the nvidia tool so I'll survive till then.
  3. Little mod I made to supplement the snow effects on modular buildings in CMFB What it does: Adds snow effect to doors, windows and window frames in snow conditions (i.e using tags). Adds some snowy balcony frames - these aren't very good though as they way texture is used elsewhere prohibits a nice effect on the balcony floor, but better than nothing I suppose. Also, I fixed the window alphas for every window used on modular buildings so when you look through a window the frames and windows are in the correct position (i.e the window texture and alphas now match up so the window is transparent and the frame isn't - not always the case in the window textures.). I'll try and post some screenshots at some point. https://drive.google.com/open?id=147QdozhNwhkrec0gvVDnvcDZyA4qk_zL
  4. I take it this is a bug...? Selecting the SS PZ Gren Armored Battalion will give SS uniforms for mounted troops, but if you alter a platoon to dismounted they become wehrmacht in appearance, uniforms, helmets everything. It doesn't look like armored engineers or pz grens, just regular heer. Tested it in scenario editor, the bug doesn't occur there. Seems to be quick mission only. Weird... Here is an example QB, Oct 44. SS arm only, Panzergrendier Battalion [armored]. Looks like a TOE error, but why only in QB? Trying to change the uniform of the effected unit in the force select screen seems to have no effect - however it does give waffen uniform choices as valid options.
  5. Yes, It looks like it does. I meant to test it a while back but never got round to it. It seems to work which is surprising seeing at it uses tagged models, I thought only textures worked. I just made a mission in the editor and added the tag - went to 3D deploy - got berets, then removed the tag - went to deploy - got helmets.... Try it and see, wont work if you have the original mod installed though... remove that first... tagged berets... using a mod tag (tag included in the zip for importing to scenarios) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OXXCzzzXA2GW1G-5GrrJsF9l5ll2KGjN Useful but you won't get them in quick missions and such... unless the QM map has the tag. Tagging models opens a few other doors I expect.. hmmm.... Someone probably spotted this before, but what would you use it on...? Vehicles, uniforms... buildings, weapons...?
  6. It's just a bitmap, it's not a used texture, seems like a placeholder or something. It's name is building108-bogus (00).bmp. I found it while looking for something else in CMBN files and realized it was missing in FB, but all the other files for the windmill were. When I put it my FB "z folder" I found the windmill in the editor. Guess just its presence or absence is what determines whether the windmill appears. Maybe better to ask BF why they did it this way.
  7. Yeah i think you're right, my hex edits don't match the texture names so its by filename, not names inside the file. I do remember running into a problem where the helmet model would appear briefly when I clicked on unit, then the beret would return. I remember spending ages trying to fix it, the hex edits may be for that. Maybe they were completely unnecessary too. I can't remember... So I basically just tried making it again without hex editing anything, and it all works fine, so you're probably right. It was likely done while trying to solve the glitching I had, but that was down to some missing lods. Unique names for parts of a 3d model probably won't do any harm though. I've been using it and not had any issues.
  8. I think so, because the original files had the vehicle beret texture name, without this, my mod would have resulted in black vehicle berets. That was the model I ported over. So I made a new texture and hex edited the file. I'll double check though, I'll have to extract the vehicle crew berets and do a hex compare between the vehicle beret model and the para beret. It may be you didn't have to do that because the model you ported over named the texture you wanted already. In my case I wanted to keep the vehicle berets as they were and add a new one for the para's. So I did a quick check and they were hex edited, also my edited versions are a couple of bytes bigger so that thing about not adding bytes can be discounted. i.e there was no checksum evidently.
  9. Yup, pretty much was a case of looking at the russian cap mod and working out the swap. It was a while ago now and I don't remember entirely. Think some hex editing was necessary - not sure. Also after making my own texture basically from scratch, I actually found that there is a para beret in one of the Normandy archives. That's why the one in the screenshot has a different badge. The one in the archives had a more detailed cap badge, but it's wings were slightly skewed. Never got round to fixing it. So after a quick look at it, I think the general process was to take the models (all lods) of the vehicle crew berets and rename them to smod_british_helmet-para*lod* etc. Each file had to be hex edited to redirected it to the new texture. This is at the start of each file - a texture name. There is model name in each file too about half way down, smod_british_beret-para, can't remember why I did this, probably the new set of models required a unique name to work. Pretty sure I didn't add any bytes to files, just chose new names of same length to avoid any checksum issues.
  10. Windmills are present in FB's archives but not available in the editor despite Holland being depicted as one of the locations. Here is a way to enable windmills... It's triggered by a "bogus" bitmap. Simply add the bogus bitmap to your Z folder. I included a snow roof too. The windmill will appear in the editor as the last (bottom right) independent 4 story commercial building. The windmill works exactly as in CMBN, but it's snowbox is square. So in deep snow conditions the snowbox around the bottom floor looks a bit wonky. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jtX0EIDwY6OLKPYiIp2JgYSM6lk7V3aU This discovery leads me to ask what else can be enabled by bogus bitmaps...? There is a lot of content in the brz files of FB that don't appear in game like various others bridges e.g canal bridges.
  11. Reproducible crash on all versions I own (BS, FB, FI BN, RT) in two steps from main menu. If save folder and email games are empty go to SAVED GAME, click delete... boom! Probably been reported before, who knows? Found it over two years ago I think, but now the patches are finally in development I thought I'd mention it.
  12. Is it my imagination or is the AI behaviour under HE fixed in this demo?
  13. +1 mate, nice tip. I'd read about ditchlock in the CM-MG manual but seeing it combined with trenches looks excellent. I take it the sandbags are masked by blacking out the alpha of the sandbag texture? Doesn't this render sandbag wall invis or something? I'll leave them on for now, but I'll try the adding the ditch effect to a few scenarios that have trenches, see how it goes.
  14. Add Tall boccage to the editor, seeing as many of the quick battle maps have tall boccage in them, though it is passable by infantry for some reason in FB. Maybe its just a tall hedge now. Makes me wonder how they made these quick battle maps have Tall boccage at all if it's not in the editor. Or did they just import some of them from the other titles, as evidenced by some of the buildings lacking walls, and the preview screens featuring Normandy summer terrain or mountains from FI. FB seems to be able to cope though, it even has editor icons for Tall boccage, but alas we were deemed unworthy. Also we have "Holland" as a location but suddenly no windmills. I know all windmills in Holland were destroyed by October 1944 so why did they include the windmill in the .brz files then? Maybe we get to pay for it later. Also fix the shadows on the sandbags on the wooden bunker (shelter) pls. Red Thunder's are fine, the other titles all have the same bug. Interior of building 105 level 0 window is broken too - I replaced the model with Fortress Italy's 105's (though this lacks chimneys).
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