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  1. Imported UCP uniforms from SF2 Demo
  2. Jace11

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Is it my imagination or is the AI behaviour under HE fixed in this demo?
  3. Jace11

    Improvement suggestions

    +1 mate, nice tip. I'd read about ditchlock in the CM-MG manual but seeing it combined with trenches looks excellent. I take it the sandbags are masked by blacking out the alpha of the sandbag texture? Doesn't this render sandbag wall invis or something? I'll leave them on for now, but I'll try the adding the ditch effect to a few scenarios that have trenches, see how it goes.
  4. Jace11

    Improvement suggestions

    Add Tall boccage to the editor, seeing as many of the quick battle maps have tall boccage in them, though it is passable by infantry for some reason in FB. Maybe its just a tall hedge now. Makes me wonder how they made these quick battle maps have Tall boccage at all if it's not in the editor. Or did they just import some of them from the other titles, as evidenced by some of the buildings lacking walls, and the preview screens featuring Normandy summer terrain or mountains from FI. FB seems to be able to cope though, it even has editor icons for Tall boccage, but alas we were deemed unworthy. Also we have "Holland" as a location but suddenly no windmills. I know all windmills in Holland were destroyed by October 1944 so why did they include the windmill in the .brz files then? Maybe we get to pay for it later. Also fix the shadows on the sandbags on the wooden bunker (shelter) pls. Red Thunder's are fine, the other titles all have the same bug. Interior of building 105 level 0 window is broken too - I replaced the model with Fortress Italy's 105's (though this lacks chimneys).
  5. This is Karl... And that thing he's cuddling there is Karl's Panzerschreck which he affectionately calls "Bertha". He claims the camouflague on Bertha reduces the chances of enemy tanks spotting him by 75%! Karl's ammo bearer has cause to dispute this claim as he's lying in a bush picking shrapnel from a tank shell out of his internal organs... The rest of his platoon, save for a few stragglers and himself, have withdrawn to the woods to the rear. But Karl didn't go with them despite being shot at by infantry, tanks and surviving two mortar strikes. He's been hiding in these bushes and watching this one roll up the hill, but he has only 1 round left. Karl's a good shot, I'm not sure if he's told you that already, he usually tells anyone who'll listen. His second tank of this December morning. Now on something of a roll and with no more rounds for Bertha, he pulls his pistol and spies a halftrack. He's not concerned that a squad of enemy infantry were seen running along that tree-line only a minute ago or that his pistol is somewhat inferior to his beloved Bertha in the anti-armour role. Sure enough, his efforts to ruin the paint job on the halftrack draw the attention of the americans and Karl ist Kaputt.. The End.
  6. Jace11

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    I found one, very rare, I tried all sorts of formations and didn't see any. Despite it being listed in the manual and on the website TOE I was beginning to think there weren't in Red Thunder. Then finally I found a Company HQ asst. that had one.
  7. Jace11

    Para Berets

    I'd quite like to see if it I can get it working in CMSF, but I'd have to buy it first. I might try it for the CMSF2 demo when it drops. Shouldn't be too hard now I know how.
  8. Jace11

    Para Berets

    It was just an experiment to see if the berets on vehicle crews could work on airborne. It doesn't affect the crews - I've tested this and it seems fine. Ironed out a few problems last night - a glitchy switching back and forth between helmet and beret models when clicking on a unit - but I believe this is fixed now (I had missed a whole set of lod files). I've only tested it in CMFI:GL so far, it will probably affect Polish airborne in CMBN. I haven't tried a mod tag with it but I want to test this too. Unsure if mod tags work with models as they do with textures, but if they do, perhaps you could enable it with a [beret] mod tag. I'm also considering the color. I will take some time to make certain its all good before I upload it to CMMods but in the meantime if you're interested i've uploaded it here: British Para Berets Despite all the things I've just mentioned, it seems to work fine now, but let me know if you have any problems.
  9. A little experiment, not realistic but kinda fun.
  10. Is it just me or do other people get this effect with fog conditions? Seems common to all CM titles I have and the effect is stronger as I increase the fog from light to dense. Doesn't appear with mist or haze though as far as I can tell. I get seemingly random dark tiles that lack fog. These appear and disappear depending on viewing range. I did a quick test map and found its not related to elevation or lighting. The only thing that seems to cause it is the number of different tiles bordering each other. If more than 3 different tile textures border each it other it occurs. In the screen below you can see it doesn't occur at the tile junction closest to the camera as the two grass textures (which are actually different tiles - clover and tall grass) use the same ground texture but different doodads. Anyway, would be nice to see a fix at some point.
  11. Jace11

    CMSF2 Demo

    Yup, you got me first time I saw it. Unfortunately the thread has recently been derailed with off-topic posts but I'll continue to check it regularly and the battlefront website for actual news on the demo, which they said would be coming "soon..." as there is little alternative.
  12. Hi, i'm looking for the official psd files for the mission briefings and maps for Final Blitzkrieg. I have found the ones for the other games but not this one. Pretty sure they must have been in repository at some point but I missed them I guess. I wanted to get my mission briefings and presentation up to the same standard so if someone can point to me them that would be great. Thanks, Jace
  13. If I give a StuG or assault gun a Target Armour Arc, shouldn't it turn and face? Tanks have a turret, so don't turn and face an arc given, they just turn their turret, I accept this but I would often prefer it if they they did turn the hull too if stationary, however. But please tell me this is not the same for Assault guns, because I just saw that in a game I was playing. My StuG rolled up, to the waypoint then sat facing on that course and did not respond to the arc command at the node, I just tested it again with different types of target arc and saw the same. This behaviour seems counter-intuitive to me. The game should at least interpret it as a face command first then switch to a target arc for vehicles with a fwd-firing main armement.
  14. Jace11

    Possible house bug

    They toned down overcast shadows on terrain, but not I don't think they did the same for buildings, so it stands out even more now.