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  1. 👍Good find! Assuming these are actually yours.
  2. You can follow forum member "Battlefront" to get an email notification as soon as he posts something new. AFAIK he is the only one to announce updates or releases. This planned patch is rather troublesome it seems. Though I figure; Shock Force 2 seems to play very well, so the good AI code is right there since november last year, ready to go into the other games, whatever that may take...
  3. I would be surprised if the DRM of the full versions worked with Wine. But any further discussion of that is probably against the forum rules.
  4. Indeed, One can do that very well with just a single account. A guy named Other Mord has shown us how.
  5. Great! Thanks a lot for the fixing it within short notice.
  6. The former colonies? Like in West Africa they have dry and wet season. Which seem to me like two variants of continuous summer.
  7. Duly noted. I do recall the ArmA 2 Iron Front DLC shows a similarly lush Normandy terrain. I suppose that is what photo references are for, but this isn't really the topic for that. IIRC my reasoning for modding the terrain textures was : 1) The drab of the tanks visually matched poorly with the normandy surroundings. 2) I wanted to play the Market Garden "Holland" Quick Battle maps in both Summer and Autumn, and just made it closer to my view of the Netherlands, which is where I am from.
  8. Glad you agree it is a glitch. Yeah I have done such a map edit before, just that this building is such a prominent part of the map that it seemed worthy of a notification here.
  9. I was not aware of the lack of user scenarios for CMFB, that is a part of the games I haven't tried much yet. But you are right that it matters. Actually I can entertain myself with small Quick Battles trying out different forces for a long time. But would not dare suggest that punishing the AI in this way is much of challenge compared to well scripted scenarios or human opponents.
  10. I don't see any landmark text above it. Attached a picture of the tower and the confused syrian soldiers which were ordered to enter.
  11. Normally I prefer earlier years of WW2 where the Axis forces had not been so beaten beforehand. But Final Blitzkrieg surprised me in the quality and variety of the maps, as well as the amount of vehicles included. Almost as if it already comes with an addon pack. I suppose it got the benefit of all models that were already prepared for the other WW2 games. So when on a budget this seems like a good candidate. I don't like the summer colors of Normandy. They are too saturated and bright IMHO. But that could easily be changed with a mod.
  12. @IanL, Yes I will try it that way. SMALL BUG REPORT: Quick Battle map "Desert Town 592x208" has one high building of 5 storeys, but it has no doors. Infantry cannot enter it.
  13. There are many German Flak vehicles and mounts in the MG addon. They can be quite useful for ground work when used carefully. (PS, to complicate matters there is also West-Friesland, which is somehow not in Friesland, but a region of North-Holland)
  14. Also a bit put off to conclude that some 3.0 games were actually preferable over their 4.0 version. But I did not get to playing much Combat Mission in the past year anyways. On a positive note, maybe some small improvements that evolved during the prolonged CM:SF2 project will benefit the WW2 games through this upcoming patch.
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