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  1. In the pdf manual: The image below the M10 tank destoyer entry shows another M18 Hellcat instead.
  2. Funny thing: Extended Updates for Windows (XP) "POSready 2009" were still coming in until past April 2019. That is 18 years of updates with a small tweak. Microsoft is going to do a similar thing with Windows 7: Extended Updates for another 3 years at least. As it stands, normal people and small businesses can't get these Windows 7 updates, not even if you want to pay for it.
  3. "Bug and stuff thread." Unfortunately I cannot call it a bug, but CMFI v2.10 does not work on Windows XP. To be precise; it seems the DRM part of it cannot launch anymore. The game itself is probably still OK with it, but it never gets there. This is the first time such a limitation arises, so far all CM games I tested worked on XP, up to the 2019 releases and updates. It had to come to this sooner or later.
  4. "Red Hammer" sounds familiar.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:_Red_Hammer Old game, no problem.
  5. What I meant was, that I made a red colored headset texture, for checking out whether or not the texture was being utilized for the headset I was looking at in the game. Just to make sure. So Photoshop 7 introduced support for alpha channel .bmp files. Good to know that.
  6. Quick battle meeting engagement, playing as Germans. Several tries before, and the US always won the tank duel. Also this time my Pz IV tank crew had bailed out, with one sherman still on the hunt. But I was granted 5 off-map mortar assets, and the two command teams in the center just managed to take a peek and direct the mortars. Mortar casualties were 100. US forces surrendered.
  7. Personally, the development communication and release dates are of no concern to me. A software company has a product and sells it. It does not sell what it does not yet have (except some pre-order exceptions). Whenever I am contemplating things that have not yet been released, it just means that I am probably bored. Which is fine in itself, as long as it doesn't get me annoyed. That is then my problem, not the software company's problem. It was only the initial state of the v4 upgrades that I was not happy about. I have mixed feelings about that time between v4.00 and v4.02.
  8. While I am at it - With a QB 'meeting engagement' it seems impossible to get Axis and Allies to switch deployment sides. Like Axis forces are always on the same side of the map. But for Attack scenarios one is free to decide on this, so why not for meeting engagements as well?
  9. I do this now by double clicking the units, so the game then selects the squads in that group with their command team. For small battles it is OK for me. But as I play realtime and because of teams that become ineffective during battle; squads often end up far away from their command team. One small thing that does not really help: When selecting and moving a group in the deployment phase, whenever some unit falls outside the targetted part of the deployment zone, it remains in its original location, whilst the rest of the group gets moved to the selected new position. It happens often. I think this could work better. I currently have one other remaining complaint about the Quick Battles, which I mentioned before. It is the 'Mix' auto force selection handling of 'Battle-Taxi's'. It is most obvious with the CMSF2 Marines faction, where it usually offers loads of AAVP-7s, but not the teams to go with them.
  10. Honestly, carrot was the first thing that came to me, there must be meaning to it. I have to retreat and reflect on things now. Or maybe play some CM, we'll see how it ends up.
  11. I had to sign up to Pinterest to be able to view these pictures without some popup screen. Typed Gender='Carrot' and good to go. Age 144 was not accepted though.
  12. I get that it must be dissappointing to really be inspired to see more Eastern Front coverage of this game. With only CMRT the base game around, without winter months. Though I don't care too much myself. I enjoy Italy + GL the most currently, and with the 4.02 Patch it is finally in good enough shape. That interest will probably shift to other battlefields in the future. I don't know much about the Rome to VIctory era, and does not really fancy me currently. Also because Germany was in no shape for proper opposition in the last year of the war. But maybe Rome to Victory is a nice opportunity to learn some more of those battles. As to modding. CM seems to be limited on purpose in regard to modding options. I put a lot of time in a Flight Sim Strike Fighters, which whas written to accept modding of almost everything. Though I love what it is, and what it can do. That tale did not end well commercially. I may have taken it for granted over the years, but yes, I suppose they are nice people.
  13. If someone just wants a desert colored Leopard 2 for the time being. I noticed a desert skin is part of Shock Force 1. It still fits the Leopard 2 model of CMSF2 just fine.
  14. UK is now blessed with PM Johnson it seems; His Great-GrandFather was Minister of the interior for the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. Why is my family so boring in comparison?
  15. That is at least a level of background check. Small detail to add to that: "his family were among the highest levels of the British aristocracy,and thus he was born into the country's governing elite" (wikipedia). Also the bold part begs a question; who decides what britain needed?
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