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  1. Why the hostility against my suggestion, which anyone is free to take or ignore? This is an issue that makes the game look bad when it arises. And in this case it is easier to solve with a bit of code then by forum and helpdesk, plus that the game would then never look bad in that way again. I could code such myself in a few hours, but it is not my game / job.
  2. This issue keeps coming up on the forums. When it happens the users see a game that seems to be bugged. But it is unnecessary IMHO. I think battlefront should consider adding a version check for the strings resource. Like a window popping up when it detects a outdated strings file and giving the obvious causes: 1) outdated mods or 2) missing stock data. In that light: update the check for missing stock data files. The check is there in the games, but only half done. Or maybe battlefront people feel lonely sometimes and enjoy those repetitive support tickets.
  3. AFAIK Engine 4 is a paid upgrade, $10. Only the minor revisions, numbered behind the dot, are free patches.
  4. I made a small test scenario 400x400 meters, flat, with 10 immobilized T-55 tanks. Let it run four times. On average after around 15 GILL launches the 10 tanks are destroyed. That is how I remember it from earlier games. (Though earlier I played with v2.01 and this test was done in v2.02.)
  5. Was indeed considering asking you about it instead. But just went ahead. Did not take that long and it was a nice challenge to automate it.
  6. Much appreciated by me as well. For some reason I felt like modifying things: Exported all to jpeg images and with some script restored the image filenames to resemble the map filenames. Now I can search on keywords like 'Small' or 'Bocage' etc.
  7. AFAIK Them being master maps, they are neither QB or scenarios. Just for use in the Editor.
  8. Darn. Please forget my previous remark. Seems like my own CMFI install was missing a lot Quick Battle maps since a long time ago, with that fixed my remark is pointless.
  9. Comparing the file count, I stumbled upon another map that is included in the full CMFI installer, but not in the v2.10 update: Quick Battle Maps\146Meet Med Rough 146.btt
  10. One can discern the new and old .cam files by their file date. Dated 2009 is unmodified since SF1, The updated campaign files are dated 2018/2019.
  11. Strange. But good to hear that all is well now.
  12. It is there, May 1945, Single Vehicles, Armor: Top of the list.
  13. It means either: - one or more .brz archives in the game's \Data folder are missing. or - you are using a mod which has a customized text file inside. Meaning the mod is now outdated for use in that game version.
  14. The model detail switching distance goes together with somewhat small vehicles. Because of that the images describing the bugged behaviour are small in nature. Well to my eyes it is rather crude when I see it in game. As it is now I would rather have no spare turret tracks on any vehicle, instead of them appearing and disappearing like now. My conclusion of yesterday was that there are several Panther model files with bugged randomized 'optional' items and texture mixup. I count at least 4 bugged Panther model files in that regard. Also the game logic to synchronize the randomized 'optional' items between main model and low detail model can lose track, confusing the matter and causing the same glitches for a different reason. Thanks for the tip on dropbox. I could make a dropbox account or use imagebam.com like before. But these services tend to hold images for a few years and then crap out for some reason. Photobucket being a bad example.
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