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  1. Yeah, also consider that one may want to play as Syrians (Player) against USMC (AI). At least, I do sometimes. Whenever I start tweaking my force I always end up using my favorite force composition anyways, which gets a bit old. I added some more info at "Edit:" in my previous post.
  2. In case of the Marines, with a "Mix" Force: Usually Yes. (Edit: "Mix" is an actual setting in the setup screen. I actually had a discussion years ago, with Steve, about what Mix seemed to do at the time of the v3.0 games, and what I think it should be doing. I am happy to say that Since the v4.0 Upgrades "Mix" usually gives a mix of Armor and Infantry, and that is great) It is not "reasonably appropriate", since all these AAVs without their infantry don't stand a chance. I did not see such extremely unpractical force selection with the other factions: US, British, German, Canadian, Dutch , Syrian. Adjusting the Force manually is of course an option, and I recommend that for the USMC in particular. Still 1) Some randomness gives a nice variety 2) I don't want to know beforehand what force the opposing side (AI) will get.
  3. Edit, let me rewrite Your quoted bold line seems to now agree that patch .brz data remains, which is the main point of my posts. But what do you mean "unaccessed"? The extra brz is there and alphabetically gets priority over the other data. In case that leftover brz contains a "strings.txt" file then the game will be unplayable as such**. It will be mandatory to manually remove that brz file. The CMRT and CMBN examples that I illustrated earlier have exactly this "strings.txt" conflict. **though the main menu will still look fine, the quick battle setup screen for example will be unusable since all words (strings) are out of place there.
  4. OK, since CMRT is one of the few editions not in my possession, I can not test the actual result with the dialog strings. But the case still stands. I just did the same test with CMBN, which I do own. first ran "CMBN_v402_Setup.exe" then ran "CMBN_v400_Setup.exe" "E:\CM\CMBN\Data\normandy v401.brz" remains present. Should not be there. Start the game: Dialog strings are all messed up. Manually delete (or rename the extension) "E:\CM\CMBN\Data\normandy v401.brz": Everything OK again.
  5. I tested it before I wrote my message. Had some old install of CMRT in E:\CM\CMRT Started CMRT_v202_Setup.exe (178 MB total size of patch files) and point it to "E:\CM\CMRT" Started CMRT_v200_Setup.exe (156 MB total size of patch files) and point it to "E:\CM\CMRT" "E:\CM\CMRT\Data\red thunder v201.brz" remains. This file is a mismatch. Just did CMRT_v200_Setup.exe again, "red thunder v201.brz" remains. Let me ask differently: Can the Battlefront patches delete files, not just overwrite, but just delete? How would it decide which files are safe for deletion?
  6. Yes. Ploughed fields are the worst moire offenders. My memory is coming back and I think I gave these particular tiles the extra treatment: Decrease the contrast between raised and lowered areas of the ploughed field. Make it a more uniform earth color tile. Cobble stone roads were also more prone to unpleasant rendering. A tile with a uniform color cannot have any moire or annoying pixelation. So it is about finding a comprimise between desired texture detail and an always safe but flat uniform color. OpenGL/Direct3D may have rendering options with similar goals, I don't know the particulars, but at least in Combat Mission games it was not to my liking at all. Hence my adjustments.
  7. I made it a habit to downscale the terrain tiles for all Combat Mission games 50%. This makes them less sharp, more blurry, which is AFAIK the most practical way to remove moire. It should not be a big mod. like 85 MB for Final Blitzkrieg. Or is there some other method?
  8. That is because the v2.0.0 patch does not delete "data\red thunder v201.brz". Meaning you are running a v2.0.0 game executable with a v2.0.1 strings file in "data\red thunder v201.brz". Then you get the usual mismatching strings. You need to remove "red thunder v201.brz" manually. Patches can not backdate properly in case a .brz file needs to be removed, since patches doe not remove .brz files. (I just tested this myself to be sure) @BFC Elvis, I read in several places that you suggest that older patches can backdate to an earlier version. But I am afraid that is not generally true. For that to work patches need to delete .brz files "from the future", which of course they don't.
  9. The above Marine AAV force selection problem seems to still occur in v2.02.Which is what I expected, but one can hope... I noticed another small glitch in Black Sea this time, but I will just put it here with the other posts I made: "Open (1792x816) 244" map being a forest instead, see the 2-part screenshot below:
  10. Good to know, I will try to notice it next time. >Just wondering what CM short´╗┐ coming you are referring too? Did I mention any such? My messages in this topic were about reflecting on how typically every wargame gets mods with user-gathered replacement weapon sounds. And that I usually think these mods are less realistic, just more catchy.
  11. Just to add to this older topic. I see Osprey Publishing has four of their Campaign books focussed on the Italian Battlegrounds: Campaign 251 - Sicily 1943, The debut of Allied joint operations (Zaloga) Campaign 257 - Salerno 1943, The Allies invade Southern Italy (Konstam) Campaign 155 - Anzio 1944, The beleaguered beachhead (Zaloga) Campaign 134 - Cassino 1944, Breaking the Gustav line (Ford)
  12. When I wrote Hollywood I was actually remembering these sound mods in the past for Call of Duty 1 or Ghost Recon 1. Where it seems everyone had their idea on how an M-16 or AK-74 etc. should sound like, and it spawned lots of sound mods of dubious origin. It seemed to me that the only way to do it proper, is to use the sounds from the party that has the biggest budget, as to shoot the actual guns and record them consistently in a suitable environment. Then keep the sounds like that without making them more catchy through editing. What you replied is a good point though. In ArmA 2 the Sound travel delay and other effects are present and it sure is a nice touch. The sound travel delay is most obvious there when using the stationary howitzers.
  13. Are the sounds not realistic enough or not Hollywood enough?
  14. This evening I wanted to do a quick battle with the US Marines. Force selection set to "mix", automatic. 3 out of 4 times the computer automatic force selection decided to spend most of its points on Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAV). So I looked at these and was thinking: These AAVs have Javelins in their stores, so that gives me a chance against the usual Syrian tank rush (mix force automatic). But pretty much every AAV comes without infantry team, just a small crew. So I was even micromanaging to the point of bailing them out and trying to turn them into a Javelin team. Well... it turned bad pretty quickly. As it is, I suspect the automatic Marines Mix force is glitched and better avoided for the player or AI force.
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