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  1. to panzersaurkrautwerfer I did not understand your reference to video. Sorry. About my links -people have made a titanic work on the binding of all known published pictures and videos had destroed armour units at this konflict. and before condemning a good idea to familiarize yourself with the contents of. and I know that a lot of the internet lies and fakes, but this resource seems to me very significant. Moreover the site allows you to do analysis and clearly confirmed presence in the conflict zone for example modifications 72 b3. No one does not hide this.
  2. Much has been written. well, I will try to answer. Very good all painted Steve. I myself could not explain all of this due to poor language skills. There are things that are extremely controversial. But 90-95% I agree with him. I'm in the subject almost from the beginning. In April - May 2014 I was there. Almost all Russian families have relatives in Ukraine, near or far. And i am too. In the Lugansk SBU captured locals, maybe they were related to the Ukrainian oligarchs, I do not know. About the Russian special services did not know- speech never went. When capturing SBU Slavyansk they were local thugs, airsoft, black diggers, and about 70 peoples come together with the I.Strelkov from the Krimea. Perhaps among them were are number of people from the special services. But that was not army unit. Some of them had combat experience. All were armed with civilians carbines. Rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers was taken in the armory in the SBU Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. vice-news often shows them and said that a Russian special forces. https://rufabula.com/media/upload/images/2014/04/14/0_10116e_ce95272f_XL.jpg this is not true. the first 5 BMP and Nonna were captured with me, or rather hungry and do not smoke and eaten 3 days paratroopers themselves went to the rebels. Its true. There were very few weapons. Many were armed only with pistols. In warehouses in Artemovsk from Ukraine military was bought SKS and at-rifles. First weapons delivery starting at the first number of june.... I wrote my first post because the theme quite seriously discussed the low combat capability of the Russian Army ( group 6 in Steve therminology) -"the-russian-paper-tiger-" and HI combat capability Ukraine . but as far as known in the few cases when highly incomplete numerically smaller then staff laid Russians tactical groups caused a rapid and crushing defeat Ukraine forces. it seems to me (I do not know the secret information), more than 90% of time Ukraine forces was fought against group (1-2-3-4), 7% (5group), and 1-3? %group 6) and where is Russian Army ? and who is paper-tiger ? but its only my opinion, and I can only speak about what I saw. because (it seems to me) over the last few years Steve knows a lot of secret things :-), very much like to hear his opinion about the number of incoming troops.
  3. it is a sore subject for discussion, i am bad in English . and i think we do not always understand each other. Not so long ago in the Russian-language Internet information held about big losses to the Americans in the first operation in Iraq. if I remember correctly, about 80 tanks. the reference was to an American general, can not claim certainty, but I can look. Certainly Iraqi losses were enormous. But you look how a fight to the example on the Abrams Saudis. How many burnt-Abrams you've seen. ? and who killed them and how?
  4. and one person can lead a horse to watering place, but even 100 can not coerce it drink if she does not want. ps. sburke , i am not putins bot, you just stupid. good luck in the game
  5. there are 962 items of armor described, with reference to time and place
  6. stupid can not to believe. in these links collected thousands of photos with location. open your eyes and think a little.
  7. CAN YOU LOOK AT THIS LINKS ? 1.http://lostarmour.info/armour/ 2.http://lostarmour.info/analytics/
  8. -Why you Do not take the Crimea, and just shout, that the Crimea - Ukraine? - So because there are Russian troops! - So you say, that in the Donbass Russian troops too, fighting with them the same as in the Donbass! - Ah! Since then, at the Donbass Russian troops, we are only talking about! And they really are in the Crimea!
  9. OK. There are three different things. 1. Russians people. (they live on the whole territory the former USSR), and in Eastern Ukraine they more than 60-70%) (Many Russian people came from different countries, not only from Russia.) 2. Russian solders and ex-soldier. ( I can yesterday to be solders, and today ex-soldier) (Many Russian people, including ex military fought in the Donbas against Ukrainian nationalists.) 3. Russian army , complex mechanism comprising kind of troops, control systems, supply system,and much more... From the Ukrainian side http://ru.slovoidilo.ua/2015/09/03/infografika/bezopasnost/rossijskie-vojska-protiv-vsu-sravnenie-vooruzhennyx-sil-na-donbasse in the battles participated 70000-150000 solders . From Russian if you believe the Ukrainian 40000-100000 solders. for the entire period of the conflict I know less than 10 cases when people on camera say they are Russian soldiers. (BUT, If I take you prisoner, you admit the murder of Kennedy.) and more than 10 cases of massive (more than 100 people at a time) surrender Ukrainians. I do not consider numerous cases of surrender in small groups and one. Conclusion. Or there is no Russian army or they are just the gods. that you prefer ? ps. Links need?
  10. Open your eyes and turn on brains, guys. 1.http://lostarmour.info/armour/ 2.http://lostarmour.info/analytics/ all losses confirmed by the photos, ratio may find yourself. and the MOST IMPORTANT thing-Russian army in the war was not. ;-). ps. the ratio of casualties more disastrous for Ukraine.
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