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  1. Hi all i am looking for some suggestions for rules or mods that players use to add more realism to the game please. Things like command and control, FOW, delayed orders etc, Thinking of things like the invisible floating icons mod here But i have also seen reference to a C2 discussion (which i can not seem to find at the moment). Just any ideas people have on the subject please would be great. regards slipper
  2. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone, some great ideas and information here, real food for thought. I may even add some of my own, if i do i will post them up.Found Frankos rules also, didn't know about them, so thanks for that. Cheers everyone regards slippy
  3. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Thats the one, cheers Jack. Still open to any further suggestions. thanks all
  4. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Cheers Joe, that would be great. StieliAlpha, yes thanks mate i have the 'cowering' mod and the buddy aid mods. z1812, yes been following that thread also, no links to mods posted though
  5. Yes thanks also Mord, for a great user guide mate. Appreciated 😉
  6. Thanks again 37mm. Problem solved, it was in fact the latest Radeon drivers causing that issue. Installed some from September last year and all working fine again. Thanks for your help mate slippy
  7. 37mm Thanks for your help mate, but no, exactly the same thing is happening as with my screenshot, very strange. Only thing i can think of is changing my graphic card drivers, but the standard game works fine.
  8. Gents This used to work ok, but now for some reason i get this on loading the game. This is without pressing any buttons or selecting any effects, i can't do anything with the game other than exit. If i uninstall Reshade everything works fine again, any ideas please? I get the same with RT, BN, FB and FI. Any help appreciated. cheers slippy
  9. Hi all Was wondering if anyone has any links for websites, general info, books on the type of historical infantry/Armour/Combined tactics employed by the forces depicted in combat mission please? Actual technical 'by the book' as well as what was really practised in the field would be great. I tend to play the same way whatever nation i am playing as, and probably doing a lot of it wrong. Thought it would be good to try some historical tactics. regards slipper
  10. Thanks everyone, that's great. i am not completely new to it all, and have my own military experiences from the 80's to call on. As mentioned though i would like to try and play following the doctrine of separate nations at the time of WW2, and not be influenced to much by lessons learned after the event or my own experiences and training, if that makes sense. So with all the info you have provided above i should be able to make more informed historical decisions. Cheers all. P.s, Osprey has a number of Tactics books covering various areas, anyone read them or recommend any?
  11. Matrix are releasing Armored brigade (thier spelling), on the 15th November, which may be worth a look in the meantime. It seems to cover the 1970's through to 1990's http://www.matrixgames.com/products/685/details/Armored.Brigade
  12. slippy

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Thanks for the update, appreciated
  13. maybe i worded it wrong. what i was meaning to say was this. BF are hard at work, i assume, trying to complete the game, in order that it may become available for them to sell to us for profit. Whilst carrying out that work, you notice that there are disgruntled posts on the forum about finnish dates, lack of communication etc. do you :- a) take 5 minutes out of your work to post a reassuring explanation, keep your customers happy and onside, and get back to work? or b) completely ignore any posts and let customers argue back and fore against or in support of BF? both options could, i have no basis on that your correct, affect sales and your business PR. Option a) can surely only have a positive outcome, whilst that of b) is negative. Is it worth 5 minutes of time to give your business a positive boost? I would say yes. p.s i took 5 mins out of my day to post this
  14. I don't want to get into a tit-for-tat argument. Maybe i am missing something obvious, if so excuse me, but i can see no mention of a release date on the store page re-read my post a few times, and i still can't see where i said that either. My gripe is simply down to what i believe is piss poor customer communication for a $120.00 (discounted mind!) full game. No other issues
  15. Yes you can guess all you want, if you like mate. But you won't find out. Which is kind of the point some are trying to make. It's not about enlightenment, its about common, decent, customer care. That's all. One post every month or similar would pay massive dividends in the long run, and do more for sales than the 5 minutes lost working on the game to post it ever would.
  16. Totally agree. Its not the first time this issue has been raised. Its nothing to do with when the game/patches or whatever actually get released. Its just down to the total lack of communication between customer and business. If you want people to pay good money for something you are supplying, then good business sense suggests you should, at the very least, have some dialogue.
  17. slippy

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    re-reading my post you are right it does seem a little harsh, but the point i was trying to make is if your the business owner and enough of your customers are making waves over basically the same thing, information, then are we wrong for asking for it? Or are they wrong for not giving it. It could not have taken to long to write that, and it makes everyone happier. Thanks benpark for the update.
  18. slippy

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    Exactly Aragorn, with fewer people active and less mods coming out battlefront should be trying to retain their customer base and attract new members, especially as to own all titles is fairly expensive to most of us. Unfortunately it seems battlefront no longer listens to their customers and will just continue to do as they will, with little or no regard for the paying public. It makes me sad, is this is by far the best wargame out there, and could be so much more.
  19. slippy

    The patch?

    I totally agree with some of the posts above, taking all things into consideration it surely would not hurt battlefront to just post a quick update once a month or something similar. It would not take a lot of time and would do countless good for their customer relations. At the moment it all seems a bit one sided, battlefront hold all the cards and we, the customer just have to wait until they deem necessary for any updates etc, in my opinion that is not how a company should behave in this day and age, it should be a two-way street of input/output so that customer and provider feel they are both benefiting in some way. Add into this the changed AI behavior that has made many scenarios/campaigns unplayable, and therefore the reluctance of users to create more content until this is fixed. All of these things add up to put battlefront in a poor light, with time users will grow tired and look elsewhere, and that would be a shame for all of us. All we are asking for is a little communication! regards and hopeful, slipper
  20. slippy

    CMFB - Building Mods

    No, me neither. Maybe on about this mod, winter bulge. i think part of it contains buildings
  21. slippy

    CMFB - Building Mods

    Andy If you find them let me know please mate, would not mind taking a look at them myself regards slipper
  22. slippy

    CMRT Campaign: The Last Bridge

    Dragonwyn Those shots look amazing, well done mate. Only just getting back into CM after a while away. Is there an updated list of your scenarios/campaigns anywhere please? ANd where can i download them? Regards slipper
  23. slippy

    Normandy maps

    Bletchley thats exactly what i was looking for!! Thanks very much for your help everyone, i will also check out some of the CM maps. Downloaded campaigns etc, but not really bothered with maps. Thanks again all. regards slipper
  24. I'm catching up on a few books related to operations in Normandy, mainly in the British sector such as Epsom, Bluecoat, Goodwood etc.I must admit to getting a bit bogged down when it comes to visualising where villages and descriptions of actions fit into the overall picture. Therefore i am looking for a good map or maps of the Normandy area that has good detail and is representative of the area at this time, any one have any suggestions please? Checked out some modern maps, but with developments such as new roads, railways and bulidings they are not that good. Searched online but have not really found anything suitable. Any help appreciated. slipper