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  1. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    thanks mos, i had not heard of peregrines rules before, they do look very comprehensive i must say. cheers slipper
  2. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Thanks HT, will read it through a few times to digest it, but yes makes sense mate. Thank you
  3. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Hi again Gents Just been going through some of the posts above and noticed a missed this quote here by JoMc67 what/where are the user friendly rules by HT please? thanks again slipper
  4. They look extremely interesting harry. Do you have any links to those in electronic format please mate? regards slipper
  5. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Thanks RockinHarry very kind of you mate
  6. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone, some great ideas and information here, real food for thought. I may even add some of my own, if i do i will post them up.Found Frankos rules also, didn't know about them, so thanks for that. Cheers everyone regards slippy
  7. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Thats the one, cheers Jack. Still open to any further suggestions. thanks all
  8. slippy

    Realism Suggestions?

    Cheers Joe, that would be great. StieliAlpha, yes thanks mate i have the 'cowering' mod and the buddy aid mods. z1812, yes been following that thread also, no links to mods posted though
  9. Hi all i am looking for some suggestions for rules or mods that players use to add more realism to the game please. Things like command and control, FOW, delayed orders etc, Thinking of things like the invisible floating icons mod here But i have also seen reference to a C2 discussion (which i can not seem to find at the moment). Just any ideas people have on the subject please would be great. regards slipper
  10. Yes thanks also Mord, for a great user guide mate. Appreciated 😉
  11. Thanks again 37mm. Problem solved, it was in fact the latest Radeon drivers causing that issue. Installed some from September last year and all working fine again. Thanks for your help mate slippy
  12. 37mm Thanks for your help mate, but no, exactly the same thing is happening as with my screenshot, very strange. Only thing i can think of is changing my graphic card drivers, but the standard game works fine.
  13. Gents This used to work ok, but now for some reason i get this on loading the game. This is without pressing any buttons or selecting any effects, i can't do anything with the game other than exit. If i uninstall Reshade everything works fine again, any ideas please? I get the same with RT, BN, FB and FI. Any help appreciated. cheers slippy
  14. Thanks everyone, that's great. i am not completely new to it all, and have my own military experiences from the 80's to call on. As mentioned though i would like to try and play following the doctrine of separate nations at the time of WW2, and not be influenced to much by lessons learned after the event or my own experiences and training, if that makes sense. So with all the info you have provided above i should be able to make more informed historical decisions. Cheers all. P.s, Osprey has a number of Tactics books covering various areas, anyone read them or recommend any?
  15. Hi all Was wondering if anyone has any links for websites, general info, books on the type of historical infantry/Armour/Combined tactics employed by the forces depicted in combat mission please? Actual technical 'by the book' as well as what was really practised in the field would be great. I tend to play the same way whatever nation i am playing as, and probably doing a lot of it wrong. Thought it would be good to try some historical tactics. regards slipper