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  1. Where can i find the Realisim mods used for this playthrough please Gents? Regards
  2. Hi all I'm looking for some recommendations please regards information on the TO&E WW2 composition of Platoons, Brigades, Battlegroups, Divisions, etc. Mainly British, US, German and Russian i am interested in. I would if possible prefer something that has a little background along with a visual chart/pictures/schematic. Does anyone know any single volume book that covers all of the above, or a series of books? Also interested in web sites etc Thanks for any suggestions slippy
  3. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, i think i will have some serious reading ahead of me 😉 regards
  4. Thanks everyone. Any recommendations for the Gothic line and British/Commonwealth and German perspective other than the Zuehlke books already mentioned? What about main battles like Anzio etc
  5. As the title says really, with the upcoming release of R2V can anyone recommend any good reads on the Italian campaign please? i have read some general overviews but after something more in depth. Cheers
  6. It was also relevant in Normandy, (and Russia as mentioned) 😉
  7. Hi all looking for some info on either good books, or websites that you can recommend for TOE of Armies in the ETO in WW2 please. Mainly US, UK and Commonwealth, and German i am interested in. I would like actual TOE information rather than theoretical, and looking from section level up to Corps or Army level if possible. With Maps i am looking for anything dated around the time of WW2, that resembles the layout of roads,buildings at the time rather than modern counterparts Thanks for any suggestions regards slipper
  8. I remember that!! Also did anyone read Warlord magazine as a kid? That was brilliant, Lord Peter Flint the secret agent, Union Jack Jackson, etc 😅. I even remember they had a secret agents club you could join and they showed you how to make traps and things! I can remember digging a small hole, putting sharp sticks in it and covering it, all to protect our den, from 'intruders' !! Thankfully nobody stepped on it. The 70's were great growing up as kid
  9. Thanks everyone some great suggestions. I have Caen: Anvil of victory and yes it is very good, and also some of the Battleground Europe Series, which again are excellent. Rhineland the Battle to end the war, i had not heard about before so thanks for that, whilst looking that up on Amazon i also saw this which has good reviews The Noise of Battle: The British Army and the last breakthrough battle west of the Rhine, February-March 1945 I can get the free kindle book and downloaded the pdf so again thanks for that, don't know why though but i have never really got in to reading things on electronic devices, i still prefer a hard copy, i shall have to give it a try though 😉 Good call for After The Battle i have a few copies and can order some more What about suggestions from a German viewpoint?
  10. Hi all I am looking for some good books describing mainly British and Canadian operations after the breakout in Normandy. The US seems pretty well covered as there is The Hurtgen Forest and Ardennes, which both have many books written about them, but open to suggestions for other areas. Obviously major operations like Arnhem are again well covered, so thinking of things like the Scheldt Estuary, Riechswald Forest, Rhine Crossings etc, up until the end of the war. Thanks slipper
  11. I'm halfway through Anthony Beevors book now, and really enjoying it. The itinerary for the tour is:- day 1 and 2 - following the route of Kampfgruppe Peiper day 3 - Malmedy massacre day 4 - British 30 Corps operations Does anyone know of any good maps or atlases showing day to day troop positions? When reading i like to refer to a map to see where exactly everything is cheers slipper
  12. Thanks Gents. I like both personal narratives and the overall picture. I suppose if going on a tour I am better off having a good overall view.
  13. Hi all. I'm off to the Ardennes for a battlefield tour in early July. Probably have time to get a few books in before then, so what would you all recommend please? Nearly finished Anthony Beevors Ardennes 1944, and have Charles Macdonalds The battle Of The Bulge. Cheers
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