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  1. Thanks Repsol, unfortunately all the links in 'The Sheriff of Oosterbeek' post are dead, i get this message if i click on any of them THE PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  2. Interesting topic. i was wondering other than the official manual are there any community resources/guides/information for those wishing to try map making, scenarios or campaigns please? regards slipper
  3. That is great news, that's all most of us wanted really, just to be kept informed. Cheers Elvis regards slippy
  4. Totally understand that Michael, and really appreciate the effort you and others put into testing for us all to enjoy the finished product. It can be really difficult balancing work and family, and finding time for this hobby can be extremely hard sometimes. I really am appreciative of the work you and BFC do to bring us this very unique game, as mentioned several times before, my only wish is for a little communication. If there is a delay then fine, but if someone could just post a little line up saying something like 'run into problems with TO&E, no release before xxxx date' then that would satisfy me. Its just that beginning of March was mentioned and so i find myself checking everyday to see if there has been any news, when really a little message to say 'delayed at least a month' would have sufficed. Obviously we have now had an update so im happy again for a while 😉 regards slippy
  5. I can totally appreciate and sympathise that things do not go according to plan. Whilst we are all waiting for the patch to be released, i'm sure none of us want it released until it is thoroughly tested. My only gripe, time and again, is to do with communication, or lack of, between developer and user. BFC Elvis has now posted above, which may have taken him about 5 minutes to do, if BFC had posted this two or three weeks ago then at least it shows some thought towards communication and transparency between the two parties, and goes a long way to keeping everyone onside i believe personally. regards slippy
  6. 😂😂 😂😂 Be funny if it was not all so disappointing and unnecessary though Michael, i can't think of another active game developer, that i follow, that treats its loyal customers with such disdain, its really saddening and so easily solvable.
  7. Out of interest what operational games would you all recommend Please? I have seen Operational Art Of War mentioned, is that the IV version? Thanks for any duggestions. Regards slippy
  8. i have said it before and i understand a lot of people do not agree, but their public relations absolutely sucks
  9. No problem mate, all is well. Just aware that the UK is making a bit of a hash over things at the moment, and i hate to see my country like this, so a bit defensive i suppose. Take care
  10. Aragorn, please do not quote the Guardian as actual fact mate. It is a leftist - Liberal paper that is very Pro-Europe, and biased to a certain point of view. This discussion could go on and on, so i will say my goodbyes to it now, as we are going off track, with regards the original question. All i would like to say is that your posts single out particular countries, for example the UK and US, for criticism. If you are going to do this in a public forum then you will get reactions opposing your views. Is Britain the perfect country with an unblemished record? Absolutely not. Is any country perfect? Britain is my country of which i am very proud, as you and others quite rightly will be of yours, and therefore i will not stand by and see people slate it based on their own perceived perceptions of it. If you check any of my posts, you will see that i do not make personal remarks on an others country, it is not my place to do so, and i am aware that i am not armed with the full facts, all that i would ask is that you pay me and others the same courtesy. Have your views by all means, but think before you post. cheers slippy
  11. 😂😂 Always liked Alan B'stard, very funny. However even though you may draw some comparisons you must remember it was a comedy sketch right? You can't tell me there are no comedy sketches from Europe or anywhere else that take the piss out of Britain in much the same way? Especially since the Brexit debacle and the way it is being handled by our politicians. yes your right, there has always existed those in the Tory Party who have wanted to leave Europe, and successive Tory Prime Ministers have attempted to solve this recurring issue time and again with no success. You will find though that most if not all European countries have Euro skeptic parties so it is by no means a British Trait. But the quote was Britain attempts to 'weaken' Europe, i still do not see how? Demanding concessions does not weaken them, that is just the political game. Please you should not mistake the want for sovereignty to be anti European.
  12. Don't agree with that at all sorry. I think the issue with Britain is that we are an Island nation, and on the fringes so to speak, therefore a large portion of Brits have never felt any real affinity to Europe as a whole or certainly not the same as mainland Europeans feel towards each other. That is not the same as not interested. A large part of our trade and business is with Europe so of course we are interested, we would be stupid not to be. As regards 'weaken it for their own political games' which is a broad statement, where are your facts? Also you mention 'Same goes for Britain of course.We may not like each other, but in the dangerous times ahead everybody will need allies.' you have made it clear from your statement that you do not like us, but where again is the proof to the contrary? para, i agree with your statement, but more wanted to leave, so leave we must for the sake of Democracy. I voted to leave, but it is not to do with any 'hatred' of Europe. It is purely down to regaining sovereignty, and making our elected politicians responsible for their actions. Also i think the European Union (politicians not the people of Europe) are way to Bureaucratic, the system is bloated and self serving. For some of the above reasons that is why i think a European Army would be a bad thing, if it meant you would not have your own standing Army. The bureaucracy you would need to go through to get any meaningful decision for deployment would be so long winded as to make it virtually useless, when you need to get all member states on board. Look at recent wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Europe has been far from unified on any response.
  13. thanks mos, i had not heard of peregrines rules before, they do look very comprehensive i must say. cheers slipper
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