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  1. I don’t think you could probably have C2 modeled more than it all ready is, ei moral effects and info sharing, in this type of game. That is in a game where you must control and therefor see everything there is no meaningful fog of war- friendlies can never be lost of the chain of command broken. Furthermore, if there was order delays or out right unresponsiveness there would be a lack of autonomy that would realistically be chalked up to initiative. There is a certain ambiguity in the category each units actions Fall into; is that squad retreating because their squad leader decided it so or b
  2. I would assume Hide in the article would be smart placement, engine off, and some improvised camouflage. I think the last bit is a little put of the scope of combat mission.
  3. Could be customizible by the senior designer, I would think.
  4. I remember seeing a Real time contours map render but only now was a able to find it. Here it is: Example: https://contours.axismaps.com/#12/35.3577/138.7331 Code: https://github.com/axismaps/contours Any way I glad you guys like it. Though I am not a coder, I do hope putting up coded examples puts this suggestion in the relm of possibly. As for performance, You could run shading and contours on start then have it as an other layer to be always present or recalled on demand for each view respectively.
  5. Terrain readability is crucial for assessment of and ease of planning for tactical options. Readable height differences can reveal a slight slope that could shelter your movement or be the cause of your troop’s deaths. Furthermore, the nature of a hills slope, convex or concave can to make or break your defense. Without getting down to ground level for all movements and positions the player is blind. To make the map convey information from the birds eye view several changes are proposed: first and principally, hill shading; secondly togglable contours, and lastly and not too important Hypsomet
  6. I was going to make a list of things that Steve said as well, but you beat me too it. I didn't mean to be slanderous or panicking mongering- beaning counting is what I do so it is what I thought would be helpful. Furthermore, to clarify I meant that his response of calling it a consequence doesn't sit with with me not his counter measures to make sure it wasn't something on his end (which is much appreciated BTW). Something isn't right I feel, so I would like wait until the 'dust settles' with purchasing SF2 whether it is a just statistical bias or a problem with PayPal. With that s
  7. Went through the thread, 33 results for those affected. (might have double counted someone so take with a grain of salt.) I don't know much about online payment methods and security but @Battlefront.com 's responds doesn't sit well with me. I think Ill hold off on buying the newest game for now.
  8. Long time lurker here, this leaves me speechless its just 'whoa'. Do you have any plans to further this?
  9. Does anyone know of any DAARs or AARs of such an event? I would love to read something like that, let alone be a part of such event.
  10. Honestly I don't know if I want see formations in the game. It would over complicate things. A better system is one of Total War because the one the only formation I need is to seen pixel men advancing in lines not columns.
  11. I would like to for forced rendering of subpixel objects. Ideally it would be for the things like tracer fire so you could see from across the map. I don't know how hard it is to do, but I know performance wise it is no problem at all.
  12. I did learn the controls, and I believe I am pretty decent at the game, but I digress. So here is for the most review thing yet. I was looking for a new strategy for my brother and I to play. I was looking for realistic. Combat Misson stood out. The game isn't two forces sitting on a hill taking few pop shots and occasionally getting hit. If you mess up you can lose a whole squad in seconds. The every round a tracer is in my opinion the best thing art wise in the game. It highlights the great bullet drop and dynamics. The tanks and infantry react superbly under fire. Something I love is in th
  13. I would have to see there are any more option when a squad is selected. It slipped my mind, thanks!
  14. Camera So for the camera it feels clunky and over compilated. I had press number keys, click and drag with the mouse to get the camera postioned where I wanted it. It took up a good portion of my time playing the game. Which is bad because I was playing real time. I realize I jumped to tell what I think should be done with out the why. The control scheme, first off, should never have you clicking. Clicking with the mouse should be reserved for commanding the men on the ground. I like the 'wasd', q&e and the keys to zoom, not any of the others so lose them. A big problem that had my first
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