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  1. Berlin is ugly and dirty, no one wants to live there. People there are unfriendly and stupid...better stay in Moscow.
  2. Its my opinion, its as valid as yours...live with it.
  3. Sadly playing QB solo is no fun because the AI acts mostly in a very stupid way. So even 7000 QB maps would be no argument for me to buy. I'm only interested in real scenarios (not campaigns, i hate those) with carefully and well done AI triggers...otherwise AI is to static. Oh, and i dont ever play MP, i only play SP. The "game that shall not be named" puts a focus on SP and includes a operational layer, dosn't that sound awesome ? How many times have CM players asked for a operational layer ?
  4. Well, its something differend if you do a UI overhaul and include many new gameplay and graphic features, do a AI overhaul and add a MP mode or just take a existing game (CMBN) add a few new vehicles and weapons and paint everything white (no offense towards BFC !)
  5. 1. Yes, it has been long in development, but they also released significant updates to GTOS and their tank sim (which is one of the best available) as well as new DLC's. 2. Its now officially confirmed that it will be "Coming Soon" and the Devs said release is close 3. Mius Front includes a UI overhaul, many new gameplay features, new graphics features, a MP mode, a reworked AI...so no its not just new textures and vehicles, its really a new standalone game !
  6. Well only because BFC said they wont do it does not mean we cant complain about it or have a discussion. @ Raptorx7 They said its "Coming Soon" so most likely in March or April-
  7. Yes, its that game. It will be awesome !
  8. Oh yeah, STEAM is the devil and has made all other small game developers poor thats why they all live under the bridge and eat beans...thats at least what the CM Forum thinks... But think about it, if they would sell their products on STEAM they would be using the most advanced and most popular digital distribution platform and would not have to delay the game because they first need to setup a new store website which will most likely break down anyway and give you poor download speed the day CMFB is finally released.
  9. Well, mentioning the name is maybe still ok but anything else (links for example) will get you banned sooner or later, there is a reason why its the "Game that shall not be named" !
  10. Haha, classic ! @ lordhedgwich I have send you a PM with the name of the "Game that shall not be named". I personally save my money for the "Game that shall not be named" instead of spending it for another CMBN with winter textures, but maybe BFC is working on new features and thats why we have this delay ? Who knows ?
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