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  1. Hello: Just attempted to load a game and got this bizarre crash message :(. It generated a crash debug folder which I would happily email over to any of the production team members willing to assist me with this issue. Best, Scott
  2. Does anyone have any idea for how to fix this annoying bug I keep getting on the SCAD editor? At the top of the popup it says draw_map_entry_to_screen. Then in the middle it says: DIRECTX FAILED: dderr_exception. It happens whenever I select something, ie if I were to select something to edit (unit, terrain, etc) once I select the ok option it goes away and I can still edit whatever I was attempting to edit. The problem is it is a massive pain for such a big map and so many things to fix to have to keep hitting ok and being bothered by the popup every single time. As the title of the bug hints at, it Is on a problem for the editor, the game itself works fine. Also it is not a problem with either Global Conflict or Gold, just assault on democracy. I have downloaded the v 1.03 patch. Not the hotfixes since it appears they wouldn't fix the current issue. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Lastly and most importantly to everyone on here Merry Christmas!
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