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  1. Sorry for the late answer I tried to mingle with CM on my PC Win7 and nothing changes, games still stutter. The problem is lesser if I change the resolution in the start-up setting, but still nothing changes.
  2. I've tried this on my notebook and nothing happens, BB and AK are working like they have always been. But fiddling with it on my Win7 PC can help, I presume.
  3. Hello everyone, first of all I'm going to describe my gaming platforms, as a basis for the rest of the stuff. 1/ Notebook: Win7 64, Intel i3-2310M 2,1GHz; GeForce GT 520M; 4GB DDR3; 2/ PC: dual boot of XP SP3 32 and Win7 64, Intel Dual Core E6500 2,93GHz, GeForce GTS 250, 4 GB DDR2. Ok, I've got no problems with running the games on my notebook or my XP-booted PC, while on Win7 on my PC CM:BB and CM:AK are stuttering and very buggy in display terms. For more info about the problem - few other games that work on my notebook or XP (like Silent Storm) also refuse to work (either graphical bugs or info about "GPU not found/compatible". What can be causing it? My bet is that my PC GPU is unable to work properly with 64x drivers.