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  1. I agree that the demo suffices to provides enough game experience to the potential buyer to decide weather to buy the full game or not. It's just that people rarely try out demos of games outside of their preferred genre, plus there are other aspects, have a look here: CIO site Huffingtonpost Time ...or just use "free" and "marketing" in google.
  2. Not really, I don't consider jotting down couple of sentences on the forum an "effort", it isn't taking up much time either. Then again I like CM games, so spending a little time caring is the least I can do. I even started a thread on the Bay12 forum in 2011 to promote CM games, took me couple of minutes, but it has been read 1796 times, so why not? CMx1 games still gets medial coverage, just three months ago there was a very entertaining communal let's play of CMBO on the Rock Paper Shotgun site, another one was a year ago. I can see how people may be still buying CMx1 titles, there is nothing like it on the market. I concur, probably nobody would. That is why there may be other ways to use it. My bad, I used the figure LongLeftFlank used, without checking. Well, if CMSF 1 is planed to return to the store, then it shouldn't go free of course. I'm saying there may be a way to use it better, giving out something for free is a very powerful marketing tool, even if its never happens, it may be worth considering or at least bringing it up.
  3. You may identify these issues only after you play it for some time, at that point, you are probably hooked and willing to invest in CMSF 2 anyway.
  4. I don't find this conversation boring at all. In my opinion, people who would pay $200+ for a CMSF2 game aren't people who wouldn't do it if CMSF 1 gets free; i.e., people who discover CMSF 1 as a free game and would be reluctant to pay $200+ for a CMSF2 wouldn't buy it anyways. I see no loss there. Content wise, I wasn't talking about free CMSF 1 modules, even perhaps the free version could be tweaked to not support user made content. Just plain vanilla CMSF labeled *free*. (Then again, I remember the stock scenarios and campaigns weren't all that great compared to stuff that came later and this is about impressing people for the franchise.) Perhaps it could be released free like 6 months after CMSF 2 release, but I'm talking here about popularizing wargames and actually bring some new potential customers in. I see here opportunity.
  5. Never happen. It's still too good. - It's still too good and therefore it should be sitting inaccessible on some server where nobody can enjoy it? The BFC team need to earn a living. - It's not going to make revenue since you can't purchase it anymore. The various demos ought to suffice for the purpose you identified. - There's myriads of people who won't try the demo, but would try a free game. I myself haven't played any demos for years, but I usually try out games outside of my genre once they go free. Do you find any reason to play it if it’s free? - Yes, I would play a good game even if its free. You probably mean why why would anyone play CMSF 1 once CMSF 2 is out? The answer being people who would not buy CMSF 2, but would try a free game. I myself discovered wargaming thorugh free Steel Panthers CD included in a gaming magazine, since then, I spend loads of money for wargames, but it may had never happen without the free Steel panthers game. Would it be in any way entertaining? - Yes, despite its age, it's a solid game, I spent hundreds of hours playing it. Seems to me reasonable to expect to pay for something of value. - You can't pay for it anymore, its been puled from the store. Whatever value there is, it's lost if its inaccessible.
  6. With CMSF 2 on the way, and CMSF 1 puled from the store, releasing CMSF 1 as freeware may be a good step to popularize BF wargames (and wargames in general). Any considerations?
  7. I always return to CMSF when I get fed up with the bloodbaths endings of my CM WW2 games. CMSF is like "10 KIA's?! I need to get my **** together and replay this scenario."
  8. I have yet to play V4, but as for breaking under fire for all CMx2 games, I hate how the soldiers break "stand up-wait-slowly pivot to desired direction-wait-run". I get that what I see is not 1:1 what's happening, but I always scream on my screen seeing this.
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