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  1. OKies, heres a simple yet effective work around to the error message that blocks you hosting a internet game without an external IP address. Firstly it seems and according to the old documentation that you used to be able to set your hosting IP address with the options.exe or via the mp.ini file , but that option is no longer available in either. Also for reference im using and have tested this with the steam versions of Afrika and Korea. Firstly if you are the host you need to forward the ports in your router that the game needs, default 22345 to 22500 Then once that is done the simple solution is to as the host start a LAN game, and as a client connect via the LAN or Internet "Direct IP" option, putting in your hosts ISP assigned external IP, eg of your router/modem. Thats it, it just works, no Tunngle needed...
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